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Levellers - 100 years of solitude lyrics

around you slow decay Wanna feel the sun of the new day Forget the chances that you lost Shedding innocence like falling dust All the things you learned too young The songs you knew but you never sung you Waited a long time, you wasted more Forgotten what you waited for Excuse

Tom Gabel - 100 years of war lyrics

are running They want their names to be the one You choose when your ballot is cast 100 years of war is promised Xenophobia and global warming Teenagers marching into shopping malls They're under the teeth Well don't miss your chance to see it While it's all happening These are

Dream Evil - On the wind lyrics

seems to me you never learn Play with fire, you get burnt What's the reason for your sympathy Why don't you leave me alone I'm your dream, I'm the sky, I'm the sea, I'm the air that you breathe I'm the wind, I'm the sky, I'm the sea, I'm the wind You

Hot Chocolate - Tears on the telephone lyrics

do the lonely do on Sundays? What do they do or does nobody care? Do they make it through to Mondays Or with a heart filled with pain do they just disappear? I tried so hard to play it real cool girl When you said I was out of your heart. I tried so hard to k

Issues - Tears on the runway pt.2 - (acoustic) lyrics

if I was wrong, and jumped to conclusions Cause the chance of losing you was all too dangerous So I just assume that you're doing things before you get the chance So I can leave and feel like I've got the upper hand Guilty yeah, maybe I'm just scared

Issues - Tears on the runway pt. 2 (feat.nylo) lyrics

if I was wrong, and jumped to conclusions Cause the chance of losing you was all too dangerous So I just assume that you're doing things Before you get the chance So I can leave and feel like I've got the upper hand Guilty yeah, maybe I'm just sc

Fm Static - The unavoidable battle of feeling on the outs.. lyrics

s hard to fit in, When you're on the outside, Feels like someone's getting to my head, Was it somethin' I did, or just somethin' I said? I'm not an idiot, but I feel like one a lot, 'Cause every time I try I end up here, Right where I started, just feelin' unguarded I don't

Cc Catch - Born on the wind lyrics

he's breaking my heart now again Over and over I'm crying Down, oh down in my heart Some day you want me Baby, to want you Easier said and done for you Down, oh down in my soul Baby, down, oh down in my heart Born on the wind That's where my heartache blow Born on the win

Graveland - River of tears lyrics

the river of tears Bodies of killed warriors lie Fallen Valkiries as broken flowers The bravest warriors Seized by the cold hands of death Wind covers them in a blanket of red The lady of a river with maidens Shall arrive in a deep sorrow She shall k

Gamma Ray - Lake of tears lyrics

the edge of the rainbow Where eagles learn to fly All of our dreams, they seemed so clear Into the morning Into the light of dawn We're flying higher than before And when I see the light that's shining from your eyes Even brighter than bef

Donnie Munro - Sweetness on the wind lyrics

out of all the darkened days like a searching stream of light broken shards across an empty sky casting shadows in our eyes lying broken in the wind long before last summer's leaves had turned she was the heartbeat in my life not a mome

Dark Moor - Calling on the wind lyrics

are a part of my life Since I met you for the first time In the sky, in the night I will love you till I die... The sweet door of the dreams is open again Tonight all my love will flow through your veins You're my constant vision, reflect of my heart I remember your eyes th

Roy Orbison - Borne on the wind lyrics

on the wind, borne on the wind Between the sunset and the dawn So tenderly your memory Lingers with me on and on Borne on the wind, borne on the wind You are still with me it seems A life to live, a love to give And you will live in my dreams You don't love

Roger Daltrey - Written on the wind lyrics

realise my mistake I couldn't live up to the things I'd said and I'd believed in And I appreciate you waiting When it rained Lover-friend Again Always learning something new Especially through me and you, it can be stormy But spring returns like a new lover-friend

Death Dealer - Wraiths on the wind lyrics

are wraiths on the wind We are wraiths on the wind We're the ones that you feel when you're out at night We're the ones that you see turning off the lights We're not bound to the ground like your frail mortal coil We are real we are real we are here not a trick of mind We're

Demon Hunter - The wind lyrics

city lights illuminate your breath As you tell of all the ways that you feel dead December left you cold and alone I'm sorry but I have enough to fear on my own Dying to care I'm searching for some solace in this air But the wind It cuts to my bone The wind This hollow breat

Fozzy - Riding on the wind (judas priest cover) lyrics

for the stars Cruise the speed of light Glowin god of Mars Body burning bright Well I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind Yes I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind Tearing up through life Million miles an hour Blinding all in sight Surging rush of power Well I'm ridin',

Judas Priest - Riding on the wind lyrics

for the stars Cruise the speed of light Glowin god of Mars Body burning bright Well I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind Yes I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind Tearing up through life Million miles an hour Blinding all in sight Surging rush of power

Judas Priest - Riding on the wind 1979 lyrics

for the stars Cruise the speed of light Glowin god of Mars Body burning bright Well I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind Yes I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind Tearing up through life Million miles an hour Blinding all in sight Surging rush of power Well I'm ridin', ridin' on th

Judas Priest Revival - Riding on the wind lyrics

for the stars Cruise the speed of light Glowin god of Mars Body burning bright Well I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind Yes I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind Tearing up through life Million miles an hour Blinding all in sight Surging rush of power

Barbara Mandrell - Years lyrics

photografs the feelings all come back even now some times you feel so near and I still see your face like it was yeasterday it`s strange how the days turned into years years of hanging on the dreams are already gone dreams of wishing you were here after all this time you`d thi

Richie Sambora - Takin a chance on the wind lyrics

it's been raining, but today is my lucky day The faith I put in my pocket is the only thing that didn't get washed away If I was making confession - well this is where I'd start Every heartache was a blessing, every knockdown was a spark Every knockdown was a spark, yes it

Dream Theater - Whispers on the wind lyrics

I still had something left I'd surely use my gift To give her one more breath To see her smile again And yet my gift is gone Along with all her dreams It vanished with a scream My fragile voice Has all but disappeared I've nothing left to give

Glory Opera - A leaf on the wind + manhunt lyrics

... + They found out I’ve killed their coward prince I have to leave my shelter, run away from here Deadly stalkers, I can’t beat them all I’ll return when I’m ready to fight again Something’s wrong in my heart A strange voice calls me but I can’t see no o

Elton John lyricsElton John - I must have lost it on the wind lyrics

m no longer counting I'm not keeping score I could say my list of lovers doesn't matter anymore But some are always in my heart And some I'm not so sure Either way they all left their mark And for some I found a cure [chorus:] From one you learn

Grave Forsaken - The years of carnage lyrics

day the world changed Started like any other September 11 2001 The deadly terror strike The years of carnage We showed support, we played our role We all wept for a few days Before long we all moved on Seemed to forget the lessons learned It is a sh

Alela Diane - The wind lyrics

of the island, please send me light Put it in an envelope, post it to L.A. 'Cause I'm on the wind, I can't go back I am a dream on the wind The organ cried out in the night A phantom song of notes in time It is I, pounding out the chords From the still, of the unknown

Anathema - Cries on the wind lyrics

out... How things look different on the way down Disillusioned, I've lost desire Will I burn in the unforgiving fire? From the flames, I walk away I've found a way to erase the pain An empty bottle, my receptacle A guardian angel called escape Don't dwe

Neneh Cherry - Kisses on the wind lyrics

this wild street walks, walks a child with no trace Of ever being as young as her sister is. A local neighbourhood crush, the boys would hide out and watch Her hanging washing on the line, all the time. More like a woman, she talks like one. She was the first girl

Innerwish - Riding on the wind lyrics

are my friends of yesterday, my dreams that I've been after Somewhere along the way I've missed my site In a land where only madness rules I've lost the will to live I failed to see that life is a cruel game But I will leave them all behind And feel the wind in my hair I'm sa

Thomas Anders - No more tears on the dancefloor lyrics

more tears On the dancefloor No more crying like You wanna be heard Come on dance away The heartbreak No more crazy, crazy love Ooh, no matter how I try There's a lingering Of love at the door But each time I wanna let you in I know it's only gonna End

Levellers - Voices on the wind lyrics

s a man on the mountain Who hides himself away A voice on the wind there Is telling him to stay He knows on the outside The world has looked away From that night in the valley When they took them all away Now the rock of ages Has broken at his feet The history

Overkill - The years of decay lyrics

on this road takes its toll and you pay for everything you do underlights, made me blind this place is the same as last night out of control takes its toll but you learn to live with your dreams and speaking your mind to those you find listening to what you have to say

Neil Diamond - The best years of our lives lyrics

listen to the working man And can you hear the dream That resides in his soul? And when you hear that poor man singin' Can you hear a story That cries to be told? Wanna hear you say "Oh yeah" I need to hear you say "Oh yeah" It's time to

Manowar - The master of the wind lyrics

The Silence Of The Darkness, When All Are Fast Asleep, I Live Inside A Dream, Calling To Your Spirit. As A Sail Calls The Wind, Hear The Angels Sing Far Beyond The Sun, Across The Western Sky. Reach Into The Blackness, Find A Silver Line. In

Quorthon - Label on the wind lyrics

have drunk my head all weary I've been wild in search for fun A lot of dates and names and places Great deal of women I have known But as I sit here and remember all the things that I've been through It appears to me quite clear now how one

Azrael - Run on the wind lyrics

and turning coming from nowhere posessing me to control my brain. Behind the faces the voices are calling you know they're trying to escape. Fly in this endless sky the dark is your only friend. The thunder strikes with its sound again and aga

Of Montreal - On the drive home lyrics

s an echo in my body echoes slide Down the roof You looked like heaven in bloom, I might now Look deep in those eyes Whose kindness moves my Texas to Oklahoma Drops of light on the bed rolling off into a Puddle on the floor You unbuttoned your life And let me go My eyes are as

Bruce Hornsby - On the western skyline lyrics

this time of evening, out by the bay They turn the roadlights on the bridge A diesel rolls in silhouette, eastbound Lovers glad the sun has set I'm staring into the twilight Wishing I could find someone tonight I know she's out there somewhere On the western skyline Lonely wome

Dark Moor - On the hill of dreams lyrics

my room When from the window the night falls Sweet perfume That takes my eyes with the dark call In my mind The light escapes, the shadows craws Just behind Of the dream's walls [Bridge] Then my lonely heart Rides on the wind And one sigh hits my

The Chordettes - The sweetheart of sigma chi lyrics

1 When the world goes wrong, as it's bound to do And you've broken Dan Cupid's bow. And you long for the girl you used to love The maid of the long ago. Why, light your pipe, bid sorrow avaunt Blow the smoke from your altar of dreams And wreathe

Rosanne Cash - On the surface lyrics

the surface everything seems right no one notices the dimness of the light For the world outside our door our smiles are oh so bright On the surface everything's all right We have the grace of actors on the stage We orchestrate the moves that complement the play But the things that

Above & Beyond - On the beach lyrics

goodbye to all your friends Time to leave and go home again Sad to fly and leave behind the sun Every day would pave the way For endless nights of dancing And every night would fire our minds And liberate our souls A home from home A place t

Eagles lyricsEagles - On the border lyrics

down the center of a two way street Wond'rin' who is really in the driver's seat Mindin' my bus'ness along comes big brother Says, "Son, you better get on one side or the other." I'm out on the border, I'm walkin' the line Don't you tell me

Lucius - Two of us on the run lyrics

are two of us on the run Going so fast, every doubt we had is coming undone And falling behind with everything we left there We held on for far too long And now we pass so many people on the road They could come along, I wish they'd been told They may call it a sh

Crimson Cult - On the edge lyrics

ve been here and I've been down - on the edge I've been there and I left down - on the edge I tried to fly, but I couldn't find my wings I tried to sail away to search for hidden things And now I am back again I left behind the darkness and its cold embrace Now I am back agai

Drawn And Quartered - On the death farm lyrics

up for butchering Inside a bloodstained shack Wide-eyed in horror Strung on a meathook Seized roughly by the hair Blade is drawn across your throat Blood splashes into a tub As your life grows remote Dismember - Decapitate Carcass processed into meat Sawn a

Darren Hayes - On the verge of something wonderful lyrics

serpent, a rabbit A walk in the forest A tentative looking son A feeling, a moment A bursting of bubbles A panic to overcome A samurai, an angel An eloquent table An AC that does not work A road trip, a car wreck A paperback novel A lover wh

Dr. Dog - 100 years lyrics

I look back on what I done About 100 years from now Gonna cry myself to sleep at night Somebody shows me how Uh huh When the sun shines down whats left of me About 100 years from now Gonna cut my water with a rebel yell And claw my w

Plies - 100 years lyrics

Intro] My nigga e'erytime I think this shit gettin' rough out here for me my nigga... I just remind myself dog Monday through Friday homie... From 8 in the mornin' to 5 in the evenin' dog... It's some niggas in the court room 'round the country my nigga... Fi

Nancy Sinatra - 100 years lyrics

m not gonna say everything is OK Cause OK is not the way that I feel. I'm not gonna be any fool's Christmas tree Let 'em hang gifts on me that aren't real I'm not gonna take second best I've got no use for the rest. World you better hear what I say C

Karen Elson - 100 years from now lyrics

this song my love, let it be the thorn That pierces through the rose The past doesn't forgive a trouble For tomorrow sinks in its sorrow... A hundred years from now, dear We shall not care at all It will not matter then, dear The honey you've all (?) The song we sang togeth

Huey Lewis - 100 years from now lyrics

I don't treat you like a lady you won't hold my hand And you don't like it when I call you baby don't you understand even though we don't see eye to eye that's no reason to say goodbye you gotta learn to give and take there's so much love we can make

Masters Of Reality - 100 years lyrics

found my place in bed Three feet beneath your head I wanted to stay home I couldn't think of nothing new I moved like syrup, slow I moved I didn't know I'd took off from my faith And I couldn't think of nothing new Boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo Waiting waiti

Five For Fighting - 100 years lyrics

m fifteen for a moment Caught in between ten and twenty And I'm just dreaming Counting the ways to where you are I'm twenty-two for a moment She feels better than ever And we're on fire Making our way back from Mars fifteen there's still time for you Ti

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - 100 years ago lyrics

out walkin' through the wood the other day And the world was a carpet laid before me The buds were bursting and the air smelled sweet and strange And it seemed about a hundred years ago Mary and I, we would sit upon a gate Just gazin' at some dragon in

Kingdom Come - The wind lyrics

in this garden that we shared for years Seeing paradise through all our dreams and tears Scattered seeds along the way and saw them grow At times we've seen the mighty mountain walls Come and go And still the wind is gonna blow Sometimes fast and sometimes slow Floati

Peter Bjorn And John - 100 m of hurdles lyrics

can hear my own stpes echoing in the woods -"Work is the essence of life!" We can't accept that it will stay there With me rubbing my hands against my temple And the laughing at something funny beyond To be oh so sarcastic doesn't

Lynk Lee - Tears lyrics

m so cold in here the wind still mingles in my tears there is a crowd street It's in a hurry Oh, Don't be lost a long day Don't think about tomorrow Don't want to know who you're be with The time is through I've been lost you with our sweet dream You forgot our memor

Meat Puppets - The wind and the rain lyrics

t it blow so cold and lonely Oh, and it's blowin your way Thunder roars, the clouds are reeling A thousand shades of gray And it falls you see it all All that you see Comes from nowhere Can't be explained No one can buy The wind and the rain Wh

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