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Mary J Blige - When we lyrics

.. Ooh baby... When we... I gotta man to love me down all ... night I just hate it when we fuss and fight Sometimes it's hard for us to get ... along But I miss him when he's not home Nobody

Dionysos - "when the saints go marchin'in" lyrics

to When The Saints Go Marchin'in : Oh when the saints go ... marching in, Oh when the saints go marching in, Oh Lord, I won't be part of this number, ... Oh when the saints go marching in. Oh when the sun

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - When you gonna wake up lyrics

don't make promises that He don't keep You ... got some big dreams baby, but in order to dream you gotta still be asleep. When you ... wake up strengthen the things that remain ? Counterfeited philosophies have polluted

Fantasia - When i see you lyrics

put your picture on my mirror Start to blush when ... somebody says your name In my stomach there's a pain ... See you walking my direction, I go the other way I start to

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - When the sun goes down lyrics

s been a long day, waiting for the night to come I´check my iPhone,let me see ... what's going, going on, going on help me DJ,play my ... favorite song, make speakers shake,

Lost Area - When darkness falls lyrics

night comes saving us from lies No time to fight , no time ... to die We have been blind, we closed our mind No ... regrets for what's left behind When darkness falls We

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - When the sky rained fire lyrics

was the night When the sky rained fire ... It was the night When the stars began to ... fall Oh, baby, I feel guilty There's no reason why ... Baby, cause I promised you Love will never lie

B. B. King - When the saints go marching in lyrics

are traveling in the footsteps Of those who ... before But we'll all be reunited (but if we stand reunited) ... On a new and sunlit shore (then a new world is in store) Oh when the saints

Fabian Buch - When youre with me lyrics

feel like I can touch the moon when you ... re with me I got everything I need when you're with me I ... get a rush in my soul when we get close I ... never felt this way before, ooh...ooh baby

Lisa Chappell - When then is now lyrics

the world stops running And looks me in the eye ... starts to answer all my questions why When God is patient ... and so am I I’ll be happy When life goes

Ciara - When i lyrics

Hey sexyy) When I looked at you, you took my ... breathe away (so sexy) I dont mind if you come through ... invade my space (I'm ready) It doesnt matter

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - When the night comes lyrics

on I'll be back for you It won't be long But for now ... there's something else That's calling me So ... me down a lonesome road Point me east and let me go That

Chris De Burgh - When i think of you lyrics

is something on my mind, and I'm losing concentration And I ... feel it every time, that you are near me. I ... tell you all about, your picture at my bedside, I should

Brett Dennen - When you feel it lyrics

got to worrying because her boy left home in a hurry again Her ... photographs are fading, she keeps a box in the ... closet full of negatives Well, I left a note on

Deuce - When we ride lyrics

yo, Deuce, You hear about this f*** boy Danny, F***in' ... American Idol reject... Deuce and ... Truth: F***in' Faggots! That's when we, ... s when we, that's when we ride! That's when we, that's

3 Doors Down - When i´m gone lyrics

s another world inside of me That you may never ... see There're secrets in this life That I can't hide ... Somewhere in this darkness There's a light ... that I can't find Maybe it's too far away... Or maybe I'm just blind... Or maybe I'm

Erik Grönwall - When you fall lyrics

used to live In a different world Far away from ... tears In a different world Suddenly it's ... gone you hurt inside Surrounded by A cold ... reality A pain you can't deny That no one

Everclear - When it all goes wrong again lyrics

I think it's safe to say I feel good about the place ... That I've been made in the world today I get all ... sticky inside When I close my eyes And I open up

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - When you really love someone lyrics

m a woman Lord knows it's hard I need a real man ... to give me what I need Sweet attention, love ... and tenderness When it's real, its unconditional, I

Helm Levon - When i go away lyrics

in the morning When the church bells toll ... The choir's gonna sing And the hearse will roll ... down to the graveyard Where it's cold and gray And then ... the sun's gonna shine Through the shadows When I go away Don't want no

Love & The Outcome - When we love lyrics

are we listening There's someone crying out ... right now And yeah, we all know ... what it feels like When up is really upside down ... Everybody's got their story The hard days and the

Lowkey - When i die lyrics

single human being that has ever lived was an ... entirely unique creation. Never, ever, ever to be ... repeated again. Sometimes I wonder, what they'll say when

Mac Miller - When in rome lyrics

the freaks coming out when the sun down Hating on it, I don't give a f*** ... now Bad little bitch with her tongue out Told her go ... long, it's a touchdown Do this for the city and the state

Nico & Vinz - When the day comes lyrics

m ready for war Come into town and I'll hide you on ... the rise In the city of gold Fighting the tower ... with my feelings aside When it's 2 in the night The fire's

Heather Nova - When somebody turns you on lyrics

you hear me Am I loud enough Could you see it ... coming Like an avalanche I only felt the need When ... somebody turns you on It's like a light in the dark goes on

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - When i think about you lyrics

I wake up in the morning time and see the sun I say ... thank you Jesus for waking me up today I think about ... his goodness and the wonderful ... things he's done; Forgiving me, setting me free and

Ben Rector - When i get there lyrics

more day til I see you Oh see the light ... start coming through See the sun coming ... up on the skyline Oh I can feel the way it feels to ... be alive Give me one more lovely day

Andre Rieu - When the saints go marching in lyrics

quot;When The Saints Go Marching In" We are trav'ling in the footsteps Of those ... before But we'll all be reunited (but if we stand reunited)

Showaddywaddy - When lyrics

When (when) when you smile when you smile at me ... Well well I know our love will always be. When (when) ... when you kiss when you kiss me right, I, I don't want

Shakira lyricsShakira - When a woman lyrics

a woman loves a man Manipulate and cause you pain But ... lift you up when you're hurting Scream goodbye, laugh when ... the tears when they're burning I felt it deep inside of

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - When i (pullin up demo) lyrics

Verse 1] I don't really know, when I ... know you're saying I've been living down, every ... note you're saying I don't mean enough, but I know ... you're saying I've been taking all you know, but I know

A Very Potter Senior Year - When i was lyrics

was a time when live had meaning Not so long ago I knew ... the lines, it was easy being The star of the show ... There was a time when things were fine I could make wine from water There was a time when I was happy When I

Abc - When smokey sings lyrics

lullabies in melodies revealed. In deep despair ... on lonely nights. He knows just how you ... rhymes - the sharpest suits. In miracles made real. Like ... a bird in flight on a hot sweet night. You

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - When you love someone lyrics

love someone - you'll do anything you'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain ... you'll deny the truth - believe a lie there'll be times ... that you'll believe you can really fly but

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - When you're gone (with melanie c) lyrics

ve been wandering around the house all night ... Wondering what the hell to do I'm ... trying to concentrate but all I ... can think of is you Well the phone don't ring cuz my friends ain't home

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - When i drink i go crazy lyrics

I've had a long day so tonight I need a drink Don't ask ... why I don't wanna think Coz the night is ours and ... we wanna drink some more We ain't gonna until they throw us

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - When the girl gets hot (the love don't stop) lyrics

to kill, Looking sublime Into won't take long, And she ... ll be mine Now she got me by hand Into her room we go, She ... throws me on the bed and I start to crow, Dripping with

Akon - When the time's right lyrics

what up, I go by the name of Divine, I ... got my boy Akon in the back But before I bring ... him out, I want all the ladies Come on, ok ok ok ok, Come ... on all my ladies in the place today Come on, ok

Alabama - When it all goes south lyrics

ll creep up on you like a kudzu vine Even miles ... above the Mason-Dixon line 'Til one day you're craving hominy grits And scanning the ... jukebox for George Jones hits Drinkin' Jack Black tryin'

Alabama - When we make love lyrics

s a light, in your eyes tonight. You know I know that ... anywhere. You got plans, and I'm one lucky man. Before we ... get so carried away, Theres just something I've been wanting to say.

Alabama Capital - When you look me in the eyes (jonas brothers) lyrics

the heart is always searching, Can you ever find a home? ... I've been looking for that someone, I'll ... never make it on my own. Dreams can't ... take the place of loving you, There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - When she says baby lyrics

days it's tough just gettin' up Throwin' on these boots ... and makin' that climb Some days I'd rather be a ... no-show lay-low Before I go outta my mind. But when

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - When the lights go out lyrics

gotta get to you baby, I gotta get to you now Without ... you I'm going crazy, without you girl I'm going wild ... The only thing that I wanna do is fall into you

Alex Goot - When you're gone lyrics

you, this seems so hard to do You ... used to be easier, back in the day Oh times have ... And now you’re so far away If I could do anything, I’d ... make you stay Gonna miss, gonna miss you when you’re

All Good Things - When you feel the most alive lyrics

see the memories slip away Into a violent sea of grey We ... were heavy, we were hopeless I’m losing the fight I hear ... static fill my head With words that will remain unsaid They are heavy, they are

Thomas Anders - When will i see you again? (ft. the three deg.. lyrics

will I see you again? When will we share precious moments? ... Will I have to wait forever? Will I have to ... suffer And cry the whole nights through? When will see

Jessica Andrews - When gentry plays guitar lyrics

Gentry plays guitar It’s like a song Leon sang long ago ... When Gentry plays guitar The girls at the bar ... watch him roll away the stone Pisces ... Queen When he lets down his long, brown hair I wish he

Tasmin Archer - When it comes down to it lyrics

ve done nothing wrong but it seems so long since we've ... shared some time and i say i don't mind but oh when it ... comes down to it do you really wanna? but

Rachel Crow - When i was your man (by bruno mars) lyrics

bed, but it feels just A little bit bigger now Our song ... on the radio But it don't sound the same When ... our friends talk about you All it ... does is just tear me down 'Cause my

Sofia Arnell - When i look at you lyrics

needs inspiration Everybody needs a song A ... Beautiful melody, when the nights so long Cause there is ... no guarantee That this life is easy (Yeah) When my world

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - When it comes to us lyrics

turning up when it comes to us He is come and ... You are gonna drop when it comes to us But we do it ... again Go and when it comes to us Way we dress ... Believe it or not When it comes to us Will do it again Love how we do Is making it blue Is making it thrill

Rick Astley - When you gonna ft. lisa lyrics

is a special thing It means more to me than just a ... wedding ring When two people join as ... t know just what has begun It comes to love, honor, cherish and obey You promised, girl, that you would not go away

Rick Astley - When you love someone lyrics

went home for the weekend I saw my friends and my family ... I couldn't believe how they'd changed They ... where laughing and crying Feeling all the joy in life It was so good to feel it

Astral Doors - When darkness comes lyrics

on the bible; hand on the book that ... speaks of war Two different faces of the world ... and for always; look there behind the walls of time To blind ... darkness comes; screams of silence Soon it's done; when

Automatic Loveletter - When first met lyrics

we'er together we drift away Often out of sight ... We feel things that we can't explain If we try hard we just might ... Take me back to the beginning The night when we first

Avery - When i look at you lyrics

needs inspiration Everybody needs a song ... Beautiful melody, when the nights so long Cause there is ... no guarantee That this life is easy (Yeah) When my world

Baby Dee - When i get home lyrics

in the bricks and the foundry dust I ... lost track of time I'm gonna get it when I get ... home He's gonna kill me when I get home That love should ... turn to bitterness All so naturally Poison from my pretty song

Barbie - When you're a princess lyrics

is the role of a princess to hold your head up high An honor, a privilege to ... day and days gone by A princess is loyal, a smile upon ... place When you're a princess, it's all up to you

Bardot - When the cats away lyrics

can't deny Things have been good But I don ... t know why They don't quite seem what they should My ... only evidence is my sixth sense Telling me You're ... doing all the things you used to do Do again

Beatrice Miller - When i was your man (by bruno mars) lyrics

bed, but it feels just A little bit bigger now Our song ... on the radio But it don't sound the same When ... our friends talk about you All it ... does is just tear me down 'Cause my

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