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Mark Kozelek - Weed whacker lyrics

tour schedule regimen He's planning for his early retirement ... He's gonna buy another house and get another renter to pay ... him rent He's gonna buy another house and get another

Ja Rule - Weed (skit) lyrics

No you f***er your smoking that trash all wrong save that ... for the bitchs Give me a second f***er I'm make a ... phone call real quick Hey hey say what ... the f*** is the deal with you f***er anit nothin

Jackie Q - Pound me in the buttox lyrics

you came and walked through the door My heart jumped and fell to the ... floor I saw you were looking at me ... Checking out my anatomy When our eyes met I

Primitai - Pound for pound lyrics

re blinded distraught, you have lingered too long Drawn a ... line in the sand that's been crossed you push on ... Closer and closer you'll soon be ... When you're feeling the heat, turn away from the sun

Mac Lethal - Pound that beer lyrics

Makes us fired up! So come on, ... drink it all night long! Slam it girl! Slam it girl! Slam ... it girl! Slam it girl! Slam it girl! Where's the marching band at? Pound that

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Pound the alarm lyrics

oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more We 'bout ... to get up, and burn this floor You know ... we getting hotter, and hotter Sexy and hotter, ... let's shut it down Yo, what I gotta do to show these

Kevin Fowler - Pound sign lyrics

Collins, Jim; Martin, Tony; Murphy, David Lee; ... Dog-tired Yeah, I'm wired Uptight-er than an a-string About to break Tail-draggin' A little ragged Hangin' by a thread That's startin' to fray Just in case

Nightcore - Pound the alarm lyrics

oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more We 'bout ... to get up, and burn dance floor You know we getting ... hotter, and hotter Sexy and hotter, let's shut it down

Pro-pain - Pound for pound lyrics


Baby Bash - Weed hand lyrics

Chorus:] Sometimes da game got me stressin partner i can't lie I roll me a sweet smash off n da ride a whole piece ... i aint never lied I put my weed hand n da sky I put my weed

Gil Scott-heron - 95 south (all of the places we've been) lyrics

been in towns where there was no freedom or future around. ... I've been in places where you could not eat ... or take a drink of water where ever you pleased. And now that I meet you in the

Bts lyricsBts - 95 graduation lyrics

gado yeongwonhi gieokhae cheoreoptdeun geuttae neowana joreobeul haedo yeojeonhi ... ireokhe byeonhaji anheul geusungan Oh nan gieokhae ige kkeut iraneunge silgamnaji anhatneunde

Hackneyed - Weed flavoured meat lyrics

In a plane Locked in chains High above the trees ... Rollercoaster, ground gets closer Had ... to hear their screams Weed flavoured Weed flavoured meat I've got it I've got it

Konshens - Weed on me lyrics

officer I can't lie You done smell it inna me clothes And see tho red ... inna me eye You don't need to search me If a di ganja u want As u tek it whe I'm gonna look

Reincarnation - Weed for everybody lyrics

in the morning. I feel tranquility and harmony. ... Everything is a big field of marijuana. ... Everybody is fine. They all are smoking weed. Hey bro'

Ashley Monroe - Weed instead of roses lyrics

we've been together For a long, long time You get home ... from work And then we just turn out the ... lights Lately I've been dreaming You in leather, me in lace Let's put up the teddy bears And get out the whips and

Vybz Kartel - Weed smokers lyrics

Rushawn mi want yo tel dem hi no Dog if ... yo cyan buy wrisler Yuh no fi smoke ... cronic Weed naked an yo fi put close pon it Warm ... up the grabber like mi a rose rabbit Clip pon di

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Weed & hennessy (feat. mavado) lyrics

Hook:] A wah wi waan Weed and Hennessy And a little bit a grabba leaf Full suit a ... Louie V Bare gyal inna the vehic's That mi waan fi ... di Sumaiya Weed and Hennessy And a little bit a grabba leaf Full suit a

Chris Webby - Weed songs: chris webby - la la la lyrics

s another one of them smoking ... songs, ya know what I'm saying? Where my pot heads at? ... Right here aha, yeah, yeah, CT, check it We rollin ... trees and smokin la la la la la Another weed song from me

Band Of Horses - Weed party lyrics

Party YEEHAWW I got you arrested because Weed Party ... come and gone Gone I am about to set this off Til Weed ... Party is done Is done The wine ... thoughts Words were at a loss A loss It's a good day

Hypocrisy - Weed out the weak lyrics

cryogenic holocaust Slows down the disease ... Give us all a taste of your miracle We're ... for your medicine The hate burns in our eyes It's ... or be killed It's in the nature of the human races' weak

Jaya The Cat - Weed in the back yard lyrics

trying to get some weed in the backyard Trying to ... get a fireplace with a pool Just trying to work it ... to get trough 1 2, 1 2 am I making contact? Cut

Scar The Surface - Pound of flesh lyrics

we will rise From the graves you have dug You’ve ... up for your demise TIRED OF HATRED SICK OF EXCUSES Weep ... for the chosen few Take part in progress Or stand and

Drake lyricsDrake - Pound cake (ft. jay-z) lyrics

quot;Good God Almighty. Like back in the old days. You know, ... years ago they had the A&R men to tell you what to ... play, how to play it and you know whether it's disco

Hot Water Music - Pound the ground lyrics

it finds so much to think about, These days I'm really ... not so sure. [Chorus] I pound the ground a thousand time ... But I still don't see clear. I looked around, but I

Ruff Ryders - Weed, hoes, dough lyrics

Yo lock the door, uh huh Ya heard, uh, uh C'mon, yeah Y ... know who it is, or should I say what it is Uh, uh [Verse ... 1] All Drag do is f*** bitches, and drain his body Kickin bitches

1990s - Weed lyrics

don't you try taking drugs again? You were never funnier than you were back than You ... never go to parties Why is that? Such a drag, not being ... with you Well I've been sat at home Smoking too much weed now I'm even scared of the

2pac lyrics2pac - Weed got me crazy lyrics

on lye. Hopin that it gets me high. (Makaveli ... the don, representin the outlaws.) They got a nigga goin crazy. (Bad ass representin the ... LBC) (What cha wanna do. You know how we do.

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Weed lyrics

Raekwon:] Hailin from the slums of Staten ... Extra gats, Massive workers, Some come home and collapse Witness the style ... Profile, Whillin, Floatin with spliffs Dinosaur

Future lyricsFuture - I'm trippin' (feat. juicy j) lyrics

Wad Up Hey I'm Trippin Hold On ... Nigga I'm Trippin Drunk a Whole Thing Of Lean I'm ... Bestfriend I'm Trippin Smoke a Whole Pound Of Green I'm ... Trippin Drunk a whole Thing Of Lean I'm

Jarren Benton - Half ounce quarter pound lyrics

Verse 1: Jarren Benton] D-d-d-d-damn, ... like this in my life Pack it in a pipe, put it to a ... 3, 2, 1, I ignite I'm high as a kite Levitate through a ... room, I'm in flight Nigga so geeked that I ain't

Andre Nickatina - Smoke dope weed raps lyrics

smoke chewy like a mothaf***in nut You got a gram bag ... hit the zags and roll her up 'cause a nigga ... like me can't fake it when I'm high Get the ... red eyes Jump in the Cutlass with the niggas from the

Elephant Man - Bun it lyrics

feat. Mr. Vegas) [Intro: Elephant Man] ... Why dem waan stop di weed man tings star? Leggo! So mi go ... so bun it all day, bun it all night It's all good, it's alright Pass mi lighta cause

Alborosie - Herbalist lyrics

my herb dem thief my herb Babylon dem thief my herb dem ... thief my herb Twenty pound of weed inna three black ? bag you sit inna van back ... crowning head a black rag who a di thug dem weh

Ice Mc - Take away the color (95' reconstruction short.. lyrics

Away the Color (95' Reconstruction short) Take Away the Color (95' ... Reconstruction short) Take Away the Color (95' ... Reconstruction short) Take Away the Color (95'

Vanilla Ice lyricsVanilla Ice - Tha weed song lyrics

here's a Zig Zag story while I'm writing this ... song Sit back relax I'm igniting this bong ... Picture this sandy beaches dimes wearin' thongs ... Serving mixed drinks to me all night long With my feet back puffin on my weed sack

Kufr - Silvestr v kufru '95 (1995) lyrics

v Kufru '95 (1995)Silvestr v Kufru '95 (1995 ... Silvestr v Kufru '95 (1995)Silvestr v Kufru '95 (1995 ... Silvestr v Kufru '95 (1995

Nappy Roots - Kentucky mud lyrics

Chorus: Skinny] Trunk funk and the Cadillac donk, really ... loud Puff skunk in the back of the donk, get really ... live Trunk funk and the Cadillac donk, really loud Puff

Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - Palm trees lyrics

Verse 1: XXXTENTACION] Pick litter the middle ... of six niggers is bitter As dick lickers as licking the ... cliques clitoris Vigorous black bags like the vividus black

Lil' Keke - Don't mess wit texas lyrics

your stones in dust and worn, South Coast raised and born Have a place you get ... broke loose and catch the Texas long horn Up that ass, when ... I blast, claimin' South East H-Town Bakin' cakes stackin' hate makin' playahaters

Lil Rob - Street dayz lyrics

Rob] Up in the morning, I start with a joint Unloaded my ... with hollow points These vatos says, "He's coming ... to the bone When you know that you not, so just leave it alone [Verse 2:] Ratas, run

2pac lyrics2pac - Soulja's story lyrics

repeat softly 2X in the background] All you wanted to ... be, a soulja, a soulja All you wanted to be, a soulja, ... like me All you wanted to be, a soulja, a soulja

Tupac Shakur lyricsTupac Shakur - Soulja's story lyrics

Intro: 2Pac & 2Pac as "Soulja"] All you ... wanted to be, a soulja, a soulja All you wanted to be, ... a soulja, like me All you wanted to be, a soulja, a soulja

Hopsin - The pound (intro) lyrics

Intro] Rah! I'ma hit a mothaf***a with the pound, pound, pound, pound It's the Pound ... Syndrome Good God the pound, the pound, the pound, the pound Un-unbelievable Pound

2 Live Crew - Psk '95 lyrics

Mixx [Intro from the original PSK, which slows down and ... switches to this track] (Yeah! From '85 ... PSK! '95 ... me now!) Chorus: Brother Marquis PSK, we makin' that

One Pound - One pound fish lyrics

on ladies, come on ladies Come on ladies, come on ... ladies, 1 pound fish Have, have a look, 1 pound fish Have, ... have a look, 1 pound fish Very very good, 1 pound

Nate Dogg lyricsNate Dogg - Dogg pound gangstaville lyrics

Snoop Doggy Dogg] All I know and all I do is D-P-G with the ... We thru with Milken Milli Vanilli Silly Niggaz who be rappin but they really be actin' ... I'm smackin' niggaz in they face For the 9-8

Elton John lyricsElton John - Candy by the pound lyrics

off the streets since you came to town Since you claimed ... my heart from the lost and found I have said goodbye ... to my fooling around Now you and me babe we got candy by the

K'la - P****, money, weed lyrics

say he love me like He say he love me like Yes I love ... her like He say he love me like He say he ... They tell me sex sells But I ain’t buying it Cause hoes learn to hard way That it’s free

Kottonmouth Kings - Where's the weed at? lyrics

know the king klick, yeah we got the bomb weed, we ... got the southern kali shit that make ya eyes bleed, daddy ... x, d-loc and that boy Johnny richter, bdub,

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Let my beat pound lyrics

me in the street now They wave at me and they ask me turn ... my beat down Turn my beat down, turn my beat down I ... em never I forever let my beat pound [Verse 1] I keep

Otis Redding - Loving by the pound lyrics

some loving That I wanna give you, babe Got it by the ... pound, girl Yes I have, now, huh When you get ... it It's such a strong love It's gonna knock ... huh I got some love I can't control it, baby It's

8ball & Mjg - Alcohol p**** weed lyrics

P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol ... P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Let's toast put your cups and your drugs in the air. Put

Common - Soul by the pound lyrics

m as bad bad, as Leroy Brown Brown Yo I'm a ... pro pro, but not a noun noun If you got beef ... Cut up in soul soul, by the pound pound I'm going downtown ... I'm the round mound Not a rebound, but like a hound, I

Kevin Federline - The world is mine lyrics

m a pirate on the seas, call me Captain Hook Everything ... belong to me, every cranny and nook Every rock, every ... bird, every animal in it This respect it ain't

The Game - P**** money weed lyrics

momma, I'm a chiefer, smoking on a reefer ... I know you say you can't suck dick but I'm a teach ... ya Bad lil bitch, yea I think that I'm a keep 'er And she can't miss school so I

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Steal the show lyrics

Ice Cube] Yeah, Steal The Show baby [Ice Cube] ... Ima have to ride the ride the ride ... Til' I find a girl to slip inside Ice ... Cube aint never been shot Aint never got got, up in the parking lot Nigga, Scott

Juvenile - Set it off lyrics

C'mon (Uh-huh, mm-hmm) Y'all boys don't know NUTTIN bout ... me (mm-hmm, uh-huh) Ya heard? .. "Ladies and ... " [Juvenile] I'ma T.C. soldier, New Orleans

Method Man & Redman - A special joint lyrics

Redman]: Do you want to get high man? [Method ... Man]: I see em. Does Pinochio have wooden balls man? [Redman]: Well yo, I got a joint I ... ve been saving here for a special occasion. [Method

Our Last Night - Black beatles (rae sremmurd cover) lyrics

Beatles in the city be back immediately to confiscate ... the moneys Rae Sremm, Guwop, Mike WiLL! I ... sent flowers, but you said you didn’t receive ‘em But

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