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2pac Greatest Songs lyrics

Browse for 2pac Greatest Songs song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed 2pac Greatest Songs lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to 2pac Greatest Songs.

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2pac lyrics2pac - 2pac - smoke weed all day lyrics

Richie Rich] Pac [Tupac] Hey [Richie Rich] What´s happenin´ [Tupac] Not MuthaF***in double R... Richie Rich [Richie Rich] What´s happenin´ baby, you know how we do it [Tupac] Yeah nigga, you know I´m up out dis bitch... It´s time for me t

American&german Rap - 2pac-california love lyrics

love! [1]-California...knows how to party California...knows how to party In the citaaay of L.A. In the citaaay of good ol´ Watts In the citaaay, the city of Compton We keep it rockin! We keep it rockin! [Verse One: Dr. Dre] Now let m

Kate Walsh - Greatest love lyrics

just don't know where the time goes sitting there in your chair with the lamp on walking late just to stay right on top of the landslide you like to hide behind waiting for peace of mind and I just don't know where the time goes sitting here my career mo

More Music From 8 Mile - 2pac - gotta get mine lyrics

gotta get mine,you gotta get yours I gotta get mine,you gotta get yours I gotta get mine,you gotta get yours get yours [mc breed] smooth as a wanna be,for quickly you a gonna be {o thats the way it is} f*** yea and thats the way its gonna be why,puf

American&german Rap - 2pac-ghetto gospel lyrics

Hate em with a little ghetto gospel Those who wish to follow me (my ghetto gospel) I welcome with my hands And the red sun sinks at last Into the hills of gold And peace to this young warrior Without the sound of guns If I could recollect before my hood days I si

2pac lyrics2pac - 2pac ft. akon -ghetto gospel ( dj one remix) lyrics

Hit them with a lil' ghetto gospel Yeah! Ma Ghetto Gospel! Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto we livin [verse one] 2-Pac If I could recelect before my hood dayz I'd sit and reminisce, nigga and bliss on the good dayz i stop and stare at the younger, my heart goes to'em

2pac lyrics2pac - 2pac feat eminem & game & dmx - unstoppable lyrics

........ .......... ......... ........... ............ ...... ........ ....... ....... ....... ........ .......... ...........

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Songs on 12 play feat. trey songz lyrics

Verse 1: Chris Brown] You're a goddess in the bedroom Devil in them skintights Drug that, I'm hooked to But it's ok, I'll be alright Tried my best to please you Show you what it means to Be a victim of love So turn on that red light, Oh Turn

Beverley Knight - Greatest day lyrics

Ooh) mmm... the greatest day, yeah Gonna tell you (ah ooh oooh) Ooh yeah Feelin' good now It's a good thing the air feels cool today And it's better that God don't send the rain And it's best if heaven holds back the clouds 'Cos inside of me there's fire untamed See

Gladys Knight - Greatest love of all lyrics

Chorus:] I made it through the hardest times, And I've done had some sleepless nights, And when I thought I'd just give up, I could turn to you 'cause your the greatest love of all There's no doubt It feels so good I wanna shout, Cause I know you'll be right

Eminem lyricsEminem - Greatest lyrics

Intro] Motherf***ers talkin' crazy (yeah), sayin' I should quit (yeah) I f***in' tell them make me (bitch), eat a f***in' dick (yeah) I'm feelin' like the greatest (woo), wanna be whoever did it Mike Will the one who made it, it's Shady on the lyrics [Verse 1] I'm som

Nat & Alex Wolff - Greatest prize lyrics

ll intend the August sun, the light shines on your eyes, and I have won, I have won. In a day of sadness, when my self esteem is lowest, there you are, I have won. I have won the greatest prize just to look into your eyes. Never look away, I'll never leave this place. I

Snow - Greatest time of year lyrics

s the greatest time of year, and it's here help me celebrate it with everybody here, friends so dear let me simply state it it's our favourite way to spend the holiday yeah there's a special kind of feeling in the air it only happens at this time of year when ever

Nicole Scherzinger - Greatest love of all feat. jahméne douglas lyrics

Jahmene Douglas:] I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be [Nicole Scherzinger:] Everybo

Aly And Aj - Greatest time of year lyrics

s a special kind of feeling in the air It only happens at this time of year When everyone is filled with love and cheer 'Cause that's what matters Pretty paper boxes tied with bows Walking in the sun or in the snow We can feel the excitement

Ledapple - Greatest world (edition a, b, regular) lyrics

no nai ikidomari nante nai Ima ha saki mienai dake Tomawarishiteru you demo Itsu no hi ka michi ha tsunagaru Shinjite minai ka? Greatest World is Here Fuan ni naru no ha Greatest World is You Shizen na koto sa Kimi-rashii pe-su de Are You Ready? Oh…we Know!! Oh… Bokura no a

Megan And Liz - Greatest time of year lyrics

s a special kind of feeling in the air it only happens at this time of year when everyone is filled with love and cheer cause that's what matters Pretty paper boxes tied of bows walking in the sun or in the snow we can feel the excitement growing, snowing

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Greatest lyrics

don't know why you' hurt, inside Or what was said to make, you, cry I hope that you can see you are the greatest thing to me And when, you' feeling like you're not enough I'll give you wings, I'll lift you up I hope that you can see you are the greatest, greatest t

Ben Haenow - Greatest mistake lyrics

s 4 o'clock in the morning, you just got home Tell me baby, where'd you go You always said that I could do what I want But all I want to do was just hold you, oh oh I just want to love you, oh oh Yeah, like I'm supposed to, oh oh Oh But all my friends

4him - Greatest story ever told lyrics

I was a child I heard a great story Of kingdoms and empires And prophets of old Of heroes and martyrs Who died for their cause And through every chapter The story was told Of redemption and love Sometimes written in red Headed right to the heart Of every woman and man CHORUS And

Lutricia Mcneal - Greatest love you will ever know lyrics

m living for a fantasy Something that could never be Coz all the love you had To give was never Never meant for me I see the way you look at her She's everything your living for And love is such a miracle When it comes knocking at your door But I

Annie - Greatest hit lyrics

s been a long time Since I last saw your face I know you still want me Can't seem to fight The way that I feel You're my greatest hit We dance and groove in the disco lights I want you alone with me tonight Can I hold you, make you feel all right? Really

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Greatest show on earth lyrics

is like a circus and a carnival is beautiful to see Love can turn your mind around like ferris wheels and spinning carosels You'll be a part of the world of make believe Flying high like a man on a trapeze Oh, everyday is a holiday Get your tickets right away

Mystery Jets - Greatest hits lyrics

can take 'The Lexicon of Love' away but I'm keeping Remain in Light' You can take away 'It's a Shame About Ray' but I'm holding on to 'Country Life' (Ohhh) You can keep 'No Need to Argue' and I'll keep 'The Aeroplane Over the Sea' But hold on to 'Th

Jace Everett - Greatest story never told lyrics

guess I never told you At least you never heard Or maybe my heart just got lost And couldn't find the words It seems like time's a bandit It's stolen my last chance We both heard the music But didn't dare to dance And now I see what was meant to be It sli

Zara Larsson - Greatest love of all lyrics

believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be Everybody's searching for a hero People need someon

Lanco - Greatest love story lyrics

said I was nothing but a troublemaker never up to no good You were the perfect all American girl wouldn't touch me even if you could But you was sneaking out your window everynight riding shotgun in my car We go to the river and find us a spot and we probably went a

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - Greatest love of all lyrics

believe that children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be Everybody searching for a hero People need

Take That lyricsTake That - Greatest day lyrics

this could be the greatest day of our lives Before it all ends, Before we run out of time Stay close to me Stay close to me Watch the world come alive tonight Stay close to me Tonight this could be the greatest night of our lives Let's make a new start The futur

Kat-tun - Greatest journey lyrics

CRIED... Dareka ga yobu hōgaku (hō) e ONE NIGHT tabidatsu riyū (wake) ga aru LET ME KNOW → RADIO KNOWS → READY GO, YOU! Feibarittonanbā tsumekonde SET OUT Shūmatsu machiwabi tobinoru SUNRISE yukusaki kimezu ni ryūri (sa sura) u DREAMER UNKNOWN na puran dak

Kaledon - Greatest heart lyrics

are my choice, you are the man who'll guide the reign. They need a new God... you will be the new God on earth. My heart, the greatest heart. My soul, now in a man. Your loyalty and your wisdom for the reign. Your sword will kill the enemy of Kaledon. M

Mindless Self Indulgence - Greatest love of all lyrics

believe the children are our are future Teach them well and make them see the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be Chorus: I decided

Oliver James - Greatest story ever told lyrics

you for this moment I've gotta say how beautiful you are Of all the hopes and dreams I could have prayed for Here you are If I could have one dance forever I would take you by the hand Tonight it's you and I together I'm so glad I'm your man And if I lived a thous

Tina Arena - Greatest gift lyrics

awake to my beating heart You save my soul from falling apart Say goodbye I'm leaving the race How I long for your embrace How long did it take me to find? So close I won't be left behind I believe and to you I confess I gave up on me But you showed me happiness Your love is

Bowling For Soup - Greatest day lyrics

1: I've got the keys to the car I'm goin out on an afternoon vacation They all know where I'm gonna go BRIDGE: The sun is shining down and There is no one else around now Wish you were here to hear me say This is gonna be my greatest day CHORUS: How fa

Luke Sital-singh - Greatest lovers lyrics

can feel on my skin all the hours we put in Since my mind met your mind I can see up ahead there’s the mountain where you’ll say you are mine you are mine You feel the flames getting close your face And i’m scared of the deepest night These win

Jackson Wanda - Greatest actor lyrics

m always right at inside when the circus comes to town And I'm always front row sitter when the playhouse lights go down And I see some fine performers get the most from every line But honey you're the greatest actor of our time Why I believe you cared for me that'

Outkast - Greatest show on earth lyrics

ya'll feelin' tonight? I don't give a damn [Verse 1] Mama i'm leavin' way from home to join the circus And papa i go into that place where them clowns get down (get down) Sister i know that there are lions tigers and bears I'll be safe and sure to call

Thomas Anders - Songs that live forever lyrics

the songs that live-on forever The melodies don't stop haunting you Turn up the volume Just a little bit more The music sounds familiar I've heard it all before Yesterday's music still makes my heart swing I can help myself ,but start to sin

Beyond The Black - Songs of love and death lyrics

and join my voice in songs of love and death Come and feel me, steal me, save me from myself All my longing, wandering heart is yours to have Come and join my voice in songs of love and death Tonight we’ll start off our story told From this day on we’

B. J. Thomas - Songs lyrics

I don't understand them Never can and never could The more I get to know them The less I think I should They don't mean the things they say Or say the things they mean You got to try and find the message Somewhere in between But songs are such good things They never c

Maze - Songs of love lyrics

should be singing We should be singing our Songs of love We should be singing our Songs of love Better learn to live together That's the only way it should be We can't make it without eachother That's the cold reality Better stop acting like we're crazy Heaven knows w

Deathstars - Greatest fight on earth lyrics

all their fears, collect all their minds We'll be the snakes wherever they'll play And we'll be the demons whenever they'll pray ...It' will be greatest fight on earth Snatch the wings of a fly Spit on them and nail them to my spine Say "Little insect now fly away&

H2o - Songs remain lyrics

those 5 years are gone now, So I've got a plan that's new. I'm seeing the future. But I can't forget my roots Cause it's still not a concept, Someone made up on tv. It's still something real, Way down deep inside of you and me. All the bands we loved

In Flames - Greatest greed lyrics

sold you once (once!) I sold you twice (twice!) I sold you a third time, and still you're backing out I hit you once, I hit you twice You start to scream and still it doesn't count So here we are What's left of us will come to an end So here we are My head's

Gary Allan - Songs about rain lyrics

this town has closed down way too early, And there's nothing to do, So I'm driving around in circles, And I'm thinking about you, Today I heard you got a new last name, Sure didn't know it was gonna hit me this way, And the radio just keeps on playing all these songs about rain Now there'

Annie - Songs remind me of you lyrics

upon a time there was a girl Who met a boy that said he'd change the world Promises he only made for me Vanished into what it could have been Music so good... Music so clear... Music so good... Music so clear... Every song I hear reminds me of

Cold In May - Songs of innocence lyrics

me silence as a gift when the ghosts will play with me the game is beautiful and sweet echoes of the empty streets And i'm so anxious to find the questions thrilling on and on in me and i'm so anxious so lost in senses to find the truth that bothers me Please just leave the

Neon Trees - Songs i can't listen to lyrics

s a song that I love That you once played for me It had all the right chords And a sweet melody It was back when we started When there was mystery Now they've all been erased On my music machine And it's all because of you I've got a list of songs I can't li

Frank Ocean - Songs for women lyrics

i was younger i used to wonder like if i was singing songs just to sing the songs or if was singing cause that's what the bitches wanted i couldn't play guitar like van halen had no secret chords like saint david but you still came around ate your lunch wi

Jeffrey Osborne - Greatest love affair lyrics

ve seen the brokenhearted New loves started and then fade away Where love ran out of energy Somewhere along the way Oh but lady the lessons we have learned Have helped us make it The mountains we have climbed Are far behind [Chorus:] It's been a life Long love song

Smile Empty Soul - Greatest hits and medleys lyrics

m feeling the heart that beats around me The kindling flame to light the way Through the dark I try to avoid the signs, they found me And numbing the pain just doesn't work anymore... Could you break the chains and finally make it possible For the rain to wash away ano

The Adicts - Songs of praise lyrics

to me And I'll whistle along Because I haven't learnt the language And I might get it wrong O o o o songs of praise O o o o songs of praise On Your face Is a profile of you I can see you know The right things to do O o o o songs of praise O o o o songs of praise O o

The Divine Comedy - Songs of love lyrics

pubescent beasts Roam through the streets And coffee-shops Their prey gather in herds Of stiff knee-length skirts And white ankle-socks But while they search for a mate My type hibernate In bedrooms above Composing their songs of love Youn

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Songs of freedom lyrics

tells me, we love your songs Your soul is precious, but it just ain't good enough You need a single to help you through Program directors, they all make the rules I said, you're kidding, you're putting me on What about the Constitution, freedom of expression Listen to the m

Joan Armatrading - Songs lyrics

I'm feeling down If I'm ever low I just think of you And the songs Filled with lots of meaning With everything I need Spiritually healing Words that comfort You told me that you cared You'd be there for me Whenever I need When you're far away a

Gaither Vocal Band - Songs that answer questions lyrics

I don't wanna spend my time a-writing songs that answer questions That nobody's even asking anyhow When the house is burning to the ground There's just no time to stand around Arranging all the pictures on the wall I wanna spend my life a-giving folks the living water And the bread of

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - Songs that make a difference lyrics

Babe, do you remember Back in nineteen sixty-nine? We gathered round the room You sang yours and I sang mine We took turns with the guitar In the front and center seat Shel and Kris and Dylan And a couple off the street Joni Mitchell cried on, &qu

Kira Isabella - Songs about you lyrics

sleepless night, with the radio Alone here in the dark, just trying to let you go But every song I hear, just makes it worse It's time to shut it down and turn off all this hurt I'm done sitting here wasting my breath I'm done beating this thing to death It don't change nothi

All Shall Perish - Songs for the damned lyrics

call me the living dead These songs fuel my lust for her flesh Just hymns for a heart that's a bloody mess I guess we lived like the dead Did we stay young 'til we died? Are just clarified and classified? I still see the summer sky... Has stripped, raped and str

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