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Pitbull - Krazy lyrics

Boom I’mma make em go KRAZY… Hey Hey Let’s do it again ... Boom Boom I’mma make em go KRAZY… We gotta do it again…Ha ha. ... . Boom Boom I’mma make em go KRAZY… Let’s make em go Krazy this

Elephant Man - Krazy lyrics

Intro:] Done!!! It's a krazy time a just krazy signs krazy ... it's gettin, it's gettin krazy It's gettin, it's gettin, ... Gwen afraid fi cock to mi it krazy Dasiy, Daisy seh mi krazy Krazy position a run she seh mi krazy mi nuh lazy Krazy gal a show

The Game - Krazy lyrics

motherf***er. [Hook:] You krazy I say when the nigas gona ... shoot. You krazy I say when the nigas gona ... we gona drop something You krazy I say when the nigas gona

Ms Dynamite - Krazy krush lyrics

time I been waitin' to get next to you, Long time I been ... how deep they gom I gotta Krazy Krush on you but can't seem ... a sister blushin', Ooh dis Krazy Krush and... U got me day

Jeff Scott Soto - Krazy world lyrics

burned And welcome to this krazy life we live! Carjacks, ... do and say or you'll be the next to go This I tell u my ... get burned Welcome to this krazy world Riding on the wire

Less Than Jake - Krazy glue lyrics

seems I can't explain it all all the reasons ... hard to say and its hard to explain that all the things I

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Krazy lyrics

anticipated track "Krazy" off the upcoming album

2pac lyrics2pac - Krazy lyrics

was [Refrén - repeat 2X] (One, two, three, four) ... c'mon.. [Refrén - repeat 2X] [Bad Ass] God help me ... to my elders They aged and experienced, but they can't even

3x Krazy - Keep it on the real lyrics

tha house wit my mug on me Lexus kinda clean crease in my ... omega wit tha chronic sin Rolex on my wrist because I produce ... tonight, made a right on 73rd to purchase some act right,

3x Krazy - Thug money lyrics

(You know what I'm sayin'? 3 Times mutha f***in' Krazy ... bitch?) [Verse 1: Bart of 3X Krazy] I hits the block walk ... wit a Tech a zip in my pocket 350 rocket to get up out of the

3x Krazy - In the name of rame lyrics

for a drop an a dub, click, boxin up trouble an the next ... potna strong he loved that Krazy click so I dedicate this song ... *(Chorus- Mike Marshall)* x2 I remember back when I was

Midnight Red - One club at a time remix (kat krazy) lyrics

We’re takin’ over.. takin’ over, the world One Club At A Time We’re takin’ over.. takin’ over, the floor One Club At A Time Okay let’s get it right We raise the b...

504 Boyz - D-game lyrics

feat. Master P, Terror, Krazy) [Krazy] Nigga this ... Master P, Terror, and I am Krazy I'm thugged out Feel it Wuz ... m out that 5-0-4 to that C-P-3 Give me an ounce and I'm gon

504 Boyz - We bust lyrics

feat. Ghetto Commission, Krazy) [Silkk talking] Ok P, I ... bout, ya heard me? [chorus (Krazy) 1X] These bitch niggas can't ... ll leave you wit' your shit exposed Set you up And get cut

504 Boyz - Big toys lyrics

What what what what what [Krazy] Who talkin noise? We makin ... Playin with them big toys [X4] [Mac] Look Motherf***ers ... just mutts (ARF!) [Chorus (X2)] [Krazy] My nigga Jeff

504 Boyz - Tell me lyrics

ya heard me What's up Krazy, we in here The New No Limit ... got a nigga trapped [Krazy] As I inhale the weed, tears ... till I die, mutherf*** 3 strikes I remember b-balling

Artrosis - Zniewolona mysl lyrics

mam Zniewolona mysl Krazy w glowie jak sep Niepokoju ... a to zle! Zniewolona mysl Krazy w glowie jak

Artrosis - Malo slów lyrics

kolejny dzien Ulotna mysl Krazy w glowie Czy to tak mialo ... wole Malo slów, ulotna mysl krazy w

504 Boyz - Haters gon hate lyrics

I'm a member of the Klu Klux Klan I mean god damn, how ... of the Jaguar, and that's a X-K-8 And if you cross me, you ... please don't hate [Chorus: Krazy] When I walk in the club and

504 Boyz - Holla lyrics

Chorus: (Master P) & Krazy] (Them boys on that block ... than ferris wheels holla [Krazy] See this No Limit Army nigga ... I won't forget Tell Double XL(XXL) they could suck my dick I

504 Boyz - Roll roll lyrics

feat. Krazy) Ain't no block too hot Me ... heat (ya heard me) [repeat] [Krazy:] It's a problem I ain't get

504 Boyz - Souljas lyrics

instant death"-[RBX] [Snoop Dogg] It's them Dogg ... s my whole family [chorus 2x Krazy] What, you bitches goin' to ... lock wit' the pound [chorus 2X] [Krazy] Fresh out the

504 Boyz - Them people lyrics

and my niggas..uhh.. [Hook x2: Krazy {Halleluyah}] I'ma ... coming [Verse 2: Jazzy] 3 in the morning them niggaz ... a heard them coming [Hook x2] [Verse 3: Krazy] I scream

504 Boyz - Thug girl 2 lyrics

the thug girls at out that 310 where the thug girls at out ... girls jump inside cause I'm a 3rd ward nigga til the day that ... heard me) [Chorus: repeat 4X] where the thug girls at

Digital Underground - Future rhythm lyrics

with the rhythm of the future x4 [Krazy Horse/Shock G] (In ... of mind vibe for every kind Text to the sexless, dollars to ... you lifted longer We be faxing freaks through that

Digital Underground - Hella bump lyrics

Come get what you need [Krazy Horse/Shock G] Not just a ... And bump with conviction [Krazy Horse/Shock G] A thirty bag ... bump [Digital Underground x2] Yeah, we roll with the flow

2pac lyrics2pac - Weed got me crazy lyrics

high. They got a nigga goin Krazy. I Feel krazy. (Tell em ... say my ghetto intrumental, Dextrimental to kids. As if they ... was: Chorus repeats 1,2,3,4. I see blodds and crips

The Game - Rough lyrics

cold this year Detox, R.E.D MC’s dead Kill them ... Hill Skin heads goin K-K-Krazy cuz a nigga in a foreign ... morning will [Verse 3 - Yelawolf] Never I thought

The Glitch Mob - More voltage (full mixtape) lyrics

Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix) 2. edIT - More Lazers 3. ... Air Raid Material (Ooah Remix) 6. EPROM - 64 Bytes (Boreta ... Remix) 7. edIT - Gangsta Shit 8.

Kool G Rap - Ill street blues lyrics

Lend a friend the money, next you're ripping off his car ... the Ill Street Blues (repeat 4x) [Verse 2] Suckers I ... right on your neck And I expect to make a buck to heck

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - My nigga (remix) (feat. yg, lil wayne, meek m.. lyrics

s f*** all y'all niggas... except my niggas OWW~! Tunechi! ... I done preheated my oven to 350 degrees, BITCH~!! And when

3x Krazy - Immortalized lyrics

his time has come [Chorus 2X: Bart] Immortalized! Blood ... off the bullshit [Fed-X of the Mob Figaz] I've done

3x Krazy - Kaviealstars lyrics

but you can catch me in a Lex side lined by the pool the ... money that's how it came Rolex, chains an thangs my mission ... the ball we Kavial's! [Verse 3: Bart] Steppin wit my weapon

3x Krazy - Pistols blazin lyrics

mane. Eh, eh. The Lu-Lun-iz 3 Times me Ager Man Bart Let ... on they shoulders. Verse 3 *(Bart)* Mobb killaz ... escape. Chorus *(Ager Man)* x2 It ain't no room for no non

3x Krazy - Reactions lyrics

was told to go solo. [Chorus x2: Bart] My Reactions, like ... soul to brace for drama they experienced the hardtimes, it ... they'll all be gone anger expressed wit empty shells,

3x Krazy - Sickkaluffa lyrics

lufffaa Sickkaaa lufffaa, 3xkrazy gonna bump it [Verse 1: ... a 4-0 ounce of malt liqua, Lex coupe quicka 5 on the back of ... pigs on the back of my lex ain't knowin The way my

3x Krazy - Sunshine in the o lyrics

G's on the streets Out the six duece, seen orange man and ... pimps and ho's and playas (2 X's) Breaking ho's, flashing ... they wanna do is hop In the lexus sitting on gold thangs with

3x Krazy - The sickness lyrics

G)* Right back at cha! Uh, 3 Times! Let these fools know ... Sneaky One Ager Man, my boy 3 Times. Verse 1 *(Ager Man)* ... try to cross me Chorus 2x *(Keek Da Sneak)* The

Beenie Man - Hmm hmm lyrics

Mek mi enroll yuh inna mi sex college Graduate to ... mi nuh need baggage Man a text yuh pon phone and leave sex ... mi nuh use nuh stone Mix up mi baba roots wid mi tiger

504 Boyz - My life is sweet lyrics

up in them clubs In that 2K3 Yukon sitting up on them dubs ... month like child support [Krazy] Luxury, I love that bird it

504 Boyz - Life is serious lyrics

Chorus 2x's] [Erica Foxx] Life is serious out here on ... but were just trying to eat [Krazy] Why cry now inhale the pain ... he got killed [Chorus 2x's] [Master P] Smile know

504 Boyz - We gon ride lyrics

ride til' we die [Chorus x2: Krazy] Y'all niggas wanna hate on ... you hoes or you haters CP3 is what a nigga f***in' rep G ... Double X-L y'all hoes don't wanna test

Kat Krazy - Siren (armin van buuren remix) lyrics

Beneath the stars Face to face I'll told ya I love ya Won't let your heart break I'll run to the moon and walk on the sea I'll start a new world for yo...

Liber1 - Dranie lyrics

bar kolejny browar saczy Ona krazy mowi to sie skonczy Bedzie ... obudzi taka bestie I zacznie krazyc bo ciazy jej ta grzecznosc

J. Moss - Strong enough lyrics

on me Scared I might fall — Krazy like trippin’ over my own

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Snoops upside your head lyrics

we out there smokin' on the krazy glue Upside yo' head like

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