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Jackson United - Like a bomb lyrics

-if it's a hassle Then I can leave you hostile Embrace ... less and less often Distaste almost forgotten Stop on a ... dime or just let yourself listen Wasting

Aly And Aj - Like whoa lyrics

is good I can't complain I mean I could but no one's ... listening Your image overwhelms my brain And it ... down I love the wind but I hate the sound You're like a tattoo that I can't remove And

Cemetery Of Scream - And just the birds... lyrics

boughs of the trees of the plain of lights wrapped up in a ... crest of roof broken'n'left walls overgrown of grass'n'wine ... white shrub washed down of drops of storm

Ray Lamontagne - Like rock & roll and radio lyrics

you still in love with me Like the way you used to be or is ... it changing? Does it deepen over ... time like the river That is winding through the Canyon? Are you still in love

Oasis lyricsOasis - Love like a bomb lyrics

seeing a whole Nother world in my ... mind girl I'm feeling an' breathing in love all the ... you turn me on, love’s like a bomb, blowing my mind you

Rage Against The Machine - Calm like a bomb lyrics

the funk blast (whispered) Feel the funk ... blast (whispered) Well feel the ... funk blast Well feel the funk blast ... Well feel the funk blast Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo

My Darkest Days - Like nobody else lyrics

seventh and she's heading for school She'll probably leave me, for some college ... fool And I know, that's just the way it goes In funny ... old place under the street light Face to face, here on our last

Method Man - And justice for al lyrics

Chorus (x2)] F*** yall analog niggas we be digital wu-tang, killarmy we indespensible ... we never fall we stand tall like sky-scrapers and justice for all [Killa Sin] We move on

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - And justice for all lyrics

y'all analog niggas we be digital Wu-Tang, Killarmy we indespensible We never ... fall We stand tall like sky-scrapers and justice for all F*** y'all analog niggas

New Politics - Just like me lyrics

like me Just like me Just like me Just like me me me me! ... You say you want to save the world (Just Like Me) ... You want to find the perfect girl

Ryan Beatty - Like me or not lyrics

yeah Now I don't care if you walk right by me ... With another guy See I got plenty ... of time Plenty of time Yeah You can blow me off It won ... t make a difference I won't listen

Naildown - Like i'd care lyrics

a wounded soul That's left to go on by myself Just shattered remains of all that ... I have left Burnt, broken, dead inside Nothing to lose ... I fly high You bring pitch black skies (That's what you do)

Damnwells - Like it is lyrics

wants to be on your mind 'cause you're one of a kind Aren't you baby Everybody wants to be on your side Come along for the ride if you want ... to baby Don't tell me like it is Just how it could be

Overkill - Just like you lyrics

s just like you to talk when I'm not around It's just like you to kick me when I'm ... down Symptoms of your lunacy, tryin' to be what you can ... t be I don't want to end up just like you I can't hear you,

Landon Pigg - Just like i am lyrics

beauty is blinding but she means nothing wrong She's ... looking for love just like I am Amazing in the sunlight, a ... gift for a man She's looking for love just

Agnostic Front - Just like yesterday lyrics

before dishonor Our path through history And just like yesterday Undying loyalty ... [x2] Against all odds we stood side by side ... Make something outta nothing, we built this with

D-pryde - Just like me lyrics

re just like me I'm just like you You already know What ... rock, rock, rock pretty lady Rock, rock, rock, rock, ... rock, pretty lady You're just like me I'm just like you

Elisa - Just some order lyrics

need some darkness and sunshine I'm still afraid ... I forget I forget I'd like some order just some order ... round here I'd like some order just some order around here I'd like some

Elton John lyricsElton John - Just like belgium lyrics

Belgium and the Brussels Museum Where ... we piled on the front steps like stray cavaliers Our code of ... living meant little to others The few ... francs we saved bought some cheap

Richard Hawley - Just like the rain lyrics

walked in silent, through the ... m coming home I feel so strange, I feel so weak I've walked a world of empty streets ... In search alone, I've searched alone But you're

James Morrison - Just like a child lyrics

keep holding on to time Cause it moves so fast Keep ... believing in a dream Even though I know it ... won’t last Always looking to the stars I ... follow no man’s plan Oohh I do the best I can

Se7en - Just like a man lyrics

A D A A D A E A D A D E Just like a man, flexing his ... muscle and not really usin' it A D A D E F#m Just like a fool, making her ... suffer And stuffing her feelings with

Aviators - Just like you lyrics

you Flying higher Gone in a flash Like a multi-colored ... I could fly beside you Someday I'll be up there Just like ... you Dashing through the air I know one day my dreams

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Just about time lyrics

Just about time I'm feelin' blue ... tryin' to get over you) Maybe it's just about time I ... told you I'm all through with you But just about the time I start to tell

The Connells - Just like us lyrics

Young ones will step away. How long will it take them ... How long 'til it breaks them? Just walking into a ... new day. How long will it take them? How long 'til it breaks them? They fight and

Maccabees - Just like the rain lyrics

walked in silence Through the ... m coming home I feel so strange I feel so weak I walked a world of empty streets In search alone I've searched alone

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Like a prayer lyrics

is a mystery, everyone must stand alone I hear you call my name And it feels like home ... When you call my name it's like a little prayer I'm down on

Punk Goes... - Like a prayer by rufio (madonna cover) lyrics

is a mystery, everyone must stand alone I hear you call my name And it feels like home ... When you call my name it's like a little prayer I'm down on

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Just like that lyrics

R-Kelly] Oh baby, If I could explain the ... ...... Oooh If I could explain the joy I feel All this ... love makin is oh so real Oooh like winter time by

Victoria Beckham lyricsVictoria Beckham - Like a prayer lyrics

is a mystery, everyone must stand alone I hear you call my name And it feels like home ... When you call my name it's like a little prayer I'm down on

April Wine - Just like that lyrics

and jivin', bareback ridin', anything to tease you We rant and rave, the world to save, anything to please you Now all ... night long we roll along, we ain't in bed till seven I know

Cece Winans - Just like that lyrics

woke her up this morning she saw something on his mind His ... eyes were cold and distant and his spirit was unkind He ... said I'm off to find myself and I won't be coming back

Jamie Foxx - Just like me(ft. t.i) lyrics

Foxx? I had I had a chick man She wouldn’t did me real ... wrong, I mean I did the same thing to her but She ain’t ... have no right to do me like that though dawg, for real

Leslie Carter - Like wow! lyrics

looks bright Standing in your light ... Everything feels right, What's left is ah out of sight ... What's a girl to do I'm feeling you, ... you're on my mind I wanna be with you 'Cause when

Lil Kim - Just like me lyrics

got it going on (what, what) you got it going on (what, ... what) Come on, come on Strictly ... f*** with those 6-digit niggas If the first one is a (9) ... they a buck behind I live my rhyme

Loudness - Like hell lyrics

many times, I've been lost And blinded by the light Caught up in a maze Now I feel just like a wolf Who forgot how ... to fight And frozen by the haze I was a hungry mean beast I'll never be satisfied Always looking for the next feast Wailing for the next ride

Low - Just stand back lyrics

can't decide and I can't hide Make up my mind it's ... a waste of time Here comes the ... knife You better just stand back I could turn on you so fast It's a hit its got soul

Mark Medlock - Just like heaven lyrics

.. Hello...that what we are called. Just like heaven.. ... .every moment. Once somedays I really like diamonds. And the time, it's for no war. ... I'm flying of the wings of an angel. And I know where I

Carpark North - Just like me lyrics

do you dream? How do you think? How do ... do everything If you're not like me And you're just like me ... You are just like me. And what do you feel? What do

A Tribe Called Quest - Like it like that lyrics

Ya (echoes) Say What? We was in the back of the joint ... cooling out And I saw this girl Asked her if she like it like that Nod her head ... I didn?t stress Let my beat keep knocking cause we rock

Amerie - Just like me lyrics

Yeah I'd given up on love but ... I gave up on the chance that I'd ever fall head over ... heels (Yeah) And all the stars I wished upon I never ... thought That one would fall down on me and oooh its

Pat Benatar - Just like me lyrics

s just like me, to say to you Love me dear, an' i ... ll be true And all i want for you to say Is you'll ... come home with me each day You could be my love That

Blind Pilot - Just one lyrics

all things be as they should. Let my heart just drift like wood. And will I ... break and will I bow, if I cannot let it go? Feel that ... sun just hold you right, leave you burning down the night.

Dave Gahan lyricsDave Gahan - Just try lyrics

came to me with open arms To take away my fears I ... took you in and you stayed awhile Live with me right here ... in something Something that’s true Like the mountains and the deep blue oceans So

Robin Gibb - Like a fool lyrics

many lovers, too many nights. Face in the ... mirror that keeps you alive. So close together, so ... far apart. I'm so afraid without you. Rain on ... never cross. Wind on the ocean, the feeling is lost. I

Hawk Nelson - Just like me lyrics

shows up nervously and says "It's time we settle ... up the score" Cause all the things that I regret Are all the things I've said ... before Hard to ignore, I'd like you even more But you're just like me I talk behind your

Hawk Nelson - Like a racecar feat. trevor mcnevan lyrics

words said to me These broken mirrors ... make it hard to see Does anyone feel the same? I need ... some help, I need some change Broken dreams and broken ... hearts You broke my trust right

Lecrae - Just like you lyrics

J-Paul:] I just wanna be like you, Walk like, talk like, ... even think like you The only one I could ... look to You're teaching me to be just like you ... Well I just gotta be like, I just gotta be like you

Lillix lyricsLillix - Just like you lyrics

that road, we all know All things aside I've got a ... few, questions you Have to reply, and soon 'Cause ... when, we were young Taking a ride Counting all, the waterfalls That fell from the

Patty Loveless - Like water into wine lyrics

open up that bottle Come and lay down by my side I don ... t have no special reason Just this ache I feel inside I wanna lose my inhibitions I wanna lose those words we said

Monrose - Just like that lyrics

me what you know about a girl. Tell me about it, talk ... it over. Its like I´ve got a habit being hurt. I ... should have known better. But you ... should´ve known. Put on a dress that can ease my pain.

Aggro Santos - Like u like ft kimberley walsh lyrics

And you can have all of me tonight Ain't nobody ... else gon' make it right You got me like a ... bullet taking flight I'll hit you ... right Just like you like And you can have all of me

Usher lyricsUsher - Just like me lyrics

Kim Rap: You got it going on (What, ... What) You got it going on (What, ... What) Come on, Come on Strictly ... f*** with those six digit niggas If the first one is a nine

Angel (us) - Just a dream lyrics

stillness of the night arrives, And leaves a dream ... that few survive. It brings the ... past and future lives, And drifts before my tired eyes ... I'm standing by the empty stream,

Phil Collins - Like china lyrics

mom and daddy both say I must be crazy to be this ... infatuated But I know you know We ... got something special never felt before You get ... me going just looking at you And the feeling's not hard to

Common - Just in the nick of rhyme lyrics

rhyme I pick up, trick up, and like hiccup (hiccup!) this ... is a good place for a stickup So throw your hands ... in the air and say hell yeah I can beat mike tyson, plus

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Just like you lyrics

and tell me all about What you experienced las night I ... know you like to kiss and tell And spread it all around So tell me all about ... How everybody likes you That everything is possible If

Fiction Family - Just rob me lyrics

met a pretty girl the next town ... over Running like a river, thin and long Other ... than her dress, she looked mighty ... well depressed So I asked this pretty lady what was

Less Than Jake - Just like frank lyrics

s just like anyone he's just like anybody he's just like frank ... and I know it and he knows it it's his one ... of view I know it when he says it's my way, or the wrong

Oceans Red - Like you lyrics

don't understand it at all Maybe you're getting older And ... your game is over But I'm not gonna ... be just like you And look like you And live my life like

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