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P.o.box - The sun doesnt like you lyrics

Sun Doesn't Like You The sun doesn't like you, you always ... get burned, Stay in the shade and watch the world ... turn. Better find a new place to lay on the

Dead Man's Bones - In the room where you sleep lyrics

saw something sitting on you bed. I saw something touching your head. In the room where you sleep. In the room where you sleep. Where you......sleep. You better run. (You got

Sean Maguire - The sun shines from you lyrics


Kazaky - The sun lyrics

don't see me Now I'm far away You don't feel me ... Now I'm not like yesterday Time goes back Leaving a trail ... of nowhere We rush forward Like stars falling from nowhere

Omd - The sun and the moon lyrics

autumn leaves were falling As we raced against the sun And all but friends stop ... calling They assumed the race was run And no one here ... or reason What we’ve done We can’t provide the answer

Emilie Autumn - I know where you sleep lyrics

know where you sleep I know The sickening thoughts ... that slither around your head I know The gluttonous ... guilt that buried me in your bed Manipulate me if you

Satariel - The sun is grey lyrics

you join me in this darkness Could you perhaps ... lend a hand And be my companion in despair Here's enough ... share No one can grasp what it's like What I try to show with these words I'ld rather die and burn in hell than stay

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Even the stars fall 4 u lyrics

couldn’t bring myself to take you home, I got you out here all ... along And even this old truck of mine, is staying right here tonight Yeah ... those fireflies in the field, they gotta know the way I feel

Mr. President - Where the sun goes down lyrics

and me got to be where the sun goes down, Oh oh hey oh, oh ... oh oh You and me got to be where the sun goes down, Oh oh hey ... oh Oh oh hey oh, oh oh oh I'm in love again Easy to

Alabama 3 - The moon has lost the sun lyrics

time I manage to get one more breath ... into this body I will sing a song of thanks to you my ... brothers, my sisters, my friends may your sleep be ... peaceful, and angels sing sweetly in your ears (I

The Gathering - Even the spirits are afraid lyrics

think you were earning Burning the church of your god You ... were yearning Learning the birth of your dirt Did you think you earned it Burning your ... god That you thought messed up your life?

Dead Confederate - The rat lyrics

from the back, take good aim, Make sure I'm dead Bang ... Bang 'Cause I'm a rat there's no mistake Under the ... bed where you sleep Crush the skull make me

Sebastian Wurth - You let the sun go down lyrics

made in a second Not only meant for ... a day But the love that we shared You ... threw it away So it doesn't matter What happens ... to me I'll never get better Nor set

Manic Street Preachers - You stole the sun from my heart lyrics

- water to stay thin Or is it to purify I love you all the same But there's no - no ... real truce with my fury You don't have to believe me I ... love you all the same But you stole the sun from my heart You stole the sun from my heart You stole t

Hellogoodbye - You sleep alone lyrics

love's such a chore Something you've got but you never ... show It's like some deed left undone Or a ... reap you'll never sow It's like you'll never get it done It's like you'll never get it done It's like you'll never

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - The chimera lyrics

tales and time in whales Substitutes for sin ... It takes some life to find the light within Whistle past the lane, lover Whistle past the ... s forever strange Nestle on the moon, sunshine Nestle on the

Kid Cudi - Where did you sleep last night? lyrics

Chorus) My girl, My girl don't lie to me Tell me where did you sleep last night?? In the pines, In the pines where the sun don't ever shine I ... was here the whole night through My girl, My girl where will you go?? I'm goin' where the cold wind blows In the pines, In t

Mark Lanegan - Where did you sleep last night lyrics

girl, my girl, don't lie to me Tell me where did you ... sleep last night In the pines, in the pines Where the sun don't ever shine I would shiver the whole night through

Discharge - Sleep in hope lyrics

In Hope In Hope Of This A Land Where Thought Is As ... Free as The Sun Where The Altars Of Sheer Power And ... Mere Profit Have Fallen Fallen To Disuse Fallen To Disuse So

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - Where did you sleep last night lyrics

girl, my girl, don't lie to me, Tell me where did you sleep last night. In the pines, in the pines, Where the sun don't ever shine. I would shiver the whole night through.

Melody Thornton - The one that got away lyrics

you is like the pith (Like the doctor) Sometimes he don't ... (And sometimes he love ya) Didn't get us very far (All that ... cheatin') And messin' around, already had us a

Eldritch - The dark inside lyrics

the night, the sun will shine And I would like to be in ... Heaven After the rain, after the pain Don’t know if my heart ... could be beating Who knows the reasons why I’m here, down on

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - A place in the sun lyrics

a long lonely stream I keep runnin' towards a dream ... Movin' on, movin' on Like a branch on a tree I keep ... reachin' to be free Movin' on, movin' on 'Cause there's a place in the sun Where

Texas lyricsTexas - Where did you sleep? lyrics

pushed away you're rocking chair You're seven years of living Choose to think it over - you could try You held beauty on ... your knee You felt you were so giving You made one

Clawfinger - Where are you now? lyrics

do everything right for all the wrong reasons and you use ... all the tricks of the trade From the tip of your ... toes to the tip of your tongue you've carefully

Crystal Eyes - Somewhere over the sun lyrics

the suffering man with a sword in his hand He's ... standing by the grave of the girl he could not save There's ... a tear in his eye, and he's wondering why

Kenny Loggins - The undeniable groove lyrics

you ever wondered how you chose The life that you have ... led? How a million rivers run between the heart and ... the head It ain’t easy, though You need to

Belle & Sebastian - Sleep the clock around lyrics

the moment will come when composure returns ... Put a face on the world, turn your back to the ... wall And you walk twenty yards with your ... head in the air Down the Liberty Hill, where the fashion

Glenn Frey - You belong to the city lyrics

sun goes down, the night rolls in You can feel it ... starting all over again The moon comes up and the music ... calls You're gettin' tired of starin' at the same

Her Name In Blood - The rail to trail lyrics

steps to the hope unseen Picking up the pieces and all He ... grab is everything Now he just looks forward ... Now he leaves this steam Don't look back and

Alison Moyet - Where hides sleep lyrics

hides sleep is she watching me Don't desert me now Where hides sleep you're tormenting ... hole of my soul and pull me into darkness Cover me over ... and stifle my anguish Where hides sleep she's avoiding me

Have Heart - The same sun lyrics

quot;Son, did you stare too long in front of ... that mirror? did it break when your conscience didn't get any clearer with the ... stomach you'll fill with all the food you eat and lack of pain you feel for the eyes that

Redfoo - Where the sun goes (featuring stevie wonder) lyrics

I’ve been watching you Ooh, baby, I know you’ve ... been watching me too You’re the type of girl In demand and ... loves to dance To make the boys go insane If you’re the

Lucid Dreaming - The price lyrics

Welcome my little friends, welcome to our lands This is where all things end and ... all begins Here never comes the sun, neither should you have done Toads you'll be from now on,

Air Supply - The book of love lyrics

Of Love, That Sacred Place Where We Walk Tall, Or In Disgrace ... Who Tills The Ground On Which We Tread Who Gives Us All ... Our Daily Bread The Spirit Woken From Its Sleep The

Anastacia - Staring at the sun lyrics

like spring turned into winter With you there’s no in ... between Something’s won’t be meant to last ... Too much of a good thing Peaceful I step into your

Marble Sounds - The summer of the sun lyrics

plan is bound to succeed We will conquer the heat We're living without limits Driving ... down south They won't ever track us down You know an offer's a lie When

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - The heart knows (with barry gibb) lyrics

s time for me to say exactly how I ... feel The heart knows what is true and what is real Who ... that little girl is, where's she coming from Who's the ... one beside her holding hand Holding hand Will

Emeli Sandé lyricsEmeli Sandé - Where i sleep lyrics

s nowhere that I wouldn't follow There's nothing that I won't do for your kiss I love you like there's no ... tomorrow Cause nothing ever felt like this There's nothing I won't steal or

Joseph Arthur - In the sun lyrics

picture you in the sun wondering what went wrong And falling down on your knees asking ... for sympathy And being caught in between all you wish for and all you seen And

Mewithoutyou - The sun and the moon lyrics

broke the king's decree, Peter stepped ... from the ship to the sea there was hope for Job like a cut ... down tree, I hope that there's such hope for me dust be

Mountain - You can't get away! lyrics

can see you, baby, from a thousand miles ... away, And I know you love me, no matter what you ... say. I can tell you, baby, where you belong, By my side at the end of the day, when the work

Tracy Bonham - The one lyrics

sleep the day away giving you all I can Ready to reach ... new lows dying to wash my hand You're the one that froze the sun Say you love me as you pull the trigger Better today rather

Brandy - Where you wanna be (feat. t.i.) lyrics

T.I] Uh Ya Know What? On The Real Uh [Verse 1] Me And ... We Need To Start Off New You Need To Choose Don't Be ... Confused I Think It's Time, Time That You Tell Me Where You

Dashboard Confessional - Even now lyrics

now I can smell your clothes Freshly from the wash Still hot from the dryer Even ... now I can smell your skin As I wrap you in a towel Lay you ... on the bed And try to love you Even now I can feel your

Iskald - The sun i carried alone lyrics

mind is travelling to a distant past Away from this ... wasteland so cold and vast I think of the things that I ... never do Like watching the moon and thinking of you Now

Joe - Where you at lyrics

feat. Papoose) Where you at Where you at Where you at Baby where you at Baby where you at Baby ... where you at Baby where you at [Joe] Every word I cut you down is playing in my head Like a scare face crime scene aint no bringing it back Those

Jon Lee - Fly into the sun lyrics

oooh oooh The tears that cloud my eyes Won ... t let me sleep You're lying here with me But you're so ... far away The hours pass I long to hear you speak Ooooh

Lifehouse - Into the sun lyrics

s been a while since you last saw me, One breaks ... down and the other runs free. These eyes can ... t see the days break, Too late for the others mistakes. Sit down

Sights & Sounds - Storm and the sun lyrics

can't sleep until the sun dries me Restless breeze ... Hammered soul lying Wise men say only fools rush in ... Harvest please! Let the storm right in The storm and

Becoming The Archetype - The sun eater lyrics

resolve I walked an UNTRAVELED PATH In ... ANGUISH endured UNSPEAKABLE WRATH I am the one who swallowed the sun Who boldly declared THE IMPOSSIBLE “DONE” Perfection

Being As An Ocean - Even the dead have their tasks lyrics

our gear And we're gone again Driven by passion, outward ... Away from family and friends But what they can't see ... Is that every day I'm drowning in a sea Of faces that I miss so desperately With each

Ray Charles - The sun's gonna shine again lyrics

when I'm done Mess again Ho lord, and my baby Don't ... understand Well I know, ah, child That the sun ... .sun gonna shine again...shine again Well you say That you'll always be mine Hee, lawdy

Mason Jennings - Where the sun had been lyrics

was travelin' in a caravan Out across the ... desert sand Fourth battalion of the infantry Headin' in ... towards the enemy Or at least that's ... what they're tellin' me Wind blowin' across a cross-eyed

Naked And Famous - The sun lyrics

it comes The unavoidable sun weighs my head, And what the hell have I done, And you ... know, I don't remember a thing I don't remember A thing So I'm done, Am I

Britt Nicole - The sun is rising lyrics

life has cut too deep and left you hurting, The future you ... had hoped for is now burning, And the dreams you held ... so tight have lost their meaning, And you don't know if you'll ever find the healing...

Catamenia - The day when the sun faded away lyrics

I see is shadows and night Four seasons turn into ... one It's a cold and dark time Fear graps a hold of me ... The whispers in my ears They are getting stronger all the

Doobie Brothers - The master lyrics

don't know why I keep on tryin' Must be a better way out I hope I find it soon Every night, I just can't keep from ... cryin' Even my old dog Keeps ... howlin' at the moon Even my old dog

Hotel Books - Where we sleep is where we dream lyrics

know I can’t take anything with me But I hope I can hold ... on to my memories There are shapes in the patterns ... on the wall I don’t see people anymore at

Norah Jones - The sun doesn't like you lyrics

sun doesn't like you, you always get burned, Stay in the shade and watch the world ... turn. Better find a new place to lay on the ... ground, Can't stay where you are or you're gonna be found.

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