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Edenbridge - The canterville prophecy lyrics

can win prayer from out the lips of sin when a child ... gives up tears and the barren almond bears when the silent chapel bell sounds the ghostly sinners knell then shall the house be still and

Bal-sagoth - The dreamer in the catacombs of ur lyrics

dream. We had not heeded the warnings of the ancients, and ... now we would pay the price... here, within the ... of Ur. Lost within the lightless catacombs of Ur...

Creation's Tears - The last tear is cried for romance lyrics

fallen, lower than the depths of misery I wallow in ... of trees And all while the world is at sleep An ... tale of my dismay Of how the last tear was cried for

Blue Öyster Cult - Then came the last days of may lyrics

were laughing and smoking in the back Of a rented ford They ... couldn't know they weren't going far Each ... one with the money in his pocket Could go ... himself a brand new car But they all had the money they had

Galadriel - The evening... and then came the night lyrics

was falling in the rain and tears There was ... life That agony you felt in the last storm Sorrow was ... falling in the rain and tears I had a ... dream when you had die Just the body in the grass And I felt

The Chordettes - For me and my gal lyrics

bells are ringing for me and my gal. The birds are ... singing for me and my gal. Ev'rybody's ... been knowing to a wedding they're going. And for weeks they've been sewing every Suzie

Forgive Durden - For a dreamer, night's the only time of day lyrics

busy streets And the even busier Patrons and ... my elusive steps Through the blur of urgency. Here, I'm ... me right onto my back. And for a moment we're alone. And we

Reverend Bizarre - For you who walk in the land of the shadows lyrics

you walk in the land of the shadows? Do you walk in the ... land of the shadows? Do you walk in the ... land of the shadows? I think you do... ... I have been there too. I have seen a black

Fugees - The mask lyrics

CHORUS:] Have you ever worn the mask one-two one-two, (M) to ... the (A) to the (S) to the (K) Put the mask upon the ... face just to make the next day, Feds be hawkin me

Gareth Gates - 19 minutes lyrics

minutes since you hung up the phone I'm already seeing the ... fall asleep I've turned all the lights on But the shadows ... are creepin' All around the room that was our secret

Sacred Warrior - The heaven's are calling lyrics

Behold Jesus said that the road that leads to ... destruction is broad And the gate to eternal life is ... him mocking and scorning the name of Jesus But it is

Creature Feature - The meek shall inherit the earth lyrics

Deep Underground Unaware Of The Legions They Are Building ... Down There Then Comes The Sound, A Shrill Signal Loud ... Enough To Drown The Time Has Come Mother Nature's

Bal-sagoth - The dark liege of chaos is unleashed lyrics

learn to control your spirit-form, Xerxes... for by mastering ... the art of traversing the mists you may effortlessly ... secrets will be unlocked for you, and great enlightenment

Omnia - The raven lyrics

and curious Volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, ... nearly napping Suddenly there came a tapping, As of some ... I remember It was in the bleak December, And each

Current 93 - The teeth of the winds of the sea lyrics

and despair will not then exist and we shall smile we ... shall smile as big as the big crescent moon which lies ... and stars and snow and as before we saw smiley shining stars

D.r.i. - The application lyrics

3. Who did you vote for, in the election? 4. When did you ... all your relatives and how they each died. 10. Are you a ... What’s you sex? Stand over there. . . Who’s next? 15. What

Current 93 - The dream of a shadow of smoke lyrics

vanity and sin. He comes into the world like morning mushrooms, ... soon thrustling up their heads into the air, and ... conversing with their kindred of the same

Dan Fogelberg - The endris night lyrics

did say "My son, my brother, father, dear Why liest ... thou thus in hay" The child then spoke in his ... talking And to his mother said "Yea, I am known

Kate Rusby - The blind harper lyrics

you heard of the blind harper, Now he lived ... went unto his wife, With all the haste as go could he, This ... will never go well, Without the help of our good grey mare.

Morrissey - The father who must be killed lyrics

and failure And the father who must be killed Is the ... might find you're fighting for your life And the father who ... must be killed Is a step farther but nonetheless The way he

Nervecell - شنق shunq to the despaired king of darkness lyrics

quot; is summoned To bind the flesh and the soul Strings ... higher Its smoke cloud's their pungent plains The birth ... of a desolate empire Shall aspire from its remains The malignant battalion is called

Conflict - The a team lyrics

our heads, as Thatcher wields the axe The budget, well that ... increased and less tax The nurses, fight for better pay ... Alton hits out with his bill, the yuppies invade town The

Narnia - The great fall of man lyrics

can walk across the desert...sail the seas We ... can rule the world and tame our destiny The price we pay for immortality. ... ..is death In shallow waters we run aground

Sarah Brightman - The trees they grow so high lyrics

trees they grow so high and the leaves they do grow green, ... young, he's a-gowing. O father, dearest father, you've done ... a little while, A lady you shall be while he's growing.

Deathstars - The last ammunition lyrics

ammo lie in front of you, the clips are all loaded, now ... what shall you do? This is how it ... starts when the end glows wildly in the dark. ... This is how it starts when the last breath ends the last

Evertale - The last knight lyrics

up and light these dark days From the ashes the order will rise Rise up to ... in our rules, blind leading the blind There's a demon inside ... the devil in disguise In the darkest hour, we fail from

Melodysheep - The dragons daughter lyrics

in chains All that is in the past Here on the wall, we ... are all one house I am the sword in the darkness I am the watcher on the walls I shall ... Now my watch begins It shall not end until my death I

Necrophobic - For those who stayed satanic lyrics

stayed satanic and spat on the words of the Christ We shall ... rise volcanic with the black flame burning in our ... eyes For those who believed on the ... dark lord, rebelled for the rights of the strong The

Bal-sagoth - The obsidian crown unbound lyrics

Episode IX: The Legions of the Imperium Storm the Cloud ... Gul-Kothoth] [Chapter 11: The Siege Begins] And so the ... and resplendent armies of the Imperium assembled before the

Conflict - The right to reply lyrics

house looks for an answer to end all the ... violence The ungovernable finally break ... silence There's endless white papers and ... stop us, it's no solution The right and the left wing

Helm Levon - The girl i left behind lyrics

words her name I blest I breathed the vows that bind me And ... my heart in anguish pressed The girl I left behind me Then ... to the east we bore away To win a

Nightmare (fra) - The dominion gate (part ii) lyrics

s a blast in the vortex A direct access to ... Hell The DNA has mutated and failed The machines breath, the men are ... dead The bringers of the holy fire The bringers of the light Are shaping the

Aina - The beast within lyrics

rage within my veins Oh, Mother Night, fulfil me Thick and ... black my will remains Oh, Mother Night, come thrill me The ... deeds no man can think Oh, Mother Night, you teach me The

Hymn - The race that long in darkness pined lyrics

Have seen a glorious Light; The people dwell in day, who ... Thy rise, Thou better Sun, The gathering nations come, ... Joyous as when the reapers bear The harvest

Manilla Road - The fires of mars lyrics

fires of Mars shall burn From this we all shall ... learn; The gates unbarred at last ... Banishing the past. The standard raised on high Pen ... rides this night Against the mighty Horde With legion of the Sword......the Sword.

Mors Principium Est - The meadows of asphodel lyrics

then from the mountains To the river of Acheron Maybe one ... day they will meet again Like ... departed At first light they will leap, leaving light ... behind And where they will end, they will need no

Hecate Enthroned - The scarlet forsaken lyrics

and amber, peers in through forsaken Thy gravelessness ... we are free of its chains For I am not as once I was I ... seasons tare As once they roamed without a care The

Insane Clown Posse - The killing fields lyrics

I begin my day Walking out the house, this morning, the sky ... is red The streets are crowded with the ... bodies of the living dead They're trying to die, they're

Loreena Mckennitt - The highwayman lyrics

a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees The moon was a ... ghostly galleon tossed upon the cloudy seas The road was a ... ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor And the

Shadow Of Intent - The aftermath in jat-krula lyrics

we must create But the beings we create shall never ... suffering; endless grayness shall be their lot All creation ... and pain that never again shall the offspring of the eternal

Grave - For your god lyrics

blood As you are dying for your God Sacrifice in the ... still, demon's win Victim in the claws of evil Bodies split ... Pray to god one more time Before you hear the bells chime

Manilla Road - The empire lyrics

crystal evolves the light of time The sword of ... Asrah, power of fire For life we fight till the end of ... time For destiny leads us to build our ... of energy Nardia we hail For Manillan lords Ice Spirit shall sail For the empire we shall

Catamenia - The fallen angel pt.ii (the rising) lyrics

new era to come No mercy shall done For those on my way ... surely prevail As vowed for name Astarte Revenge shall ... battle So now I've reached the crown On my feet mortals go

Elvis Costello - The great unknown lyrics

took old Danny Boy for a ride From the arms of his ... bride to be Threw him into the murky waters By the dog ... biscuit factory Quick dry the tears and stifle cheers As

Domine - The aquilonia suite part i lyrics

I. Under the everlasting sky] Far, far ... a long, long time ago From the dawn of time, a king shall ... rise [II. The riders of Tulsha doom] ... Black, on the snowy horizon hundreds of

Folkearth - The prince of epirus lyrics

of slavery and shame Until the time torise up and fight To ... claim freedom for my land, came! Epirus shall be no more under the yoke Of ... the Ottoman invaders and their foul hordes! I am s son of

Manowar - The warriors prayer lyrics

Grandfather, tell my a story! - ... you were a boy. - Well, then, I shall have to take you ... s day, as I walked through the enchanted forest, I heard the sound of horses, and men at

Sigh - The transfiguration fear lyrics

I'm not a fool to cling to the hope It's a yoke which I ... have never asked for, None shall break my silence, None shall ... how much I'm screaming out for, That is invisible and

Sinsaenum - The forgotten one lyrics

my own volition cast away the prophecies fullfilled I ... reign over the invisible, made of fire. it ... s time for your world to burn burn ... down to reveal the ancient memories of death

Decadence - The bells tolls for thee lyrics

the shadow at the end we do not see The ... sadness in their eyes before they betray thee I walk in the ... dark, along the heavy wall I see them always ... to fall Here I am alone Shall I walk on to the dead-end?

The Dubliners - The foggy dew lyrics

down the glen one Easter morn To a ... city fair rode I There Armed lines of marching men ... sound it's dread tattoo But the Angelus bell o'er the Liffey ... swell Rang out through the foggy dew Right proudly

Gregorian - The raven lyrics

I looked but nothing lay in the darkness And so I turned ... more To my amazement There stood a raven Whose ... shadow hung above my door Then through the silence It

Novembers Doom - The spirit seed lyrics

fade A moment in time For fear to embrace The future ... at me though jaded eyes Forever see the mask I wear ... Never feel pity for me It’s the way my life

Protoje - The 8 year affair lyrics

have no fear Cause I will be there, no burden you alone shall ... it clear That you would be there with me in this Eight Year ... now Don't ever worry now The spirit of Jacob, the spirit

Ritual Carnage - The wrath lyrics

upon us, the age of fire is here The ... s turn, satanic rule is near The omen lord from years that ... from his grave A thirst for war that never ends, the ... blood shall spill again His hunger ever

Alan Parsons Project - The raven lyrics

I looked but nothing lay in the darkness And so I turned ... once more To my amazement There stood a raven Whose shadow ... hung above my door Then through the silence It spoke

Elvis Costello - The other end of the telescope lyrics

A smoke that disappears in the air There's always something ... to me You'll see me off in the distance I hope At the other ... end At the other end of the telescope You're half

Dark Tranquillity - The one brooding warning lyrics

of life Far from the strengthening force From which it feeds ... The unbroken silence swear ... allegiance to thee Behold the answers that darkness sets ... free Freedom beyond the enslavement Never let

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - The fire lyrics

and glorious inside me The fire that never seemed to ... fade The life took me every sense ... all those years of striving for perfect glory. The flame

Fairyland - The awakening lyrics

oppressed we are, slaves in the dark but yet we'll fight ... just to see another day [bridge:] Silently ... fear was all we would know Then hope came and changed us all

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