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...and I Hear A Voice lyrics

Browse for ...and I Hear A Voice song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed ...and I Hear A Voice lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to ...and I Hear A Voice.

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Ensoph - ...and i hear a voice lyrics

still hear a Voice Over this ruins I still hear a Voice ... Forcefully...Spreading through Leave me alone ... Please, leave me alone Our choice was wrong I

Nocturnal Depression - Hear my voice kill yourself lyrics

my voice into your head, don't try to stop it The ... poison streaming into your veins is me The cold you can ... feel is my revenge You're just a ... scum, a creeping filth, you inspire hate Take this poisoned blade or are you So

Jeremy Camp - Hear my voice lyrics

are the only one that brings me peace You are the only ... one where hope is seen The mercy you've given ... is more than I deserve So I lay it down so I can heed your

Amorphis - And i hear you call lyrics

must be out of my mind as I hear you call My name is even ... though I can't see you anywhere Surely this feeling ... must be coming from something Someone gave me yesterday as I searched for you And I hear you call I hear you call my

Lionel Richie - I hear your voice lyrics

many nights thought that I was doing fine thought that time had chased your picture ... from my mind so many times thought my heart was finally strong now I find this heart of mine was so wrong I

Oleta Adams - I just had to hear your voice lyrics

know you thought it best That we spend a little time apart ... But one night with out you Was too much for my heart I know ... I promised not to call Sorry but I didn't have a

Dokken - Voice of the soul lyrics

you see the soul / through a window in your mind Can you ... see the darkness that was left me over time Bordering on sadness / no tranquility ... Look through my mirror and you'll see [So long] A vision come and gone [Inside]

Eddy Arnold - Voice in the old village choir lyrics

hear a voice so sweet and low the voice in the old village choir It sings to me ... of long ago the voice in the old village choir In ... dreams I drift through the twilight haze Home to the seas

Saxon - Voice lyrics

called my name Deep in the coldest blackest night ... You saved my life I heard your voice deep in the night But in my nightmare I start to scream In my nightmare

Pennywise - Let us hear your voice lyrics

s a rebellion on ice and you'll pay the price As ... your freedom fades away. Dishonesty is high, so won't you ... even try To stand up for your rights and say.

Melody Day - Sweetly lalala (i can hear your voice) lyrics

gibuni joha ppallajineun georeum neoege oh~ dalkomhan sangsang gibuni joha ... ppalge jineun eolgul neo mollae oh~ jichigo himdeun narimyeon ip kkori saljjak

Michael W. Smith - I can hear your voice lyrics

m in the river that flows from your throne Water of Life Water of Life It Covers me and I breath again ... Your love is breath to my soul I can hear

Hatebreed - Voice of contention lyrics

they said they knew the truth They lied. No one said my faith ... wouldn't be questioned. Been driven to the brink. Because the truth is too ... hard to accept When you face your mortal enemy. Who

Dixie Chicks - Voice inside my head lyrics

was only a kid When I said goodbye to you Ten summers ago But it feels like yesterday Lost, scared and alone ... Nothing I could give to you I tried, I really did But I

Big Bang - Koe wo kikasete (let me hear your voice) lyrics

made no ame wa mou agatte Asufaluto tadayou machi no nioi ... Nee socchi mo mou hareteru yo ne Nishi kara kaifuku surutte Asa wa negate na ... kimi dakara nee Mainichi chanto okirareteru kai? Sonna

Big Bang - Koe wo kikasete (let me hear your voice) (aco.. lyrics

made no ame wa mou agatte Asufaluto tadayou machi no nioi ... Nee socchi mo mou hareteru yo ne Nishi kara kaifuku surutte Asa wa negate na ... kimi dakara nee Mainichi chanto okirareteru kai? Sonna

Big Bang - Koe wo kikasete (let me hear your voice) (clu.. lyrics

made no ame wa mou agatte Asufaluto tadayou machi no nioi ... Nee socchi mo mou hareteru yo ne Nishi kara kaifuku surutte Asa wa negate na ... kimi dakara nee Mainichi chanto okirareteru kai? Sonna

Gloria Estefan - Oye mi canto (hear my voice) lyrics

me... only for what I am You've got a right to speak ... your mind You've gotta take a stand No one... has the right to say This is right or ... that is wrong It isn't just one way Find

Sadie - Voice of pain lyrics

line tries to visit life to neighborhood of death To die in ... the degree that is not wasted... To deny oneself in ... oneself... To confirm that I live... I calm down without an answer a little. A line

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Hear me lyrics

to hear my voice You can leave, now it's your choice Maybe if I fall asleep, I won't ... breathe right Maybe if I leave tonight, I won't come back ... I said it before, I won't say it again Love is a game to

Against The Current - Hear me (imagine dragons cover) lyrics

to hear my voice You can leave, now it's your choice Maybe if I fall asleep, I won't ... breathe right Maybe if I leave tonight, I won't come back ... I said it before, I won't say it again Love is a game to

Befour - Hear the countdown call lyrics

are the ine, your time is now Just take your chance ... of reaching out So make the step and you will see ... You got the victory You're strong ... enough just from the start You hear the beating of

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - And through the wire lyrics

through the wire I hear your voice And through the wire I touch ... the power And through the wire I see your face It's ... through the wire Friday night, you're staying at home I

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - And then there was silence lyrics

your head and see the fields of flames He carries along from a distant place He ... s on his way he´ll bring decay (don´t move along cause things they will go wrong the

All Sons And Daughters - Your love is all around lyrics

enthroned in beauty All my life, Your love pursues me And I'm found in You Oh Holy One, ... the King of Glory You're the Author ... of my story And I'm found in You 'Cause You give me life It leads me to find Your

Dj Tiesto - Hear you now lyrics

eyes they look the same as mine We can see this way of life Your eyes they look the same as mine Guess you knew this for the longest time Im walking through the corridors

James Vincent Mcmorrow - Hear the noise that moves so soft and low lyrics

hear the noise that moves so soft and slow That ... s the sound of freshly fallen snow Your love is gold, ... your love is gold Seems, seems as though ... we'll be stuck out here for days To bang upon these drums

Harem Scarem - And that's all lyrics

Hess/Lesperance) There's no wind in the morning to drive the ... mill today There's the temple where ... she worships But her faith has gone away And she won't go

Anya - Your voice lyrics

hear your voice... your voice... in my head Like the rain i wash away my tears There ... is no cure for broken heart like this I can get away cause ... you're still running through my mind When you

Lachaise - Whispering voice lyrics

t you hear the voice? Can't you hear the noise? It's ... going on to beat, it's going on to exist Can't you feel ... the pain? Can't you feel the rage? I'm

Lizzy Borden - Stiletto (voice of command) lyrics

mission should you decide to accept Should be met with your ... full iron force This tape in five seconds will self ... on your own The powers above and the powers below Are united complete overthrow Hear

Overload - A voice from the dark lyrics

me… Help me… I listen to the whispers in the wind I feel the guardian angle ... Struggles with might and main Is it talking to me Help ... me… A voice from the dark Help me… Screams to my heart Is it a warning that I hear I can’t understand All the

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - That voice again lyrics

want to be with you I want to be clear but each time I try it's the voice I hear I ... hear that voice again I'm listening to the conversation= ... judge and jury in my head it's colouring everything all

Bethany Dillon - A voice calling out lyrics

hear a voice calling out I hear a voice in this wilderness ... Where darkness has reigned for so long Ground is ... being taken The trumpet sounds And Your glory touches the

4him - The voice of god lyrics

have dreamed of being Moses Standing on the mountain top When ... he heard the voice of God And I admit that even sometimes Ive ... imagined I was Paul on the road to Damascus When he heard

Love & The Outcome - Hear from you lyrics

do I run when my heart's confused? Where do I ... my world's unglued. Who do I trust when friends are far? ... Where I need to be is where You are. Holy Spirit speak, speak through. I'm waiting till I hear, hear from

Love And Theft - If you ever get lonely lyrics

for calling It's so good to hear your voice But you keep breaking up In all the static and ... the noise But I keep listening 'Cause I never had a chance when it came to you I'd

Inxs lyricsInxs - Hear that sound lyrics

your time has come Children watch the fools Don't let anyone tell you What you must ... do Do you like what you see Or does it make you ... cry Use your imagination And start a fire Hear that

Mandisa - Voice of a savior lyrics

of a Savior Some people try to listen to the bottom of a bottle ... Some people try to listen to a needle in their arm Some ... people try to listen to the money in their

Emmure - A voice from below lyrics

is nothing you cant do. Let my voice be the ... one that guides you. Now is the time I need you all to listen and repeat. This worlds a prison but I swear that it

Celtic Woman - The voice lyrics

hear your voice on the wind And I hear you call out my name ... Listen my child you say to me I am The Voice of ... your history Be not afraid - come follow me Answer my

Asia - Voice of america lyrics

heard you on the radio Some other time From some ... forgotten studio Way down the line So long, so ... long I've waited now To hear you again That song, that

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Soul music lyrics

Talib Kweli:] Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-Madlib invasion - music ... please! [female singer:] Music, it makes me ... feel so good Early in the morning it makes me,

Cold War Kids - Hear my baby call lyrics

s a power in your voice or resistance Send a telepathic ... thought like a lightning rod In the distant blue smiling like you do I will not disappear When I hear my baby call

Ensoph - Dance high & shine, shiva! lyrics

Eye open wide Blue skin from poison tide Five faces ... five gazes The entirety hold inside Opposite ... moves tied in a circle Rudraksha dried-fruits rosary shines Two are one in a cosmic middle Static and dynamic in a

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Shake your body lyrics

you guys How are every single one of you feeling? We are upon the stage to make all ... you people high and happy Hi there, Mr. Grumpy with your arms crossed at the end of the

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - Faraway voice lyrics

Faraway voice, We can hear you whoo voice, What's it like to be heard, But from you ... not a word, Are you over those hills, Do ... you still hum the old melodies, Do you wish people listened, Over here with me,

The Perfect Measure - Voice of an angel lyrics

m speechless at the sight of your face And the best ... thing is Is there's not a trace of things i wouldn't do ... For you Of things i wouldn't do Just promise

I Blame Coco - Voice in my head lyrics

light up Just before you leave, so you feel stuck Don't ... leave me this way You're a head rush And I'm bad luck So ... luckily for you this is your lucky day Coco goes to

Novembers Doom - The voice of failure lyrics

struggle to reach above the fault, In the same moment of ... collapse Born to suffer by the fate of this world, come with me ... now, and bleed Visions of the promised land, I

Dreamshade - Your voice lyrics

t wait up for me my dear 'cause I'm not coming home tonight I know you will have fear ... but this is what you have to fight My own solution is an evolution in my state

Gamma Ray - Hear me calling lyrics

'm high over mountains I conquer the stormy seas I ... 'll capture your fortress Bring you down on your knees I'm living the dream Break ... the chains of oppression from you In the land of

Let Me Fall - I'm yours lyrics

I see your smile Mind's blowed away I thought i ... was good enough But I was hated This is try to be heared ... Compose a song That you really mean to me a lot So stay and listen who I'm singing all

Perkele - Voice of anger lyrics

much anger, so much pain, so much confusion in the ... peoples minds Voice of anger, voice of anger on the ... streets tonight Voice of anger, voice of anger on the

Sinbreed - The voice lyrics

red sun rises in the east Before the purple sky ... turns blue Signs of a bright day - it's easy living ... The windy road below my feet My teacher of ... a simple truth: Simple things in life are those to share

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Voice on my tv lyrics

s a familiar voice Sometimes I wonder if I have a choice You give it everything ... You're selling God but am I listening I hear you've seen ... the light Your message comes to me by satellite

Labelle - Roll out lyrics

Ladies! there comes a time in your life When you gotta do ... somethings That you never thought you would ... have to do I ain't your superwoman, I ain't ... your wonder woman I ain't gonna wash your clothes, I

Queensrÿche - The voice lyrics

I still alive? I think I've got it right. I'm, I'm made of light. Before I leave and go away, I have some things that I must say. Before I ... am gone. Finally now I see, There's so much inside

Megan And Liz - Roar lyrics

gonna hear me roar¨ I used to bite my tongue and ... hold my breath Scared to rock the boat and make a mess So I sat quietly, agreed politely I guess that I

Seo In Guk - My voice lyrics

(You and I, you and I) Ladada-dada (You and I, you and I) ... dore dake tsurakatta? ne sukoshidake miseta kimi ... no nakigao Oh mada `uso' no me o shi teru boku

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