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Dacre Harry - Daisy bell lyrics

is a flower within my heart Daisy, Daisy Planted one day by ... a glancing dart Planted by Daisy Bell Whether she loves ... loves me not Sometimes it's hard to tell Yet I am longing

Ella Fitzgerald - Everything but you lyrics

left me a horse from texas, A house with installments due, ... A letter with lots of x-s ... you. You left me some beans from boston, A bicycle built for two, A memory to get

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Turn of the century lyrics

rythings happening At the Turn Of The cent'ry. I ... m gonna buy myself a time machine go to the Turn Of The ... Cent'ry. And all those people passing by And the town crier makes his

Futurama - Daisy lyrics

Daisy, Give me your answer do, I'm half crazy, all ... the love of you It won't be a sylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage, But you'll look ... sweet, upon the seat, Of a bicycle built for

Alex Day - Holding on lyrics

million and one thousand things are screaming in my ... head And I can't seem to forget, can't stop thinking about ... you I could ride across the sky in a bicycle built for two Could you teach me

Matthew Perryman Jones - Table for two lyrics

on over now You can stay a while We'll roll that dice ... To see how this plays out Lay your head on me ... Don't hold nothin' back I am listening Be it love or

Lee Rocker - Built for speed lyrics

in my fifty-seven She's a real low rider paint perfection ... With a custom engine painted black with flames Ain't ... nobody gonna call that hot rod tame V eight engine

Celeste Buckingham - A thousand walls lyrics

you miss me I know I’m done forgiving You made me think that ... I was the only one for you But then you got too ... greedy Broke hearts then said you’d leave me I used to

Method Man - Built for this lyrics

Intro: RZA] When you forge a weapon, you need three things ... The right metal, temperature's over 1400 degrees And ... someone who wants to kill Here in Jungle

Becky G - Built for this lyrics

so hypnotized, open the days, mesmerized I’m tryina ... visualize you right now, keep me ... I like to be optimistic, you and me, that’s futuristic We can fly high like a spaceship,

Canned Heat - Built for comfort lyrics

folk built like this, some folk built ... like that But the way I'm built, you shouldn't call me fat ... Because I'm built for comfort, I ain't built for speed

Autograph - Built for speed lyrics

s got nice wheels and a ponytail She's qualified and on the ... trail Just like the speed of ... light It's happenin' at first sight She's hungry for a male And when it comes to

Megadeth - Built for war lyrics

for war, what do you think your fists are for? Built for war! Listen, I ... didn't start this - believe me, I will ... finish it... You called down the thunder - too late now there's no way out...

American Hifi - Built for speed lyrics

on fire like a rocket spinning out of ... How to keep it inside Can you keep on turning out ... I’ll wait for my turn Same old story coz you never learn Gotta make it in time

Framing Hanley - Built for sin lyrics

s a train leaving town, If you hurry up I ... think you just might make it Dammit I hope you make ... it Conscience is a faint, unpleasant sound, You've ... worried enough, here's your chance so take it Dammit I hope

Monrose - A love bizarre lyrics

Love Bizarre A-B-A-B-C-D The moon up above It ... shines down upon a scene Whispering words That ... scream at us, "Wait and see" We all want the

Get Scared - Built for blame lyrics

can only see What they want When they're open minded ... the thought Of getting hurt again Beating to the bone ... With the thought of All your worst events Is that

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Built for speed lyrics

know the rules, you all know the game Try and do ... whats right And I swear I can't complain If I die tonight ... I don't think its in the stars For me to go that way I

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - A heartfelt line or two lyrics

Write most of the songs I do And it's clear that no one will ... ever Sing them quite the way I do I think tonight I'll ... sit down and write A heartfelt line or two And if

Sixpence None The Richer - Christmas for two lyrics

can have their trimmed up tree, ... Dressing up on Christmas Eve. There's so many other ... things We'd rather do. Like makin' angels ... in the snow, Playin' records soft and low,

Dean Martin - For me and my gal lyrics

bells are ringing for me and my gal Oh the birds are ... singing for me and my gal Well everyone's been ... knowlin' to a wedding there goin' And for ... ve been sewing every Susie and Sal They're congregatin'

Harry Nilsson - For me and my gal lyrics

bells are ringin', for me an' my gal, The birds are ... singin' for me an' my gal, Everybody's been knowin', ... to a weddin' they're goin' An' for weeks they've been

The Chordettes - For me and my gal lyrics

bells are ringing for me and my gal. The birds are ... singing for me and my gal. Ev'rybody's been knowing ... to a wedding they're going. And for weeks they've been

Ball David - A walk on the wild side of life lyrics

re not gone,really gone You'll be back, I ... know you will You're just taking a walk On the wild side ... of life In my house are many heartaches Loneliness is all around Since you left for

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - For you lyrics

you and I - there never was a way to say goodbye. The ... nights of love, we loved so hard we shook the stars above. ... Oh, such a love... Expecting so much, as we touched that each the

Dbsk - A space left for you - park yoochun - miss ri.. lyrics

anieosseum chohkesseo jakku dagaoneun ibyeoreun neomu apheujanha niga haengbokhal su itdamyeon geuman ije geuman nege ... haejul su itneun geoni geotpun

Hope For The Dying - A beautiful day for vengeance lyrics

grasp the hilt in judgment The ... blade is double edged Engraved in it the names who ... Continue to transgress My arrows drunk with blood My ... the flesh The blood of slain and captives Their doubts are

I Like Trains - A rook house for bobby lyrics

ve made mountains out of mole hills Let ... them climb They can chase me to the ends Of the Earth And if they find me ... them indite me I just don't care any more They've pushed

Marillion - A few words for the dead lyrics

you make it your own Can you take it by the throat ... Make your own luck, learn the skills Get in early for the kill It carries on ... Pick up the weapon Marry it, give it your name

A-teens - A*teens - back for more lyrics

you think the party's over Look over your ... shoulder We'll be coming back for more I know I might ... seem weird One day I'm around, the next I disappear

Alabama - A better word for love lyrics

s another morning Soon she'll be ... waking up I watched her and wonder If there's a better ... word for love So many times I've told her It ... seems enough So I keep searching For a better word for

Counting Crows - A good year for the rose lyrics

can hardly stand the sight of lipstick On ... the cigarettes there in the ashtray. Lying cold the way ... you left them, But at least your lips caressed them

The Damned - A nation fit for heroes lyrics

house and a wall around your land Big mall and your pet ... designer brand Chance to get your face on some ... real TV Some petrol and a car so you can feel free, free,

The Hives - A little more for little you lyrics

never get it right They got a hundred lies for you And ... when they pass them out You gotta give or ... take a few And be just the same A head in the crowd but

Norma Jean - A grand scene for a color film lyrics

Return to sender, I've fallen off the hint of ... suggestion. Unlearning the strange devices of ... world. It's the end of the earth or something like it, like

Poisonblack - A good day for the crows lyrics

fill the chamber bullet by bullet Hoping ... this time it won't jam To play a round of the northern ... roulette and leave this world with a bang ... Just on squeeze and all will cease One for the gun

Saints Of Valory - A lovely day for walking lyrics

was born between the crossfire ... Of love and hate I lived across the river A mask of ... younger days A wide-eyed believer Dreams ... were to attain Save all the questions For the ones

A Brand - A perfect habitat for foxes lyrics

broke up in a dream x4 I can’t explain I can’t explain ... We broke up in a dream x2 We broke down in a plane ... x4 I can’t explain I can’t explain We broke up in a

Bachman-turner Overdrive - A long time for a little while lyrics

s been a Long time, for a little while I think I'm in ... over My head... Deep Thought, that's what I've been through I don't ... think I'll be here again... It's a one-way street

Cold In May - A little place for hope lyrics

whispers from above friends and enemies in love but they ... don't even know your name a part of hidden secret life ... but they don't even know your aim master of creation myths

Colour Of Fire - A pearl necklace for her majesty lyrics

your servant patronise me Put my face inside ... of paintings Blessed are the royal favourites ... Blessed are the royal favourites A pearl necklace for ... her majesty you do not a thing for me, can't you see

Elvis Costello - A good year for the roses lyrics

can hardly bear the sight of lipstick On ... the cigarettes there in the ashtray Lyin' cold the way you ... left 'em, But at least your lips caressed them ... While you packed Or the lip-print on a half-filled cup of coffee That

Here I Come Falling - A ghost town for a graveyard lyrics

air's too cold to breathe tonight so let's just run ... away we'll tie our lungs ... together and hold our breath forever the witness has no ... eyes and you're too blind to see we

George Jones - A good year for the roses lyrics

can hardly bare the sight of lipstick On ... the cigarettes there in the ashtray Lyin' cold the way you ... left them At least your lips caressed them ... while you packed. And a lip print on a half filled

George Jones - A new baby for christmas lyrics

want a new baby for Christmas The one with long pretty hair I can send her kisses And ... know I'll never miss her Because she will aklways be there. ... Now I don't want this old baby for Christmas

Lydia - A fine evening for a rogue lyrics

started quite young Yeah, I learned how to, to, To ... stay quiet, just stay quiet, always stay We're cursed with ... disease I have to be perfect And you're

Mistweaver - A withered rose for the death in sin lyrics

into the paths of oblivion I see that i ... m not alone I watch to the punished souls Of ... those who fell before I wonder why and i think ... That i'm not dead yet But life demised Now

One Ok Rock - A new one for all, all for the new one lyrics

this world, things are blessed with life In this ... world, things will cease to breathe We are one ... You became the light? I am basked in your light? I always think of that moment It

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - A great day for freedom lyrics

the day the wall came down They threw the locks ... onto the ground And with glasses high we raised a cry For freedom had arrived On the day the wall came down The

Sin - A romantic dinner for three lyrics

walked in wearing her best charm But with her presence the ... mood changed entirely She tried her ... she could not pull it off in a room with choir boys Three's

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - A little rain (for clyde) lyrics

the ice man's mule, is parked outside the bar; The man ... with missing fingers, plays a strange guitar; And the German dwarf, dances with the ... butcher's son; And tonight a little rain, never hurt no

Masters Of Reality - Bicycle lyrics

at night I get around Pedal 'round this lonesome town ... On a bicycle A bicycle Late at night I get around Pedal 'round this lonesome town ... On a bicycle A bicycle Late at night I get around Pedal 'round this lonesome town

Blümchen - Bicycle race (on the air mix) lyrics

Say Black, I Say White I Say Bark, I Say Bite I Say Shark, I Say Hey Man Jaws Was ... Never My Scene And I Don't Like Star Wars I Say Rolls, I Say Royce I Say

Edguy - England lyrics

s been a long time since I've been ... with you You may be grey-green but matchless ... and wide I wanted to sniff every inch of ... you Went to Birmingham New Street to take a ride

Tobias Sammet - England lyrics

s been a long time since I've been ... with you You may be grey-green but matchless and wide I wanted to sniff at ... inch of you Went to Birmingham New Street to take a ride

Pj Harvey - England lyrics

live and die through England through England it leaves ... a sadness Remedies never were ... within my reach I cannot go on as I am withered ... vine reaching from the country that I

Jimi Hendrix - My friend lyrics

look out for my glass up there, man! That's my ... drink, man, that's my drink, alright... Make it a double, ... or eh... Somebody has to sing Some body will sing

The National - England lyrics

send a runner Through the weather that I'm under For the ... feeling that I lost today Someone send a runner For ... the feeling that I lost today Someone send a runner

Carach Angren - Two flies flew into a black sugar cobweb lyrics

have to go. Get out of the ... Get out of the house! Leave! Right now! They need help ... But no soul seems to be around Ghastly are the calls ... of some black crows Shrieking outside As if these creatures sense the

Illy - Two degrees lyrics

Word to Obama) Ain't no revolutions, I just ... move it two degrees Then two degrees, then two degrees Real influence, lead by example ... my focus tied to the music and not a scene And I've

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