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2pac Grab My Stab lyrics

Browse for 2pac Grab My Stab song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed 2pac Grab My Stab lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to 2pac Grab My Stab.

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Jessie James - My cowboy lyrics

re gonna have to meet my mama gonna learn to say, yes ma'am gotta learn to call me han If you wanna be my cowboy gotta treat me llike a lady get the door and hold my hand better tell me that im pretty If you wanna be my cowboy i aint got no time for players aint no on

Twenty One Pilots lyricsTwenty One Pilots - My blood lyrics

everyone you thought you knew Deserts your fight, I'll go with you You're facin' down a dark hall I'll grab my light and go with you I'll go with you, I'll go with you I'll go with you, I'll go with you I'll go with you, I'll go with you I'll go with you Surrou

Kris Allen - My weakness lyrics

of lovebirds kissing on the corner Couldn't help but remind me of you Halfway through dialing your number You know it’s true, I wanted to Took a stroll down sunset boulevard Heard an old man singing the blues Halfway through writing you a love

Redman - My zone lyrics

its on! Crackers, crackers Niggaz, Niggaz (This is a test of the emergency smokecast system) Crackers, crackers Niggaz, niggaz F***ers, f***ers (This is a test, This-this is a test of the emergency smokecast system) Crackers, crackers Niggaz, niggaz [Redman] Yo yo yo

Juliet Simms - My last whiskey tears lyrics

out the bottle Watch it circle the drain My head is hanging Tired of waking up feeling this way I wonder if this song remembers my name In a long time coming But never far away Packed up my suitcase and I grab my guitar Bought a one-way ticket Gonna fly Gonna light up the star

2pac lyrics2pac - 2pac - smoke weed all day lyrics

Richie Rich] Pac [Tupac] Hey [Richie Rich] What´s happenin´ [Tupac] Not MuthaF***in double R... Richie Rich [Richie Rich] What´s happenin´ baby, you know how we do it [Tupac] Yeah nigga, you know I´m up out dis bitch... It´s time for me to uhhh regulate [Richie

2pac lyrics2pac - Soon as i get home lyrics

As I Get Home, Soon As I Get Home Dear baby its me again, stuck inside this packed pen trying to pay my debt for all my sins See this penitentiary time be so heavy on my mind at times its like I'm living just to die I'm living in hell, stuck in my jail cell, st

American&german Rap - 2pac-california love lyrics

love! [1]-California...knows how to party California...knows how to party In the citaaay of L.A. In the citaaay of good ol´ Watts In the citaaay, the city of Compton We keep it rockin! We keep it rockin! [Verse One: Dr. Dre] Now let me welcome e

The Damned - Stab yor back lyrics

yor back Stab yor back Stab yor back Stab yor back Stab yor back Stab yor back Stab yor back Stab yor back Well you used to hang around on the rails yeah You know that was your patch But there's a brand new kid in town Never gonna let you gonna live it down He's gonn

Bratmobile - Stab lyrics

want to shut me out You got to shut me up You want to shut me in You shut me in! You want to stab me And f*** the wounds Stab me And f*** the wounds You want to stab me And f*** the wounds You want to shut me out You try to shut me out You always cut me off You shut me off!

Cakehole - Stab you lyrics

will stab you here Dont ask me why I will stab you with Stab you with my wife(x3) Stab you(x4) You're staring at me You're trying to speak But i can't understand you So what do you see I'm trying to keep Myself from wanting to stab you Stab you I wish bad things upon m

More Music From 8 Mile - 2pac - gotta get mine lyrics

gotta get mine,you gotta get yours I gotta get mine,you gotta get yours I gotta get mine,you gotta get yours get yours [mc breed] smooth as a wanna be,for quickly you a gonna be {o thats the way it is} f*** yea and thats the way its gonna be why,puffin on a dank and

Dark Fortress - Stab wounds lyrics

the pain I felt in "life" Shall now be yours until your soul is torn apart All the despair I had to bear Shall now melt within your mendacious heart With my final breath I curse your feeble flesh To "life" eternal in

2pac lyrics2pac - Under pressure lyrics

Tupac) Under Pressure Yeah, Babyyy When tha pressures on... Thug Life when it's on it's on (Tupac) One of these days i'll learn don't f*** with trick ass niggas cause they turn into bitch ass niggas i'm sick of bein stuck in tha county jail my niggas clown brin

2pac lyrics2pac - 2pac feat eminem & game & dmx - unstoppable lyrics

........ .......... ......... ........... ............ ...... ........ ....... ....... ....... ........ .......... ...........

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - For all my niggaz and bitches lyrics

Verse One: Kurupt] Well it's that slow flow, D-O-double-G, nigga See these other fools but you can't see me, nigga Who am I? (It's Kurupt motherf***er) Do or die (We gives a f*** motherf***er) So slow your roll, I'm In Control like Janet The loc-est twenty-one year o

A Wilhelm Scream - Stab stab stab lyrics

I can then I will twist this knife until it snaps at the hilt to make you feel this damage done is real. When will I recover from a wound that never heals? The answer's always never. Forget November and suffer with a smile. Blood soaked t-shirt worn only o

American&german Rap - 2pac-ghetto gospel lyrics

Hate em with a little ghetto gospel Those who wish to follow me (my ghetto gospel) I welcome with my hands And the red sun sinks at last Into the hills of gold And peace to this young warrior Without the sound of guns If I could recollect before my hood d

2pac lyrics2pac - 2pac ft. akon -ghetto gospel ( dj one remix) lyrics

Hit them with a lil' ghetto gospel Yeah! Ma Ghetto Gospel! Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto we livin [verse one] 2-Pac If I could recelect before my hood dayz I'd sit and reminisce, nigga and bliss on the good dayz i stop and stare at the y

2pac lyrics2pac - My block lyrics

2Pac] Damn, take a ride, to my block My block, that's right! Heh F'real on my motherf***ing block [Verse One] They got a nigga Shedding tears, reminiscing on my past fears Cause shit was hectic for me last year It appears that I've been mar

Six Feet Under - Stab lyrics

this night an empty street I hunt you like you're dead already stripped Of skin and innards..the carnage will begin I've got a knife I want to stab right Through your face I cut your neck in half And take out each eye from your head With a screwdriver breaking through th

Phora - My story lyrics

This is for anyone who's ever had a broken dream or a f***ed up childhood. Never lose hope. See I was raised by a single mother, no father figure, no sister, never had a brother. Never had another man teach me how to be one. Yeah, momma h

Disclosure - Grab her lyrics

Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab her Yea Grab

2pac lyrics2pac - F***in wit the wrong nigga lyrics

. f***ing with the wrong nigga.. [2Pac] My seductive introduction be specific, still elusive but exclusive's what I give you when I kick it, and I'm still lifted Niggas can't get with Mr. Wicked Picture me flipping my adversaries, gettin the dick swiftly Niggas are sw

Asphyx - My beloved enemy lyrics

have to get out of this godforsaken dream and it's time to see my beloved enemy your loved ones are the ones that stab you in the back among the family is the judas betrayal and apostasy are the things that come your way when greed overrules the blood

Doro Pesch - Grab the bull (last man standing) lyrics

s a fire in the sky A minute too late There's tragedy and cry And a lot of hate There's a fire in the night No you cannot wait Get it on or say goodbye There's a lot at stake There's so much desperation And only complication We need someone Who will know the truth

Chevelle - Grab thy hand lyrics

Thy hand and WALK Through, Through, Through, Through. Bring me Your time, How I long for release, Shown presently, Reveals a man, To repeat. God, How I long, How I long, To grab Thy hand and.. WALK! May I, Come in, Grab hold, Just this on

Davey Suicide - Grab a gun & hide your morals lyrics

hit the ground and our blood starts pumping Stand up to fight and our heartbeats jumping They love to hate the things they cannot understand They'll burn the flag before shaking the devils hand GRAB A GUN AND HIDE OUR MORALS GRAB A GUN AND KILL EVERYON

Lil Uzi Vert lyricsLil Uzi Vert - Grab the wheel lyrics

was broke I was just at home Now I'm on the road Talking to Usher at the grove Rocking Balmain, these ain't Joe When I'm in DC they call me Moe Always got the pedal to the floor I got everything up in the store That's just coke up in her nose, that ain't no booger Looking at

Chthonic - Grab the soul to hell lyrics

who lived, went back running Her light steps approached the door ChouTfs house stands before her Long has she waited for this Harried steeds Their owners stumbled To report that her malevolence Too strong to conquer Guan De Gun was summoned

Golden Earring - Grab it for a secons lyrics

were rolling through the room I could feel her heart boom Beating next to mine We were just eighteen I was real hard and mean But I had a soft spot for her eyes Another memory, that's all you get to keep Another memory, that's all you get to keep I want to grab it

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - Grab a hold lyrics

to make a confession Going to hope that you listen I'm not a story you've read about I'm just what i am And when you open your eyes up In the morning you rise up Wash yesterday form your face And make a new plan Oh it's my fascination with the anticipation If you want to gr

Mindless Self Indulgence - Grab the mic lyrics

it's a very little penis and i'm very happy to say it's a little penis come to visit you today) I was so small and you tried to take it Yes I was so... small and you tried to take it na na na I was so small and you tried to take it - to take it but now - I grab the mic and then

Mortician - Stab lyrics

of terror Brutal Murder Psycho killers Endless Slaughter Eviscerated Throats will be slit Cut, chopped and hacked Stabbed in the back Calls of terror Game of horror F*** up, you die Gutted alive Savage killing Mutilating Carving the flesh Blood

Vybz Kartel - Grab up yuh crotches lyrics

Intro:] Russian! Tell di girls and boys to touch hand Everyman whine pan a gyal Dis is not a love song Dis is a f*** song Yuh ready baby, [Chorus:] Gyal come bruk off mi cocky honey Me a pree yuh fat punany Gyal come dash out di p**** pan me Feel up yuh two breast dem like y

Dinosaur Jr. - Grab it lyrics

me off your back I found it's so futile to attack So what else you got You won't tell the truth until you're caught I'll be in your room You'll be comin' soon I'll be gone all day Grab it, that's your way I wish I could pretend But you'll fire one off at me a

Busy Signal - My world lyrics

paradise, it nuh nice, watch'it (watch'it) [Verse 1:] This is gangstas paradise, yeah! life is Not a game of checkers or a dice Gangstas paradise, yeah(garrison and gun come) Welcome to my world, weed, guns and girls Grab a, couple babba, welcome to

No Min Woo - My perfect romance lyrics

you was a miracle Every day you make me smile I look at you but your shy eyes keep wandering off Let’s just meet up, tonight How about you and me catch a ride! We’ll go and hit my pad! I’ll show you who I am and we will dance the night away Just two of us grab a bite

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - My life is a party (feat. circa 87) lyrics

Intro/Skit] *Soda can opening* *Gulping* Alright [Hook: G-Eazy & Dao Jones] Grab the iPhone and hit up fam Come through with a gram of that Oaksterdam I only wanna get twisted everydays Christmas On Dasher on Blitzen Fresh kicks, fresh

Save The Cookie - My music lyrics

t somebody come and move with this Sway your hips and move your arms like this Won't somebody come and move with this everybody grab a body come and grove with this I go back, back in time, in my mind to my earlies memory when I'd be singin' songs, all day long, lon

The Game - My life (remix) lyrics

Chorus: Lil Wayne] And I'm grindin' til I'm tired They say "You ain't grindin' til you tired" So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide Looking to find a way Through the day A life For the night Dear Lord You've done took so many of my people but I'm

2pac lyrics2pac - My closest roaddogz lyrics

and my closest Road Dawg nigga (To my dog big Mussolini) Big Syke (Westside) Thug Life baby (Outlaw) The return of the mashes You know how we do it [Verse 1 ] Hahaha Shit, half the times we ball cause trouble My closest road dawg It was coo

T.i. lyricsT.i. - My life your entertainment(feat usher) lyrics

T.I. Talking] Hey, hey Hey what's happenin' e'erybody I hope they get my good side You know I gotta look good when I walk out the house You know I know the camera's following I know they taking pictures, right Drama Ay man, you watch it I live it, you dig that

Ceej - Across my heart lyrics

back well baby I am too Praying that you're braver than me Heavy feet and hesitance On a chase to catch my breath You're like summer rain in the morning So rare that I can't ignore it Starting is the hardest part Hopin I can keep you warm Oh I wish th

Notorious B.i.g. - Me & my bitch lyrics

feat. Puff Daddy) [Puff Daddy] Yo let, let, let me ask you a question yo Yo would you kill for me? [Girl] Hmmm... yeah [Puff Daddy] What took you so long to answer motherf***er? [Girl] I don't know [Puff Daddy] The f*** wrong with you bitch? [Verse One: Notorio

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - My toy soldier lyrics

ready? OK let me wind you up Do it exactly the way i say do it man, these niggas are p****, you heard me? Get up nice and close (yeah!) I put that battery in his back I'm the reason why he move like that That's my mu'f***in toy Soldier I tell him pop that gat

Roger Daltrey - My time is gonna come lyrics

up your bullets Shot me through the head Gasp from where your standing You might think I'm dead When I hit the ground Look at me bleed Old man your sympathy is something I don't need My time is gonna come (Yea) My time is gonna come (Yea) I walk from the shadows, and I walk i

Blinded Colony - My halo lyrics

very day you`ll take a last breathe and leave me I`ve scrubbed myself `til bleed I cannot make the tiniest mistake, `cos you`ll stab me You turn lambs to murderers What? Who shut the light? My halo used to shine all bright! But now... I`ve dug out myself in search of worms way de

Candlemass - My funeral dreams lyrics

is a light, a flickering light The eye in the sky is now approaching I fall into, the well of taboo In the maelstrom of morte I am floating I'm going down, deeper and down The door to the other world is open High court of the witch lord I got t

Dying Passion - My best friend lyrics

am myself the best friend of mine I am all to me, no talking back Having tripped myself up I tend to get self-obsessed Me myself, the best friend of mine That´s what I am, the good and bad Who am I and what? A confessor and jester too Keep smil

Griffsnuff - My little johnston lyrics

little Johnston, My little Johnston Oh-oh, my little Johnston! I am an epic unicorn, Little Johnston 'cause I have a horn in my face And I can stab you and you And you and you And the muffin too Ye-ye-yeah I'm Jonhston! Johnston the unicorn Well, I'm not so tiny anymore..

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - My baby lyrics

see I go by the name of Kan the Louis Vuitton Don I'm with my home girl Who need to hook me up with some of her home girls Yeah, Janet Jackson We back, baby Don't matter what they say baby They just don't know my baby And how I feel about you 'Cause you're so ooh So many sai

Mr. Bungle - My ass is on fire lyrics

Boomerang I'll stab you Clumps of hair In the sink Who's hiding Things from me? You knew all along, goddammit But you wouldn't tell me Well, look at you now It's not funny, my ass is on fire Paraplegic, inhuman liar Carve a smile On your face Everything's gre

Nico - My heart is empty lyrics

quot;My heart is empty But the songs I sing Are filled with love for you" A man said that to me That's how I know Sometimes love it does not show Sometimes it does not even know There is no witness to my anger When it stabs until h

The Audition - My temperature's rising lyrics

I feel my temperature risin' For you From ninety-eight to a thousand And two I feel my temperature No need for doctors I know you've got what it takes love ...

B.o.b. - Don't break my heart lyrics

this Tasha you reached me at the right number but at the wrong time you know what to do And so I'm thinking to myself girl I need you Their ain't a price that you could pay to make me leave you. I'll get you anything and everything to please you I'm standing

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Oh my lord lyrics

thought I'd take a walk today It's a mistake I sometimes make My children lay asleep in bed My wife lay wide-awake I kissed her softly on the brow I tried not to make a sound But with stony eyes she looked at me And gently squeezed my hand Call it a prem

Collective Soul - My days lyrics

your sticks, got your stones Got your ways, your means, your wants Your needs, yeah, you is all you know Who can learn what's wrong? Who can learn what's right by your ways? See, I can say I've loved I can say I've tried in my days Got you

Lil Cuete - My definition of a rider lyrics

s right ese, guess who's back, Tryin ride on these fools, Mr.Criminal, Along with the homie along little cuete, that's right, [Chorus:] My definition of a rida, Were the motherf***as that squize the blast, Quick to match, No questions ask, Get the ca

John Hiatt - My old friend lyrics

thought we were gonna make that bridge, what did I know Me and my expectations was always high "Like a Rolling Stone" is playing on the radio It made you cry But we got by [Chorus:] My old friend You make me feel young again My old friend You'r

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