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Aaron Carter - Aaron's party(get it) lyrics

Talking:] Here's a little bit of old school for ya, That goes a little something like this... I always tried to be the flyest kid in the block The popular one with the rising stock So that's when I had this bright idea (Throw the party of th

Musical Hamilton - Aaron burr, sir lyrics

COMPANY] 1776. New York City [HAMILTON] Pardon me. Are you Aaron Burr, sir? [BURR] That depends. Who’s asking? [HAMILTON] Oh, well, sure, sir I’m Alexander Hamilton, I’m at your service, sir I have been looking for you [BURR] I’m getting nervous [HAMILT

Blinded Colony - Aaron's sons lyrics

perfect God makes perfect laws to fit his perfect creation; the man Apparently not He died for your sins, he died so you may sin Murder ends with murder end with murder Reputation`s like a mirror blinding you We all know the sum of the whispering game; a twisted messa

Aaron Shust - Aaron shust lyrics

and bruised dazed and confused My Spirit is left wanting something more Than my selfish hopes and my selfish dreams I'm lying with my face down to the floor I'm crying out for more (crying out for more) Chorus: Give me Words to speak Don't let my Spirit sleep Cause I

Aaron Carter - Oh aaron lyrics

Aaron:] Well, I guess the best way for me to begin is The Other day I was hanging with some friends Going around the room talking about our favorite noise I said I had a brother in the Backstreet Boys So everyone screamed [Group of Kids:] Hey

Aaron Tveit - Take me or leave me (with gavin creel) lyrics

Every single day I walk down the street I hear people say "Baby" so sweet Ever since puberty Everybody stares at me Boys, girls I can't help it baby So be kind And don't lose your mind Just remember That I'm your baby Take me for what I am Who I

Bi Rain - Cassiopeia (ft. lim jeong hee) lyrics

eodinga-e sumanheun bulbit junge niga salgo-inneun jiptto isseultende geu saram gyeoteseo pyeonanhan misoreul ji-eumyeo himdeun il eopsshi oneuldo jinaetkketjji yeo jeo eodinga-e sumanheun bulbit junge jammot iruneun niga isseultende nareul bonaejugo haengyeona ajiktto

2pm - Don’t go (jun.k and lim jeonghee) lyrics

gajima nal jiwobeorigetdan geojitmal dasin hajima geureon mareun hajima geojitmal da geojitmal geureon maeumedo eomneun mallo nal japjima imi neon neujeotjanha jeongmal uriga idaero heeojindaneun ge geobina eum geobina naneun uriga idaero mannandaneun ge deo geobina (gajim

Infinite ∞ - Love u, like u (l & lim kim / shut up flower .. lyrics

love you neoreul saranghae Chama hajimoshan mal Tteollineun gaseumi nae mami Neul sumgyeowassdeon geureonmal Achimimyeon nunbusige nareul bichwojuneun Neul haessalgateun neoneun naegeneun neoneun I like you neoreul johahae Meosjin keun namuch

Aaron Carter - She wants me lyrics

NICK:] Attention Ladies and Gentlemen... School's in! [AARON:] Man, shut up [NICK:] Time to teach you a little somethin' bro [AARON:] Haha! Ya right! [NICK:] What? What's this you say? [AARON:] Just back off dawg. She wants me [N

Aaron Carter - That's how i beat shaq lyrics

it goes, and it goes And it goes a little something like this Hit It! Aaron's in the house Come on Get up get up I wanna make it bounce Here we go Aaron's in the house Get up get up Aaron's in the house Yo guys, check it out Guess what happened to me (Anot

Machine Gun Kelly - Fantasy ft. aaron lafette lyrics

Intro: Aaron Lafette] I close my eyes Woke up and I saw my dream I close my eyes Woke up and I saw my dream [Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly] Yeah, and they told me All that glitters ain't gold But I really wanna shine right now And they told me the the sky's the lim

Aaron Tveit - Defying gravity (with rachel tucker) lyrics

Something has changed within me Something is not the same I'm through with playing by the rules Of someone else's game Too late for second-guessing Too late to go back to sleep It's time to trust my instincts Close my eyes: and leap

Aaron Carter - Through my own eyes lyrics

] Give me a world that's equal on all sides [Aaron:] Let freedom flow as constant as the tides [Kayla:] I pray with each sunset, don't forget to rise [Aaron:] (Don't forget to rise) [Kayla:] I live without regret [Both:] For ordinary lives [Both:] I'm lookin' at life through my ow

Aaron Carter - Not to young not to old lyrics

m not too young And I'm not too old Listen up, everybody This ain't Aaron's party Part 2 I'm older now Come and show me body Girl whatcha gonna do, come and talk To me in the backseat Baby backstreet (Yeah) We could surf the board Surf the net, yeah Better y

Aaron Carter - Shake it lyrics

] Yo! This is Aaron Carter Now I'll introduce you to my boys, 95 South And it's all about this new dance Called "Shake It!" Here we go... yeah... Come on... All around the world Everywhere I go I learn a new dance That I want you to know You g

Aaron Tveit - As long as you're mine (with laura osnes) lyrics

Kiss me too fiercely Hold me too tight I need help believing You're with me tonight My wildest dreamings Could not foresee Lying beside you With you wanting me And just for this moment As long as you're mine I've lost all resis

Aaron Carter - I'm not too old, not too young lyrics

m not too young And I'm not too old Listen up, everybody This ain't Aaron's party Part 2 I'm older now Come and show me body Girl whatcha gonna do, come and talk To me in the backseat Baby backstreet (Yeah) We could surf the board Surf t

Aaron Fresh - Dirty girl lyrics

Aaron fresh ha ha Ayye yo yo ayye Lets go let's go Yo yo [Verse 1] She winding she bouncing she trinidad dancing The tanktop bottom jeans me lovin she fashion She go wipe the floor boy with like fatal attraction Cause this forreal and she's a killer time for som

Invent Animate - Lightfinder (ft. aaron matts of betraying the.. lyrics

ll take you there, if you want me to. Nothing will ever get in our way again I'm digging so deep I never said the stars won't align I only said if you reach, that they'll be there in time I could never go back to where I was and be in that barren w

Sleeping With Sirens - Let love bleed red (feat. aaron marsh) lyrics

it naive to make plans that seem so far away? There's a reason I feel this way, you're sleeping alone, I'm awake. As you dream of me tonight, am I close to where you are? Lay me down, and tell me everything will be alright, things will be alright. Lay me down, and tell me

Aaron Watson - Artist/band: watson aaron lyrics

me I must be dreaming waking up with you and feeling The tender touch of your good morning kiss No where else on earth is better than being next to you Next to heaven, it doesn’t get any better than this (Chorus) Next to heaven lies my fate, my best friend and my sole

Aaron Carter - Another earthquake! lyrics

when ya thought it was safe Shake it Shake it Shake it When I hit town Yo, the party can't fail I'm hittin' 20 On the rictor scale Got a hundred million people Spilling coffee stains On your brand new shirt Oh, that reminds me When you feel

Aaron Carter - Skake it lyrics

This is Aaron Carter Now I'll introduce you to my boys, 95 South And it's all about this new dance Called ''Shake It!'' Here we go... yeah... Come on... All around the world Everywhere I go I learn a new dance That I want you to know

Aaron Carter - The kid in you lyrics

it up Pump it up Turn it up Just a little bit Turn it up Pump it up Turn it up Just a little bit All the kids gonna bounce to this All the kids gonna jump to this All the kids gonna snap to this Yo, rock it Little Aaron How m

Aaron Carter - Get wild lyrics

.. everybody get wild Everybody get wild Action, your body activates freedom Your mind excellerates passion The time has come to get wild Rise up and follow fusion Our youth is just an illusion Let's start a revolution Explore the corridores We'

Aaron Carter - Jump jump lyrics

1] I got a friend and I may just get him Ready and a push with a mic in my right hand Move you, groove you Get something to dance to, if you want to Step outside, come along, let's ride Don't listen to the talk, take a walk on the wild side Thinkin', talkin', clockin', e

As They Burn - F.r.e.a.k.s. ft. frankie (emmure) & aaron (be.. lyrics


Becky G - Alone in december ft. aaron fresh lyrics

the first snow fall to the ground It just don't feel right when you're not around Supposed to be the happiest time of the year Well just ain't that for me Wrapped up in my winter coat, walking down the street Trying not to hide on every couple t

Terry He - Just breathe (ft. aaron tsang) lyrics

all i hear's the fall of raindrops, non-stop, covering my calls for help, everybody needs help in this hell pinned down to the ground, i'm begging for the bell. but i can't tap out, and i can't back down need to stand back up, man up, and stand my ground. even when the hate is

Machine Gun Kelly - Fantasy (digiraatii) feat. aaron lafette lyrics

close my eyes Woke up and I saw my dreams I close my eyes Woke up and I saw my dreams Yeah, and they told me All the glitters aint gold But I really wanna shine right now And they told me the the sky's the limit So I wonder if I can fly right now Yeah, so I spread my wings Jumped up an

Aaron Carter - Ac's alien nation lyrics

AC Put your hands up Put your hands up Put your hands up Shoulda known something was up When I got up Something felt funny to me From the get up Jumped up out of the bed With my head up Guess who was staring at me? An ET or an al

Aaron Carter - Ain't that cute lyrics

mama told me I'm too young to love But I know what I know and I can't get enough I'm thinking about you and me holding hands Pushing you on a swing We can do anything Cause when I think of you all I know Is that there's nothing I won't do to be with you

Aaron Carter - America a o lyrics

.. S... A... Bang your heads to this, come on U... S... A... Bang your heads to this I was born, I was raised In the US of A I'm livin' in America A O, A O, A O, A O And no matter what they say I'll be livin' here anyway I'm lovin' you America A O, A O, A O, A

Aaron Carter - Baby it's you lyrics

come on now Yeah, come on now Yeah, come on now Yeah, come on now Yeah, come on now Yeah, come on now Yeah, come on now Too hot. Lookin' fantastic No nips or tucks of plastic The way she works her magic She's got me like an adict I'm not a dreamin' or fantisin', this

Aaron Carter - Bounce lyrics

wanna see ya bounce Welcome to the party This is one of a kind Like a hot chilli pepper It'll blow your mind Don't know if you can take it So now we're gonna shake it And if you can't getcha in house arrest It's like this We've got the crazy notion DJ'

Aaron Carter - Come follow me lyrics

Come On) That's not the way to rock Do you want, what we got Tag along, crank it up Sing a song, you know we don't stop Yo my man. Get behind the wheels Time to cruise. You snooze, you lose Let me introduce you to my friends In the other car right behind u

Aaron Carter - Cowgirl lyrics

ki-yo-yippe-yay, Lil Momma Yipee-ki-yo-yippe-yay, Lil Momma Yipee-ki-yo-yippe-yay I met myself a cowgirl Whacha want, put me on Yipee-ki-yo-yippe-yay, Lil Momma Yipee-ki-yo-yippe-yay, Lil Momma Yipee-ki-yo-yippe-yay I met myself a cowgirl Whacha want, put me

Aaron Carter - Crazy little party girl lyrics

little party girl How I love her Partying around the world - she wants to dance Crazy little party girl There's no other Party Party Always ready to dance Time for a party - time to take a chance Turn up the music And we'll dance - dance -

Aaron Carter - Crush on you lyrics

quot;Whats wrong buddy? Tell me!" "There is this girl!" "A girl? You serious? What's the matter, just go for her." "She likes basketball players, football players, muscle men." "Listen man, forge

Aaron Carter - Life is a party lyrics

hey hey hey hey [X2] party time, gimme the beat, wave your hands from side to side, here we go Some people live for the weekends seems like such a waste Counting down 'till the fun begins what about the other days? there's Monday night (there's monday night) and Tue

Aaron Carter - My first ride lyrics

first ride Wait outside I'm steppin' inside I don't really care What everybody says Guys ride with the girls away, anyway All I wanna do is drive, okay Can't stay, can't stay, and I can't wait Any day, any day now It's official AC, I'ma place my initials You little wea

Aaron Carter - My internet girl lyrics

t no doubt about it I can't wait to get home to you (I gotta get home, yeah, uh, uh, come on.) Connected with my baby Just jammin online with you (online, online, online) Here in my room we are as one (together you and me, together you and me) Hours

Aaron Carter - One bad apple lyrics

tell that you've been hurt By that look on your face girl Some guy brought safety to your happy world You need love but you're afraid that if you give in Some one else will come along And sock it to you again One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch Ooooo, give it one mo

Aaron Carter - Outstanding lyrics

oh no Girl you knock me out Yes you do Exciting, ooh oh You make me wanna shout Oh yeah Girl you're lookin' Sweeter now When I'm with you everyday Girl Wish that I could love you right In a special way, girl You blow my mind I feel so alive You blow my mind Yeah

Aaron Carter - Please don't go girl lyrics

don't go girl Please don't go girl Please don't go girl You would ruin my whole world Tell me you'll stay Never ever go away I love you (I love you) I guess I always will Girl you're my best friend Girl you're my love within I just want you to know That I will always love

Aaron Carter - Real good time lyrics

Talking:] Sometime, someplace Everybody has words Fallin' out, and making up Uh-huh [Chorus] Maybe I laugh, maybe I cry Maybe I scream, maybe I sigh Baby I feel, the feeling is real Maybe I curse, maybe I squeal But I enjoy, making some noise Foolin' around, adjusting to

Aaron Carter - Swing it out lyrics

swing it out, swing it out Swing it baby let me know that you mean what you say When you swing it all the way Now baby, swing it out You stood out amongst the crowd And I was left without a doubt That you were meant for me So romanced was I by you One dance and then I k

Aaron Carter - Tell me how to make you smile lyrics

remember the day we met Almost like a fairy tale Kinda like Romeo and Juliet I never gonna forget Now my knees went weak When you said "hi" And then you held my hand And look me in the eye I almost died, deep inside There's so much love Tha

Aaron Carter - Tell me what you want lyrics

you tired, of me Do you want to, be free I just got to know Should I hang on, or let go Don't keep me guessing It just ain't fair You got me drowning in a sea of despair I've held up for as long as I can Ohhh I need to know, am I still your man [Chorus] Tel

Aaron Carter - The clapping sound lyrics

1] 3, 6, 9 The goose drank wine The monkey chew tobacco on the streetcar line The line broke, the monkey got choked And they all went to heaven in a little rowboat Clap Pat - Clap Pat - Clap Pat - Clap Slap Clap Pat! Clap your hand... P

Aaron Carter - Girl you shine lyrics

see you every day and I can't seem to think of anything to say Do you baby How can that be that it breaks my heart when you're smilin at me The moment that I laid my eyes on you I knew you'd be the one to make my dreams come true [CHORUS] Girl you shine like ref

Aaron Carter - Hey you lyrics

we go with the J-I-V-E We're gonna bust it cuz we roll with the AC Here we go with the J-I-V-E We're gonna, we're gonna Here we go 1, I wanna take ya out to a gig in town 3, I want your love 4, you know what's up 5, it's in your eyes 6, you'

Aaron Carter - I'd do anything lyrics

d do anything for you We've had our good times and bad Baby what is sad I miss you girl Oh yes I do Now that you're gone ...away It's hard for me to say I miss you girl Oh yes I do I just want you to know That the love I have is real Bu

Aaron Carter - I'm all about you lyrics

s somethin' that I've got to say You're always with me Even though, you're far away Talkin to you on my cell Just the sound of your voice Makes my heart melt Oh girl, well it's true I'm all about you I'm all about us No, baby, you never have To question my love A

Aaron Carter - I'm gonna miss you forever lyrics

Girl, I'm sad I heard that you were leaving You can't go, you're my best friend I'm sure gonna miss you I always think about you All the time you're on my mind We played together you and I I can't believe that its true Now I have to see you leave

Aaron Carter - I want candy lyrics

know a girl who's tough but sweet She's so fine, she can't be beat She's got everything that I desire Sets the summer sun on fire I want candy I want candy I want candy I want candy Go to see her when the sun goes down Ain't no finer girl in town You're my

Aaron Carter - I would lyrics

you walking down the street Every single day Girl you never seem to have a smile on your face What you need is someone who would treat you right From the morn' til the noon, the noon til the night Ain't no doubt about what I would do I'd make a long list I thi

Aaron Carter - Iko iko lyrics

grandma and your grandma Were sittin' by the fire. My grandma told your grandma "I'm gonna set your flag on fire" [Chorus:] Hey now! Hey now! Iko, Iko, unday Jockamo feeno ai nan? Jockamo fee nan? Look at my king a

Aaron Carter - Let the music heal your soul lyrics

Touche] Oh if someone writes a song with a simple Rhyme [`N Sync] Just a song where is feeling show [The Moffats] And if someone feels the same about the simple song [Gil] oh sometimes you can hear them sing [Sqeezer] music gives you Happiness and Sadness [N

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