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Alison Krauss - Miles to go lyrics

slammin' door It's gettin' too dark now to see Every photograph is another lesson ... page I've turned I wake up to fallin' dreams And the ... petals start to fade by the picket fences

Barnes Dave - Miles to go lyrics

again But there's still miles to go. Sister let me tell ... this bravery If you understood my reasons You'd be here to stand by me Up ahead: a ... again But there's still miles to go. If you need me I

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Miles to go (before i sleep) lyrics

would walk to the edge of the universe for ... follow the path that leads me to you baby... always Every ... the journey is long With miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep... I

Heather Dale - Miles to go lyrics

my heart The gate is much too spare a place to speak And ... the gardens put to shame the meadow's bloom An ... But even yet I have so many miles to go I've reconciled my

Bare Bobby - Million miles to the city lyrics

down on the farm We were told that the city could only ... you know that's a great big town And Barbara said why it's ... a million miles and then the story got around It's a million

Willie Nelson - Eight more miles to louisville lyrics

along the line I'm goin' now to a place that's best that old ... home town of mine Eight more miles and Louisville will come in to my view Eight more miles on

Josh Kelley - 20 miles to georgia lyrics

night And the sign says 20 miles to Georgia 2am coming come ... again Been too long and I wanna see my ... s gonna tuck me in This town is gonna make me something

Powerman 5000 - 20 miles to texas 25 to hell lyrics

miles to Texas, 25 to Hell Where the weather's ... good Seems like I was born to be misunderstood 20 miles to Texas!! 25 to Hell!! 20 miles to Texas, 25 to Hell I was

Fool's Garden - 25 miles to kissimmee lyrics

There was one thing, I needed to know: "Where are ... you going to, what are you doin' with me? ... said: "Relax! It's 25 miles to Kissimmee"

Chris Norman - Million miles to nowhere lyrics

from a strange land, talking to an old man Pouring out my ... heart and soul, when he told me I wish I was a boy ... talked there of his million miles to nowhere Though to me it

Fingertight - Bellevue lyrics

my hands but still I tried, To take a little bit out of you. ... is strong my hands unable, To pull myself out of this rut I ... enough. Are you? Woke up too soon I'm still connected.

Mother Mother - Miles lyrics

and miles and miles Before we reach the sand ... Cacti and cacti for miles Miles of dry land Dry land We ... hand We could go walking for miles Once we reach the sand The

Sammy Hagar - Miles from boredom lyrics

again Yeah, but my baby's miles, and miles and miles and miles from boredom Yeah, she keeps ... me miles and miles, and miles, and miles from boredom Yes

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Miles away / the truth is lyrics

and the truth is: You’re miles away Excuse me for my ... truth and a truth is You’re miles away With all your

Savatage - Miles away lyrics

is dawning But I'm already miles away, miles away, yeah In ... wonder Always there for you to see In the light of morning ... and wonder Cause I'm already miles away, miles away, yeah Oh, miles away I've been running

Mia Martina - Miles away lyrics

re whispering Though you're miles away And I can feel your ... on the back of my spirit Miles away Only in my dreams I can ... see your face Cause you're miles away And I can feel your

Narnia - Miles away lyrics

be strong Strong enough to face the lie within my life ... my head and run Running for tomorrow Can't face what I've ... Please forgive me! I cry Miles away A million tears away

A.r. Kane - Miles apart lyrics

heart just as long as we're together i will fall apart in ... my heart we're miles apart and it really doesn ... t matter what you say to me just as long as we're

Labÿrinth - Miles away lyrics

you never had ... I'm miles... and we live the hard way ... me side by side ... I'm miles away... Try to see my story from a different side now ... I can remember why I need to run. Can't you look me

Pm Dawn - Miles from anything lyrics

why It only brings tears to my eyes Without you in my ... ..i always find my mind is miles from anything. Without you ... my life....i am deep inside miles from anything Everytime

Anna Graceman - Miles away (audio) lyrics

it better than it’s been To receive a call or word it ... beside me Than all these miles away I’d much rather you be ... the same When I’m all these miles away Days are longer and

Reamonn - Million miles lyrics

t going anywhere But it's ok to be us Cause your far from ... I dissappear I'm a million miles from you But if we hold on ... Gotta hold on I'm a million miles from you But if we stay

Cowboy Junkies - Miles from our home lyrics

one in sight for fifty miles Sleeping fields sigh as I ... sky as still as a spinning top Shooting stars drop like ... yet people keep saying I'm miles from my home, Miles from my

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Miles away lyrics

right through me, you were miles away All my dreams, they ... see yourself I can't pretend to be someone else You always ... love me more, miles away I hear it in your voice

David Phelps - Miles and miles away lyrics

tried to run so that no one could ... looking for the perfect place to hide You build up walls so ... all burned And no where to turn But to Heaven Miles ... and miles away Love saw you there

Stephen Jerzak - Miles n' miles lyrics

me feel you. It's worth it to wait a while, so I can look ... smile Because it shines for miles and miles. I fell asleep, ... scene in my head And I want to fly away from this midwestern

Queensrÿche - Miles away lyrics

as I float up here. Press me to explain? Searching deep down ... day. I'm in conversation miles away. Please leave me alone ... day. I'm in conversation miles away. Please leave me alone

Sophie B. Hawkins - Miles away lyrics

song But I don't wanna dance tonight You have just slipped ... t wanna fight I wish I was miles away Not feeling anything ... You taught me to hide Well I'm frightened of

Ashes You Leave - Miles of worn out days lyrics

Just a shadow..... Miles Of Worn Out Days Miles of ... Once I lie, I never want to wake up As shadows cast ... for rest And never want to wake up (on my own anymore)

H.e.a.t - 1000 miles lyrics

stars at night She's running to a dead end This broken heart ... I don't know what it's like To live on that other side I, ... I can walk a thousand miles to be with you I'll catch a

The Maine - Miles away lyrics

a trip up the west coast LAX to SFO Was searching for a temp ... (And I) I didn't ever want to come down From that West ... old But in my mind I I am Miles and miles Away Pretty

N.w.a. - 100 miles and runnin' lyrics

" [MC Ren] A 100 Miles and Runnin'. MC Ren, I hold ... the gun and You want me to kill a mutherf***er and it's ... in. Since I'm stereotyped to kill and destruct - Is one

Mike Oldfield - Five miles out lyrics

stalling out And its 24 miles to the beacon there's a crack ... that band of rain Five miles out Just hold your heading ... true Got to get your finest out Your

Edguy - How many miles lyrics

gives you the might Many miles from your ass to your feet ... I've seen Is what I want it to be - selfmade reality How ... many miles to the gate of reality How

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Million miles lyrics

million miles away from home, I feel sick ... and I feel torn, I've got a picture in my ... in my head, I keep talking to that picture, but &quot ... Hell I've got promises to keep and miles to go before

Glasseater - Miles ahead lyrics

ve tore me open Left a mark on my ... my hands So hold on tight To what we have now Don't look

Blue System - 2000 miles lyrics

hero We could been so good tonight Oh babe, this love ... never dies Tomorrow - shadows and sorrows ... will dry Two hearts beating together One love is lasting

Fragile Hollow - Miles away lyrics

are a week away. It seems to me in different ways. The ... s true. I know you're now miles away And you said it was

Kate Todd - Miles away lyrics

window And I've been trying to let you know That I'll be ... find my way I'll find you Miles away but I'm still there We ... came so close to love I swear Just killing

Chris Rea - Miles is a cigarette lyrics

warm breeze Send it up in to the blue Blue sky and you ... Goodbye our love's smoking too And the sound of those ... much more the sound of you Miles was a cigarette smoky and

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - 100 miles lyrics

you so I'd walk a hundred miles to let you know Hey little ... your hand reaches out and touches mine 'Cos you're my ... lips Let me feel you thrill to my fingertips Hey little

Human Nature - Twenty-five miles lyrics

huh yeah It's twenty five miles from home Girl, my feet are ... a kissing A make a man go stone wild So I got to keep on ... walkin' I got to walk on, oh ho ho I, I, I, I

Jane's Party - Miles away lyrics

as day, the trouble is I'm miles away. And I need some time to get back, time to get back ... as rain, trouble is I'm miles away. And I need some time to get back, time to get back

Ronnie Dunn - How far to waco lyrics

band fadin' out and in Blacktop in my headlights looks like ... on my mind is gettin' back to my baby again How far to ... Waco Two hundred miles to Mexico Albequerque by mornin'

Adam Pascal - 10,000 miles lyrics

for the sun to set your time Wait till your ... tide rolls out to sea Take a deep breath, ... I'll look up just in time to see I'll see the sky that's ... stars can follow me  10,000 miles to take me home I don't

Lavagance - Miles lyrics

back to me is my request my love ... where are you I never meant to let you down new day just ... began sun light's touching my hair so come on ... open the door and say hello to friend of yours every

Miles Beyond - Miles beyond lyrics

spells I swear my sword to the king of kings And travel ... in a hole." So I came to her aid and saw that she was ... on my mind She turned into her true form And robbed me

Gordon Lightfoot - Sixteen miles lyrics

on a morning train Take me to a place where I won't come ... old love of mine Sixteen miles to seven lakes way up among

Otherwise - Miles of pain lyrics

Searching through miles of rain But nothing seems to ... facing all of the pain I try to find light in the gray ... Don't turn away from me The storm is calling me I can tell

Christina Perri lyricsChristina Perri - Miles lyrics

m scared today More than I told you I was yesterday Give ... me a moment to catch my breath And hold me ... s the only way I want you to be Look at me and love What

Slade - Miles out to sea lyrics

I was looking out and why To see all the things we did To ... and low Chorus We were miles out to sea Did we float you ... ll go back for more We were miles From the bay Did we float I

Glay - Billionaire champagne miles away lyrics

yuku no sa Highway made 10 miles to the Freeway Tokimeki wa ... nante kimochi ga ii Long way to the Freeway Todoka nai yume ... SAIDOREEN Teri kaesu ASUFARUTO Las Vegas made Half mile to

My American Heart - Miles behind us lyrics

does it feel to be dragged under this ... heart is blank? I'd love to say that I hate you, and I ... in my head when These miles behind us are going farther,

Dreamshade - Miles away lyrics

Open your eyes, come to reality The time is now, you ... ve nothing to lose, throw the past away, ... for a sign, always waiting to find the door, search in

Acres - Miles apart lyrics

ve seen the top of the world Take what you ... want I've got nothing to give I'm alive, and you ... want I've got nothing else to give. Not even my time,

Modestep - To the stars (break the noize & the autobots .. lyrics

that you've gone to the stars. Now that the storm has finally come. So now ... that you've gone to the stars. Now that the storm has finally come. ... !! When these colors fade to gray, You're a million miles

Buried In Verona - Miles away lyrics

thousand miles away and I'm wounded, ... disheartened, I wish you home to stay, now I'm left drained ... I freeze when your not next to me. It's loneliness that

Laibach - Hymn to the black sun lyrics

light from afar 93 million miles to be explicit 8 light ... this is his system My turn to burn so keep on listening I ... 'cause that what I was meant to be 'Cause I was a mystery

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