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2 8 Ball And A Bottle Of Jack lyrics

Browse for 2 8 Ball And A Bottle Of Jack song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed 2 8 Ball And A Bottle Of Jack lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to 2 8 Ball And A Bottle Of Jack.

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Mikey Wax - Bottle of jack lyrics

s like a fire burning up the debris ... oh I need to loosen up my collar to breathe And there's no ... let in the breeze but she can give me all the air that I

Ted Nugent - Good friends and a bottle of wine lyrics

Yes I've been down that road before Maybe it's just ... But there's one thing that I know for sure I gotta to ... have me some Good friends and a bottle of wine Good

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Yea heavy and a bottle of bread lyrics

the comic book and me, just us, we caught the ... bus The poor litlle chauffeur, though, she was back ... in bed On the very next day with a nose full of pus Yea

Live - Ball and chain lyrics

the lights You and I On the boat Hypnotized I ... look at you You say to me "I'm the lock, ... re the key." Oh, it's all the same Just play the game Carry the weight Of this ball and chain Save the lies

Pantera - Good friends and a bottle of pills lyrics

f***ed your girlfriend last night. While you snored and drooled,I f***ed your love. ... She called me daddy and I call her baby when I smacked her ... ass. I called her sugar when I ate her alive 'till daylight. And I slept with her

Social Distortion - Ball and chain lyrics

it's been ten years and a thousand tears And look at ... the mess I'm in A broken nose and a broken heart, An empty bottle of gin ... Well I sit and I pray In my broken down Chevrolet

Joseph Arthur - Bottle of you lyrics

squeeze the last bit of you Out of a bottle of your ... old shampoo It smells just like you ... Now I do too Rinse out my hair and wipe my eyes As your ... soap rolls in between my toes

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Bottle of red wine lyrics

up; get your man a bottle of red wine. Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine. I can ... t get up out of bed With this crazy feeling ... in my head. Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine. Get up; get

Georgia Satellites - Bottle od tears lyrics

had an ocean of promises that never came true I had a ... mountain of hope baby sailed right off into the blue ... thought I had everything I want but then the truth comes

Beck - Bottle of wine lyrics

of wine, bottle of wine Where did'ja go and ... lose my mind? I spent my change, I fell out of line Down ... in the bottom of a bottle of wine I mowed the carpet, I

Gary Moore - Ball and chain lyrics

my baby gone and left me, Leavin' on that mornin' train. ... Well, my baby gone and left me, Leavin' on that ... mornin' train. Said she was tired of livin', Livin'

Nashville Cast - Ball and chain ft. connie britton and will ch.. lyrics

get along without you baby if I only could There ain ... t a thing about you baby that does me any good But still ... to keep me here well is that just your pride Everyday

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Ball and chain lyrics

call when you're out late I don't know when you're ... comin' home Change your mind just like the weather And I don't know if I'm ... ever gonna Break this ball and chain And to you our

Lionel Richie - Ball and chain lyrics

I am standing in the mirror, looking in ... Trying not to fool myself, and realize Times are getting harder for us to get along ... Everything about this love is all going

Beck - Bottle of blues lyrics

just found me a bottle of blues Some strange comfort ... for a soul to soothe Ain't it hard, ain't it hard to ... want somebody Who doesn't want you? And I've been waiting for a year or a day

Janis Joplin - Ball and chain lyrics

window, Honey, lookin’ out at the rain. Oh, Lord, Lord, ... sittin’ down by my window, Baby, lookin’ out at the rain. ... Somethin’ came along, grabbed a hold of me, honey, And

Anouk - Ball and chain lyrics

know the drill You got your ball and chain Hold you down ... The circle round the story stays the same It wont be long And then your heart is frozen

Before Four - Ball and chain lyrics

just wanna be your ball and chain Wrapped around your finger ... forever Never let you get away, Holding on like a ball and ... chain I never wanted to stay In one place too long Oh

Beth Hart - Bottle of jesus lyrics

got my wine and cigarettes These twenty cents is all I got left Don't bother me ... trying to swim I guess I'll lay around all day Sit back and ... smile just fade away. A drunk yard dog is what I am

Anthony Hamilton - Ball and chain lyrics

mmmmmm Ohhhh ooohhh yea Sitting here thinking Damn ... I'm getting a little older Trying to find ... some piece of mind Take the weight of the world off ... got me driving down the highway Trying to make it through each and every day Fade to black n all poverty Take a truck

Sam Brown - Ball and chain lyrics

your ball and chain I watch you tumble down are you ... sure you're sane in your dream time town breaking glass ... shouted screams they're unimportant sounds

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - Ball and chain lyrics

made me Everything that I am You called me names till I ... became a name Now that's all that I understand Now the ... joke's on you cause the whole damn world's at

Elton John lyricsElton John - Ball and chain lyrics

got a ball and chain hanging around my heart You were the ... one to blame for tearing my world apart I got a ... heart so true, you got a heart of ice A little more love

Impellitteri - Ball and chain lyrics

s a lonely girl, holding secrets ... deep inside It's a crazy world, when your heart and ... mind collide A prisoners action, she's trying to run away Doesn't know what shell

Niila - Bottle of wine lyrics

finally I got some sleep it feels ... like I can go by Clouds used to block ... my way I'm freaking walking on clouds today I'm late but I just don't care Skip

Aldo Nova - Ball and chain lyrics

many nights, how many days do I wait here for you Have you long forgotten all the ... things wed said And how many times must I let the phone ... to get you Could it be that now this love has long gone

Ebony Ark - Ball and chain lyrics

can feel you´re here Hear your voice Singing that fatefull song I can feel your hands close to me like Sun and Earth at dawn What are you ... Why your voice seem so sad and lost? Why did you leave here

Poison - Ball and chain lyrics

come on Get on your dress and put on a smile Lets lose ... this place and get out awhile, awhile, awhile You ... don't need nothin' fancy Just a whole lot of attitude I'll be your man now

Mystik - Ball and chain lyrics

I said to shut yer mouth and listen I know you don’t know ... what I’m givin’ I can’t live with or without you And I know there’s a better way

The Butterfly Effect - And the promise of the truth lyrics

the sea, the shining sea You were taken away from me ... So, so far away As our good son set today Is ... there a better way? In these memories we'll ... be forever Safe from the world we'll see

Bal-sagoth - Of carnage and a gathering of the wolves lyrics

in the lightless, labyrinthine depths of the Darkenhold forest... [VOICE OF THE NIGHT:] Who are you, wanderer? [WANDERING SPIRIT:] ... I can't remember... [VOICE OF

Händel Georg Friedrich - And the glory of the lord lyrics

the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh ... shall see it together: for the ... mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. (Isaiah 40:5) ... Read more: Handel George Frideric - 04.

Händel Georg Friedrich - And the glory of the lord (messiah) lyrics

the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh ... shall see it together: for the ... mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. (Isaiah 40:5) ... Read more: Handel George Frideric - 04.

Lunarsea - And the gardens of jades remained void lyrics

the time became my father, even though it was my ... son Born of godsperm, he folded energy in ... two From one he modeled human body and the rest of the ... things At the first sin he blushed

Ronson Samantha - Built this way lyrics

you ever feel like you wanna be someone else for just one ... day did u ever feel like you wanna see through another pair of eyes Did u ever think I ... might wanna be with anyone else for just one day

The Dubliners - Jack's heroes (with "the pogues") lyrics

wear green and they are beautiful And their hearts are ... filled with love They're as pure as any lily And as ... gentle as the dove They'll sing and ... cheer in harmony Till their throats are

Jethro Tull - Jack a lynn lyrics

aeroplanes, slow boats, warm trains remind me of Jack-A-Lynn. Lush hotels and ... misty mood I'm in. Silly, sad, I've never had to write ... this before, oh, Jack-A-Lynn. Funny how long

Acid Drinkers - The ball and the line lyrics

I got the ball Hmm.. I got the line.. .. ... I bend the ball, ball to the line Oh, yeah, the ball to the line You're welcome ... to join us all Though you haven't got the ball You're

The Kinks - Jack the idiot dunce lyrics

fool with the cross-eyed stare, The turned up nose and ... moronic glare? Who's that simpleton standing over ... there? Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce. Who's ... that dumb-looking freckle-faced runt? Jack, Jack the

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Hawaiian tropic lyrics

tropic dark and a bottle of jack in the Cadillac As I drive ... down the highway You aren't coming back and I know ... that now So I let the wind hit ... me in my face Every man gets his wish, every man

Bourbon Crow - Ol' whiskey mountain lyrics

packed my bags, never coming back Got this old guitar and a bottle of Jack I´ve got no plans, ... no regrets So line ´em up bartender, ain´t even started

David Brent - Ooh la la lyrics

my shack in Memphis, bought me a ... Chevroulet six string in the back and a bottle of jack And I ... headed down to mexico way Singing ooh la la la, ... oooh la la leyy Ooh la la la la la it's a beautiful day

Van Morrison - Ball & chain lyrics

ve been on this roller coaster just too many times And always it seems like The blind ... keep on leading the blind Tried to get ... the 'phone Tried to find my way back home Tned and failed, and tried and failed, again

Nekromantix - Jack the stripper lyrics

*** frustrated and soaked with sweat Jack is sneaking through the streets of ... fog is getting thick, the man is getting strong Open up baby, oh it won't take long Jack the stripper is back again

Jack Peñate - Got my favourite lyrics

ve got my favourite pair of creps on The ones with golden ... samaris sewn on Each step is skipped when they are thrown on Feet are swift so ... I bowl on I got my favourite army dog tag The one I got one

Tracy Bonham - Josephine lyrics


Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed millionaire lyrics

expensive toys. Living in a bubble of sin. Money can ... buy you most of anything. Fix your nose or ... the mess your in. Front page news you can share your

Gil Scott-heron - Bottle lyrics

that black boy over there runnin' scared His old man in a bottle ... 9 to 5 He drink full time and now he's livin' in a bottle ... See that black boy over there runnin' scared His old man got a

Epic Rap Battles Of History - Jack the ripper vs hannibal lecter lyrics

Jack the Ripper] Oi mate, pass the liquor, it's Jack the ... Ripper Jack the Rapper, following you way before ... the dawn of Twitter I'm a human trigger warning, through the

Pain - Bottle's nest lyrics

up this morning with my head in the dirt Master of disaster has raped my soul again ... I feel like shit and my body hurts What did I do ... Can't remember a thing Not a thing It's

George Strait - 80 proof bottle of tear stopper lyrics

ain't never fell as far as when you fall in love ... Except the fall you take when you've been loved and ... given up When you have your heart and soul rubbed

Elliott Smith - Bottle up and explode lyrics

Up And Explode Elliott Smith Bottle up and explode over and over ... Keep the troublemaker below Put it away and ... check out for the day In for a round of overexposure The

Maria Mena - This bottle of wine lyrics

down this bottle of wine I don't know how to ... I don't mind the buzz As the night moves slow you ... Look more and more like someone I could ... tonight Without the fuss And the feelings I don't know

The Creepshow - Psycho ball and chain lyrics

your hellbilly Bettie Page In the flesh Lurkin’ in ... the depths of eternal death A sip from her grail will burn ... you deep No purity and she never sleeps She’ll chew

Eurythmics lyricsEurythmics - I love you like a ball and chain lyrics

the sound of your voice on the telephone ... Make me feel distressed Make me all alone. Why do I ... My bed is burnin' all through the night. You're ... the only one that can make me feel right. Try to lay

The Automatic - Jack daniels lyrics

happened to us we used to be so ... confident That things would be okay I ... never realised that something was wrong 'Til a ... part of me had started to decay Feel like a rocket

Jack Frost - And our faces wither lyrics

now I walk away my entire past I've swallowed the days are gone when we did glow ... time has passed I failed to grow [Chorus:] and ... our faces wither and now I leave my way my entire

Overkill - Shadow of a doubt lyrics

Give me your soul, let me have it honey All lined up, paint 'em red All lay down, praying me dead Here you go baby, a birhtday surprise Bes ... your eyes Nothing you hear, half of what your seeing

Jack's Mannequin - Hammers and strings (a lullaby) lyrics

hammers and strings Been following me around From a box filled garage To the dark punk rock ... clubs Of 1000 American towns And my friend calls ... me up She says, "how have you been?" I say,

Masters Of Reality - Gettin high lyrics

my, oh my Gonna ride so high Well I got ... one life and it's mine to live Ain't gonna make it workin' nine to five ... Just to stay alive Got no fins for to

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