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2pac Take Me Alive Lyrics lyrics

Browse for 2pac Take Me Alive Lyrics song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed 2pac Take Me Alive Lyrics lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to 2pac Take Me Alive Lyrics.

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Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - Take me alive lyrics

leave You made it hard for me For me It’s been a long ... blood Run cold And filled me up With sorrow There's ... nowhere For me to go I'm a long way Away

Edge Of Attack - Take me alive lyrics

screaming You will never take this away from me You've ... stolen it for the last time Clenching till death I will ... the end Saying you'll never take me alive My fear kicks in

Paradise Lost - Never take me alive lyrics

on the five train Don't ask me when I'm coming back again I ... it's only a matter of time Before the law kick in the ... let you know They'll never take me alive They'll never take me alive Mother I killed someone It wasn't that I hated

Esp - Take 'em alive lyrics

'em alive, can't waste no time It's the beginning of the ... I'll seal the fate before it takes it's toll Take them alive ... I'll do t before the time is right there's fire in the

Extreme lyricsExtreme - Take us alive lyrics

run, I can hide And we'll meet each other On the other ... pretty baby They'll never take us alive Tell me you're ... all behind Better believe in me Never treat you unkind (A

Blondie - Take me in the night lyrics

live all day To take some inspiration from the things ... so right to dance with you Take me in the night, night, night ... Just a kiss like you're still alive Take me in the night,

Mcfly - Take me there lyrics

sun is in your eyes The moment has arrived, you see Right ... now, there ain't no better time I feel like you're alive to me When you take me When you

Me & My - Take me back lyrics

and all alone Chorus: Take me back again Let's go back ... you by my side Baby tell me why can't you see that tears ... in my eyes? Take me back again Please come back

Metalium - Take me higher lyrics

Music & Lyrics: Michael Ehre] When time ... has come and darkness falls over the ... in my hands When you realize me Bleeding for vengeance They ... spirits free [Chorus:] Take me higher Much higher False

Kongos - Take me back lyrics

Can't even taste if my food's alive I'm watching music that I ... can't hear Staring down some invisible fear And once ... I answer yes! but the moment's passed I'm guess I'm

Alex Band - Take me back lyrics

you ever wished for something like A second chance to ... to heaven, can you hear me call? Take me back, take me back Life is passing by so ... fast Take me back. take me back I want to make each moment last If I could start all

Phantom ( Usa ) - Take me down slow lyrics

make it last all night long Take it easy, baby, make it last ... long We got no place to go Take me down slow Keep the fire ... We got no place to go So take me down slow Some things take time, same just better way

Sharm - Take me home - all proceeds to charity lyrics

Me Home Don MacKay 2007 Oh Oh ... light Theres a star above me shining Ooo Ooo Ooo Come alive (Cuz) Theres a heart inside ... never let go of this life Take me home Breathe in me my

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Take me along lyrics

lonely tonight Keep myself alive by candlelight Say she can ... t love you like I do Look me in the eyes and say it's true ... When I need you most you let me fall I'm always here at the

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Take me to the top lyrics

got one chance Just one moment to go straight to the top ... my eyes Will my dream come true? I'm ready Give me the ... I miss the train Can't take the heavy pressure It's to

Adam Gontier - Take me with you lyrics

while I'd picture all the times you made me smile... I ... .. That if you go, you'll take a piece of me The world I ... inside would be too much for me to bear So if you have to

Dangerous Toys - Take me swiftly lyrics

your mind Don't let them take your soul Don't use rope, ... your mind Don't let them take your soul Don't use rope, ... bullets, don't use sex Take me swiftly Why do I care

Erik Grönwall - Take me on lyrics

on my own. There's always something and I'm tired of ... I'm young. Love,yes love take me on. I'm tired of ... stuck on repeat. Just give me something and I'm playing

Lecrae - Take me as i am lyrics

"Man I really wanna come to Christ But I gotta clean ... myself before I could come to Christ But Christ changed ... me Let me tell you my story, it starts

Owl City - Take me somewhere nice lyrics

me somewhere nice To some tired island In your heart ... Though we wander home We both feel alone Like ... Out of the blue, And take a deep breath, Just we two.

Riot ( Usa ) - Take me back lyrics

fighting We felt so alive The air electric There was ... with drive One more time Let's light up the road ... in our hair Say the word Name the time and the place You

Sky Sailing - Take me somewhere nice lyrics

me somewhere nice To some tired island In your heart ... Though we wander home We both feel alone Like ... Out of the blue, And take a deep breath, Just we two.

Magnum - Take me to the edge lyrics

no one defies The end comes early that’s no surprise ... best is waiting and yet to come Take me to the edge Let me look across Sacrifice the ... Run away from accusation I’m alive and well No more yesterdays

The Maine - Take me dancing lyrics

gotta try to find a way to be alive This is not a game That ... Just like you die Give me thunder Give me lightening ... I will give you every part of me Take me dancing Get me

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Take me back lyrics

t really think that she needs me Must've bin blind She ... didn't give me a warning Said I shouldn't ... gone gone She said.... Take me back won't ya Take me

Adore Delano - Take me there lyrics

the stars You know its our time, cause we're here and in love ... Tomorrow doesn't mean a thing So we're young ... and we got some dirty minds Ripped jeans

Agnostic Front - Take me back lyrics

Front Let's go! Take me there, take me back To ... To when it was my only care- Take me back! Take me there to ... when it started Take me back to when we ran it

Airfare - Take me on lyrics

me on, Take me on Take me on, whoa the bigger they ... come yes the harder they fall you ... are black and if you won't come home, then bring my soul on ... you gotta eat my lady whoa Take me on, Take me on Take me on

Alabama - Take me down lyrics

away with me tonight. Take me on a one-way flight in your ... You're the one who moves me like nobody else can. Take ... the man who lives inside of me. Take me down and love me

Joseph Arthur - Take me home lyrics

me home Look good on your own Take me home Look good I can see ... I think the evening's done Take me home You look good on ... your own Sometimes it's good To say goodbye

Rick Astley - Take me to your heart lyrics

Or only just friends Come tomorrow Will I be lonely ... again When you see me Is it love in your eyes ... inside Do you think about me When I'm far away? Do you

Atb - Take me over lyrics

day As she sits there in shame, and she wonders Chorus: ... Can you take, can you take, can you take me lower? Can ... you take, can you take, can you take me over?

Bananarama - Take me to your heart lyrics

me to your heart now, baby Take me to your heart, come on, come on I can't stop thinking ... about you Take me to your heart Take me to ... your heart, come on I must be dreaming

Bananarama - Take me away lyrics

that we have ever wanted to Take me away somewhere Where we ... a million years 'Till you came, I couldn't see Now your ... is breathing life back into me Why worry about the world

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Take me back to your house lyrics

tired, so tired, so tired So take me home. It's getting late ... for me I'll come if you wait for me Let's get ... changes it just stays the same Just take me home C'mon

Brooklyn Bounce - Take me there lyrics

days, days. You´ve got take me there, you´ve got take me ... there, you´ve got take me there, take me there, you´ve ... got take me there, take me there, you´ve got take me

Bleachers - Take me away lyrics

ll let you take it, I'll let you take it, I ... you're sorry I'll let you take it, I'll let you take it, I ... ll let you I'll let you take it (Now you're hungry and

Mary J Blige - Take me as i am lyrics

been holdin on. Try to make me weak, But I still stay ... songs Jus so you can feel me. so you can get the real me ... [Chorus:] So take me as I am, or have nothing at

Boris Carloff - Take me higher lyrics

want to i can give it back Take my soul; if you want to i can ... You have broken my picture frame You are afraid ob being ... happy Those memories still remain I feel so

Laura Branigan - Take me lyrics

fancied you for a very long time You finally got around to ... move But when you picked me up, you looked so fairy I ... for you to get your hands on me Oh, take me, take me,

Lincoln Brewster - Take me higher lyrics

not Your Spirit from me For my one desire is the be ... with You Come cleanse my life and make me ... pure Won't You wrap me up in Your arms and Take me higher and draw me closer

Briaandchrissy - Take me or leave me lyrics

understand, And will you get me Everyday that comes my way, ... I will tell you I am gay Take me or leave me now, I've done ... change, I hope you feel the same Take me or leave me now, I

Briaandchrissy - Take me to heaven lyrics

me,take me Come on and take me I've got you on my mind ... Everybody's saying time Take me,take me Take me to heaven ... I dont know where you came from, no All I know is where

Brick & Lace - Take me back lyrics

that raely matter was you and me Times were still the world ... Lovers till eternity You and me But now the seasons ... we used to It ain't the same anymore Take me back (ooh)

Emma Bunton - Take me to another town lyrics

many people who would kill me if they could I go to ... ll never get to know Gotta take my bike to the train Train ... stops spinning around You take me to another town I go to

Cheap Trick - Take me i'm yours lyrics

got a new approach and the time is right You think you're ... oh so fine And it so excites me Come six with my nine You ... my perfect partner and the time is getting right Take me I

Chase & Status - Take me away lyrics

.. Oh... Let me tell you Let me tell you ... what you do, what you do to me Take me away Take me ... I found you What you do to me, yeah Come on and take me

Phil Collins - Take me down lyrics

has seen too much pain. Take me down, take me down to the ... water, take my hand, learn me all I should know. Here I am ... m waiting for you just give me a sign, oh please don't fail me now. It's at this time we

Phil Collins - Take me home lyrics

ordinary man They don't tell me nothing So I find out what I ... feel it And it helps to keep me warm So I, I don't mind No ... t worry anymore I can't come out to find you I don't like

David Cook - Take me as i am lyrics

When I'm lost and broken Take me as I am Right here where ... Open up your arms and let me in Out here on my own I ... know I'm not alone Let me in your heart Right where

Lil Cuete - Take me away lyrics

You Doing? Umm Will You Come And Pick Me Up Righ' Now? Oh ... Make It Through These Hard Times I'm Strugeling And ... like Why Can't I Get Away Somebody Take Me Away (To A Better

Danny Fernandes - Take me away lyrics

t-tt-tttake me away, To a place I've never ... (place I never been before) Take me away, Girl I promise I ... I can love you more) Take me away, To a place I never

John Denver - Take me home country roads lyrics

a breeze. Country roads take me home to the place where i ... West Virginia mountain momma take me home country roads. All ... my memories gather round her

Fefe Dobson - Take me away lyrics

And in our minds, it comes so easily But theres a ... feeling comin over me I want to show you, But ... if we could be together Take me away, Take me far away

Dr. Dog - Take me into town lyrics

records but they don't give me shadow at all we're not ... enough to know that I but come on come on come on Take me ... into town Take me into town Oh did you see

Kyler England - Take me with you lyrics

all the things you said to me, you said to me All your ... or now Baby won't you take me Baby won't you take me with ... you, with you Baby won't you take me Baby won't you take me

Jackie Evancho - Take me there lyrics

unclear)) I will follow you Take me there, take me there with ... but I hold on to you So take me there, take me there with you ... a life without you here Take me there, take me there with you

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Take me out lyrics

aren't you meeting me tonight? I am tired waiting ... .. Why don't you pick me up It's boring here I'm ... (and) pickle man making me falling in love Come get me

Feed Her To The Sharks - Take me back lyrics

me back to yesterday Take me back to the golden city ... the bitter place I reside Take me back tonight Flashback ... deny The life that you dreamed of, don't watch it die Take me back to yesterday When I

Foghat - Take me to the river lyrics

all the things that you put me through You stole my money ... want to know, won't you tell me I'd love to stay, yea yea ... Take me to the river, wash me down Please my soul, put my

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