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2pac All That lyrics

Browse for 2pac All That song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed 2pac All That lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to 2pac All That.

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Abc - All that matters lyrics

believe that this world was made for everyone I can see all that wealth won't make a champion All that matters in my world (life) All that matters to me is you Only you, Only you All that matters, Only you I don't care what people say,

The Afters - All that i am lyrics

feel a burning, deep inside of me I feel Your Spirit, It's moving around me I hear Your voice, You're calling me closer I know that You're here, You're calling me closer And I will [Chorus:] Love you will all of my heart Jesus I'll love You will all of my mind Jesus I'll love Yo

Barnes Dave - All that noise lyrics

plays the trumpet In Mount Zion Gospel Band Playing that thing for 15 years, just as hard as he can Now keep on playing that thing Jethro Fills my heart with joy If you don't play that trumpet Lord, who's gonna make all that noise Bubba plays the tuba every Sunday at the chur

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - All that matters lyrics

oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky I need you to show me the light Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time, better believe it Uh-oh, whenever you're not in my presence It feels like I'm missing my blessings, yeah So I sleep through the dayligh

Mary J Blige - All that i can say lyrics

Loving you is wonderful Something like a miracle Rest assured I feel the same way you do Meeting you isn’t hard With you I can’t let down my guard Stay secure that’s all I’m asking from you (stay secure) I wish I had words to tell (I wish) This feeling that I

Mary J Blige - All that i can say (remix) lyrics

feat. Rah Digga) [Mary] Ooh, ooh [Rah Digga] Uh, uh, uh The Rah D-I-G Here to rap on behalf All the females headed down the wrong path Things gonna change when we hit the set Put an end to the pain and the disrespect My Flipmode brother gonna switc

Blind Melon - All that i need lyrics

that I need is the air that I breathe And all that I need are things I don't need And all that really matters is what matters to me And who of you are like me If I was to smile and I held out my hand If I opened it now would you not understand

Emma Bunton - All that you'll be lyrics

leaves turn to brown Just like dreams get swept away But spring always comes around Until the first summer's day And I hope there never comes a time When life seems to pass you by Cos you must realize Cos everything in life will change With every rainbow there is rai

The Cataracs - All that matters lyrics

remember that night, putting your hands on your face And I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say. So I just sat there. And you looked at me (looked at me) in that way And all of a sudden I knew, That you were gonna go away. (that you were gonna go away)

Cece Winans - All that i need lyrics

re crying night and day You wonder how you ever lost your way Nothing matters, you must survive You heart is slowly dying and so you cry All that I need is love From the moment I wake Let me feel your embrace All that I need is love Hold me closer each day, ever

Collective Soul - All that i know lyrics

these lazy days I barely see myself through I lay here comfortable My thoughts wrapped around you I've got a lot on my mind It's always you every time You're all that I know When the sun goes down You're all that I know When the sun comes Rising like th

Cryptal Darkness - All that remains lyrics

the light of the ever fading sun dies like a candles flame taken by the wind darkness reveals it's beauty from the shadows haunting it beckons me calling my name Slowly I transcend into a world so dark a place where the sun never rises the wrath of th

Dotan - All that i can be lyrics

meals, feels like Sunday morning So surreal how you move around me My head swirls, great job in a corner Don't go Wake up, shine a little light on me Don't stop, just remember how to breath trough life This is all that I can be, now Lonely bed, feels like S

Jermaine Dupri - All that's got to go lyrics

Machine] Wednesday 4:20p.m. [1st Lady] Don't you f***in' hang up on me! Who the f*** do you think you are? You know who the f*** your hangin up on? Don't f***in' hang up on me! [J.D.] I'm sick of these bitches man. [Machine] Wednesday 8:20p.m.

Echo & The Bunnymen - All that jazz lyrics

the hell have you been We've been waiting with our best suits on Hair slicked back and all that jazz Rolling down the Union Jack See you at the barricades babe See you when the lights go low, Joe Hear you when the wheels turn round Someday when the sky turns black It appears b

Fergie lyricsFergie - All that i got (the make up song) lyrics

baby when you’re looking deep in my eyes I know you’re seeing past my make-up Into the little girl that used to hide out and cry When her parents fought Tryin’ to be strong You can see the hurt in me The cover ups so secretly And all that I aspire to

Forbidden - All that is lyrics

says anything, man The choke is on neck deep Bring down the reign Some people talk a good game Only the strong play to win it Play on my friend Game of hypocrisy cheated me End, end of all the false disharmony It's killing me If you're happy to be an ant in

Fozzy - All that remains lyrics

over my shoulder at the road that follows What once seemed to matter now dust at my feet Memories whisper at the edge of perception Silent reminders of a life incomplete And all that remains Are the scars to remind me And all the lives I've thrown away A

Elton John lyricsElton John - All that i'm allowed (i'm thankful) lyrics

down never seems to be that hard Falling short is always in the cards I'm on the road sunrise is at my back Lost it all somewhere between the cracks I always hoped that I'd do better That I'd come out on top for once We all get what we deliver Th

Rea Garvey - All that matters lyrics

s a crack in me where the light gets in where the music takes me where the search begins I hold it on tight to let myself go into the light to find my shadows and though these wings are shattered how far can we fall? god knows bruised and patte

Gentleman lyricsGentleman - All that you had lyrics

If you did prepare for those rainy days You wouldn't be sweeped away by the storm If you would listen what the wise man say All that you had wouldn't be gone If you would trust into the father And fine a few minutes to pray Now life seems so much ha

Get Up Kids - All that i know lyrics

we are Is part Of everything It's out of our control And I'll say All you need to know Is anything That's happening is happening All the ships in the ocean Outside my window Under the moon All the lights in the harbour Keep me from sleeping Keep me from dre

Immolation - All that awaits us lyrics

apathy, virtue dies Wicked hearts, hubris filled, self-destruct Illusions fade, tipping point, social collapse Be afraid, no longer can we fool ourselves Storms of fire ablaze with hate, ignite the skies Our falling empires writhe in fury, scratching violently to hold on Tragic

Kim Jaejoong - All that glitters lyrics

in silence got nothing to say saero gal gil naegen eopseo mirael bol su eopseuni bangbeobeul chajaseo nagaya hae urin eodie issneunji molla hwangage ppajyeoisseul ppuniya oeroun chaejjikjiri dwaessgo i sseugo sseudisseun doge nal deryeoda nwassnyago orae michijin anhgo or

Gerald Levert - All that matters lyrics

Background Vocals: Tesa Williams] It ain't the fancy cars or diamond rings, no (It's deeper) It ain't a fancy home that makes my heart sing, no babe (It's sweeter) It ain't the sunny day that makes my nature rise, no (It's you babe) It's you babe The

Linda Ronstadt - All that you dream lyrics

ve been down but not like this before Can't be 'round this kind of show no more All, all that you dream Comes through shining silver lining clouds Clouds change the scene Rain starts washing all those cautions into your life Makes you realize just what is true What else can y

Matt Redman - All that really matters lyrics

OUR LIVES BECOME A SONG FOR YOU Like a prayer that reaches high The glory of Your name our greatest cause Let our lives become an offering Ever pleasing to Your heart The glory of Your name our highest call All that really matters All that real

Midnight Hour - All that we imagined acoustic lyrics

my words It don't matter what hell may bring we won't fear 'Cause our hearts burn for unknown things so you and I will stick this out This time we're gonna stick it out So push off, We're setting sail We've gott try win or fail To catch the stars tonight

Mudvayne - All that you are lyrics

in my head Betrayal Repeating in my head Insecurities Repeating in my head Dividends It's not your fault The well of thought and trust has run dry Don't be afraid to let go Don't be afraid to start over when it's over Let go Let go Let go Le

Mudvayne - All that you are (demo) lyrics

go of feelings There's no compromise Hollow trunk for shelter So dark and cold inside I always seem to find myself alone Jaded shell of being Porous as a stone Calloused Rigid Empty Because of you Let go of trusting Lost thought for f

One Voice - All that 2 me lyrics

only took one look at your face In seconds i know you are the one I'd be with night and day Only one moment To know you'll be all that matters to me It only took one look from your eyes They sparkled just like the stars above You brighten up my li

Parachute - All that i am lyrics

lights go down in Brooklyn, As she's walking out the door Oh and they're lining up like soldiers, Going off to fight the war And all the colors look like fireworks, In skies she knew before And nights can't hide the day Then the tears roll down her face And t

Reinxeed - All that she wants (ace of base cover) lyrics

ll tell you what I've done I'll tell you what I'll do Been driving all nite just to get close to you Baby Babe - I'm moving so fast You'd better come on. The moon is alright The freeway's heading south My heart is going Boom! There's a strange taste in my mouth Baby Babe - I'm

Rufio - All that lasts lyrics

this waiting comes back to me And I know it seems so hard to believe I gave all my reasons Gave all my pain Excuses evolve into shame I'll take it day by day It's better than they say My conscience, it leans toward defeat I'll hold onto my pride

Richie Sambora - All that really matters lyrics

I look at you you´re beautiful there comes a time in someone´s life when you find things that matter and every time we touch the love runs deep we realize it´s our to keep and that´s all that really matters. You´ll always be my sweet addiction in this life my saving

Amy Grant - All that i need is you lyrics

you know it's been a busy day, And I'm just weary to my bones. I hope you'll understand if I don't pray, But I need my rest to carry on. Why do I kid myself? You see my heart -- The me I try so to ignore. And Lord, you see how very weak I am. I just can't hid

Ancient Bards - All that is true lyrics

Storyteller] Standing by the window two shadows are getting closer tight in a warm embrace Swayin' under the moonlight caressing each others hands with such a peaceful grace Gently she leans now her head on his chest feeling his heartbeat sh

Ayria - All that glitters lyrics

nothing to say to you Got nothing to prove Teen angst, it fades away But all you assholes never change There's nothing left to say Nothing left to do Been knocked out so many times I'm scarred and broke and scabbed and bruised But I'm still standing And that will never chan

Bolt Thrower - All that remains lyrics

that remains Of your dying world Lies crumbling, twisted ruins From the ashes - none will return Die Shattered dreams forgotten Body writhes in agony Death bringing release now From futile destiny Through wreckage still burning You look for s

Michael Bolton - All that you deserve lyrics

s something different about you And as I look in your eyes It says true love has finally found you And given you back your smile I'm sorry I couldn't love you The way I always meant to Now there's someone else to play that part I hope he comforts the child in your heart I ho

Boyzone - All that i need lyrics

was lost and alone Trying to grow, making my way down that long winding road Had no reason, no rhyme Like a song out of time And there you were, standing in front of my eyes How could I be such a fool To let go of love and break all the rules Girl when you wal

Caleb Shomo - All that i'm about - caleb shomo ft. craig ma.. lyrics

feed me lies, when what I hunger for is truth I can see it in you, that you really know how to consume my heart, my heart You be my anchor, I’ll be your knight in shining armor I feel like I´ve been at this, for so long Why do you dwell in silence? Did I do something

Glen Campbell - That's all that matters lyrics

know I'm not your first love they're just a past memory I'm the one who's got you now and that's all that matters to me I know other arms have held you but I'm not jealous of these Mine are the arms that hold you now and that's all that matters to me I ca

Matt Cardle - All that matters lyrics

you leave my life Drop my hand I will understand, I’m a breaking man Won’t you read my mind Hear my plans, Then you’d understand, you’d understand But I don’t need to tell you ‘Cos you already know I can be a selfish soul But I just pray someday you find Everything you

Carolina Liar - All that comes out of my mouth lyrics

thought I had a backbone Never really needed anyone From the cradle to the grave Thought I knew how to behave Thought I lived and learned Shoot But you've got me talking backwards Some of the dumbest shit I've ever heard Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in Breathe in,

Carolina Liar - All that shit is gone lyrics

never got it right, That's how this breaks down. I never see things through, I always carry the weight for you, for you. And now I hesitate, With every step I take I fear my back might break If I don't leave today. Always trying to please

Tracy Chapman - All that you have is your soul lyrics

my mama told me 'Cause she say she learned the hard way Say she wanna spare the children She say don't give or sell your soul away 'Cause all that you have is your soul Don't be tempted by the shiny apple Don't you eat of a bitter fruit Hunger only

Charice - All that i need to survive lyrics

look out my window And wonder where you are (where you are) And if you are safe out there Somewhere in the dark (in the dark) Time has no meaning To this broken heart that's mine I see your face Where ever I go I hear your voice I want you to know

Chimaira - All that's left is blood lyrics

a look to the sky emptiness surrounds us Feel so meaninglessness Murder, anarchy a state of distress So cynical and halfhearted Becoming the shameless no association The signal disconnects who cares what has been said The tide turned to red All that is left

The Cinematic Orchestra - All that you give lyrics

that you are All that you are All that you have All that you give Mmmm You hear me ravin' You hear me ravin' Ravin', ravin' You see me cryin' I'm grieving from my hat down to my shoes Mmmm-hmm All that you are All that you are All that you have Al

Circle Ii Circle - All that remains lyrics

I can see I need more than time Time to understand this life All that remains are the things that never changed You need more than I could provide More than what you feel inside You know the pain so familiar Who's to gain? It's a one-way situation Runnin

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - All that's mine lyrics

know it's hard to reach you I know it's hard to breathe I know it's hard to be you sometimes I can't imagine what that means This must be someone else's story I can't follow what you've planned How could this be about me I might suppose to understand Like a sh

Disfiguring The Goddess - All that is flesh lyrics

are quite. Towns filled with innocence. Sun dies behind the mountain. The deep ones from the corners of the room expand their arms, dangled and frail. The voice cryptic with three times the tone of a human. Fear injects the mind. All that is fresh. All that is flesh. Rows o

Dj Fresh - All that jazz (ft. mc darrison) lyrics

bass rythym breaks guitar strum record spun [hats(?)] que pasa me casa su casa now tell me what im after You'll not find a style like this, when i was a youth i listened t'Miles Davies, Lost In Space like Neil Armstrong, I used to hum melodies from L

Dyslesia - All that will be lyrics

failed many times Hurt deep inside All let you down You don't know how You're trapped in the webs Of spellbinding shades When all let you down You don't know how (Chorus) Come what may But don't think there's no price to pay (2nd Chorus) All that w

Eddy Arnold - All that keeps ya goin' lyrics

the princess and the peasants each look back at you the same When the friend that you had known before can't quite recall your name When each morning there's a cloudy sky to keep the sun from showing Then you know you are your own sometimes that's al

Eddy Arnold - That's all that's left of my baby lyrics

faint sweet smell of her perfume a powder box that plays a tune Lacy objects around the room that's all that's left of my baby The record that she loved to play some clothes she hadn't put away Some bills of hers I'll have to pay that's all that's le

Edyta Bartosiewicz - All that lost time lyrics

big territories Some mysterious lands Oh I can hear they are calling Calling my name I've been here long long time Oh long enough Now I feel I should hurry I'm taking off I don't wanna turn The whole world upside down I'm only trying to find my own way I do

Estelle - All that matters lyrics

I could pick, a single moment To tell you how I felt right into the blue Then I would tell, the time my heart felt And I would probably say that it was a quarter to two The time was nice, but it was far spent You sent me flying then we both agree that time became t

Goo Goo Dolls - All that you are lyrics

I feel, All the faint morning light, Filled with hope 'cause you're here in my life, And we've gone, From the edge of our souls, Made it back to a place we call home You, see me through, I was alone in the dark and the fear was my truth Yeah, all the th

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