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\"when I Opened The Window\" lyrics

Browse for \"when I Opened The Window\" song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed \"when I Opened The Window\" lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to \"when I Opened The Window\".

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Autumn - When lust evokes the curse lyrics

horseman rides slowly through the mirror's sight He's singing ... a hymn for the victory of another fight Lancelot, his ... semblance radiates a mystic might Hair from underneath his helmet, and the red helmet

Lady Sovereign - The battle (shystie,frost p & zuz rock) lyrics

P! -Zuz. -SOV, Lady Sovereign. -Shystie! Yo, Medasyn ... starts. First the political son, Zuz Rock. Den, I will do. Yo. [FROST P] See ... anybody wanna checks me on dis? Be like most dese kids who

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The witness' dull surprise lyrics

well, the rain it never stops here Is it ... strange that I no longer see the hand in front of my face? ... Just short of longing for the past And short of asking for

Journey - Opened the door lyrics

you came to me Touched my life Girl, how you sheltered me ... Touched my life It's the joy, you gave to me When I ... was on my own, alone Girl, your lips touching mine

Adam Sandler - The hypnotist lyrics

by Big Brother. (typing sounds) Dr. Stewart: Hi, (I'm) Dr. Stewart. Gary Phelps: ... Hi, Dr. Stewart. Nice to meet you -- I'm Gary ... have you ever been hypnotized before? Gary Phelps: No, I haven't. I'm actually quite

Harmony - The window of my soul lyrics

me her, the one to guide me Save my soul, from the ... withering illusion Call her name, her name to ... me Send her here, here to bring us prosperity I will

The Kooks - The window song lyrics

look out my window just to see her arrive ... but she'll be gone I look out my window just to ... see her arrive but she'll be gone just ... as soon as I open my eyes just as soon as

Course Of Nature - The window lyrics

I noble Or am I a fake Oh, so fragile But ... hard to break With my back against the wall ... Still I am falling I can't find my way I can't find my ... calling Back in the day Time is dissolving The world

George Jones - The window up above lyrics

ve been living a new way Of life that I love so But I can ... see the clouds are gath'ring And the storm will wreck ... our home For last night he held you tightly And

Elisa - The window lyrics

you open the window I'm free from the words that ... are hard to come out like a weeping willow your fingers in my hair when the wind comes and plays its music

Black Lab - The window lyrics

know there's a window Place where you used to ... appear I spend my nights watching Wishing that ... you were here And all the hours All those days I

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The window lyrics

do you stand by the window Abandoned to beauty and ... pride The thorn of the night in your bosom The spear of the ... age in your side Lost in the rages of fragrance Lost in the rags of remorse Lost in the

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The town lyrics

when I say 2-0, you say... Nah, you ... know the rest This is our scene Our music, our ... movement, the history lives through us I write to the ... beat and let life play the guitar strings Despite the drama

The Cramps - Wilder wilder faster faster lyrics

WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES! Go naked as ... nature intended Stand under heaven with natures extended Wilder wilder faster faster Psycho ... slaves and schizo masters! No burning passions and .... [?] And...[?]...

Salt´n Pepa - The showstopper lyrics

Once again my friends and countrymen Lend us ... your ears and eyes The Showstopper is stupid fresh ... When will you be satisfied?) Yo, bust it Sandy D.

Handsome Boy Modeling School - The projects (p jays) lyrics

quot;It may take a long time, but my house will last ... forever - and it will have been worth it What ... are you going to build your house with?"

Zack Hemsey - The runner lyrics

was living his life in a fog Oblivion’s welcoming ... arms His view of society marred No perception of ... forces at large Quite the misfit and always on guard In

Sleater-kinney - The fox lyrics

the day the duck was born The fox was watching all along ... He said, "Land ho" when he ... saw the duck Land ho and the duck saw him too Shiny

Dream Theater - The big medley lyrics

'ya Thought 'ya Might like to Go to the show To ... feel the warm thrill of confusion That space cadet glow ... Tell me is something eluding you sunshine? Is this not

Adam Sandler - The beating of a high school science teacher lyrics

by Rob Schneider "And now the ... severe beating of a high school science teacher. ... " (Lecturing) "Zinc is by far the best element.

Darkest Horizon - The hourglass lyrics

will ever be the same There's a the dark corruption ... spreading Deep inside our vains "Downward is the ... only way", she said "Lets aim for the skies", he replied "The maelstrom takes us all",

Donovan - The walrus and the carpenter lyrics

spoken] Presenta the grand circo! The prima del mondo! La ... grand successo! Giulia Nova Vittorio! Fantastico! Magnifico! Spectaculario! [spoken

The Dubliners - The old alarm clock lyrics

first I came to London In the year of thirty nine The city ... looked so wonderful And the girls were so divine But the ... coppers got suspicious And they soon gave me the knock I

Cher - The bells of rhymney lyrics

what will you give me?" Say the sad ... bells of Rhymney "Is there hope for the future?" ... Say the brown bells of Murther "Who made the might on

Conflict - The ungovernable farce lyrics

the warning same f***ed weary ... hell bent on war Wondering where the reinforcements ... for the next attack are coming from Afar they are led like cattle to be scapegoats to the scheme While the lady laps

Pierce The Veil - The new national anthem lyrics

my hand behind you like a chain behind a truck. Sparks over ... your carpet while I chase you through the ... Somebody's supposed to fall in love, but nobody even calls.

Gaelic Storm - The ferryman lyrics

the little boats have gone, from the breast of Anna Liffey, and the Ferrymen are stranded on the ... quai, The Dublin docks are dying, and a way of life is gone

Major Lazer - When you hear the bassline (feat. ms. thing) lyrics

s miss thing What me say ladies Want you to back it up pon ... yuh know What me tell you fi do? Back it up pon de man ... Fling it up pon de man Cock it up pon de man What me say?

All Good Things - When you feel the most alive lyrics

see the memories slip away Into a violent sea of grey We ... were heavy, we were hopeless I’m losing the fight I hear ... static fill my head With words that will remain unsaid They are heavy, they are

Brainstorm (prāta Vētra) - When nightlife covers the daylight lyrics

down in a jungle Or being high in hollywood Girls are ... strangely smiling And all the ladies feeling good We ... speakers over speakers Devils dancing on a rope Flashlights make a fever The only thing we miss is hope When nightlife covers the daylight

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - When i pop the trunk lyrics

no wait, no time box, no funeral Just 9 ... shots, take top 5, plus big 4 You got 50, I love war ... Who wanna box, with my ox, they wanna dump him I wanna dump

Natalie Merchant - When they ring the golden bells lyrics

s a land beyond the river That they call the sweet ... we only reach that shore by faith's decree One by one we'll ... gain the portals There to dwell with the immortals

Quincy Punx - When i win the lottery lyrics

m sick of sitting at home because I don't ... cash My cable got cut off so I watch re-runs of M*A*S*H if ... money dont't buy happiness then i don't know what does if I

Abba lyricsAbba - When i kissed the teacher lyrics

screamed when I kissed the teacher And they must have ... thought they dreamed When I kissed the teacher All my friends at school They had never ... seen the teacher blush He looked like

Andragonia - When silence meets the sorrow lyrics

day turns into night, It shows me I´m on my own And ... sorrow fills my soul For all the things that I have failed It´s hard when you don´t find a ... way To let the words flow out Then we have

Anti-flag - When all of the lights go out lyrics

billion workers stand up from their chairs. Their faces no ... longer struck with their fears. Attack/Attack. ... Stabbed in the back. Disgraced/Disgraced. Traitors

Tracy Bonham - When you laugh the world laughs with you lyrics


Ace Enders - When i hit the ground lyrics

tried my best to leave The broken parts of me In the ... hallway where I wait To watch you walk away I ... wonder if I run If I chase you, would you come? I

Huey Lewis - When i write the book lyrics

I can remember like it was only yesterday Love was ... young and foolish like a little child at play But oh how ... lovers change -- I never dreamed how easily

Patty Loveless - When i reach the place i'm going lyrics

I reach the place I'm going I will surely know my way And I will turn and look inside me ... Bid farewell to one more day ... Every light begins with darkness Every flower was

Melissa Etheridge - When you find the one lyrics

I was a slick midwestern gal On a long hard ... road into southern cal Didn't find any crime fillin' up ... all my time I had the devil in my bones and an angel on my

Rockpile - When i write the book lyrics

I can remember like it was only yesterday Love ... was young and foolish like a little child at play But oh ... how love has changed - I never dreamed how easily

Runemagick - When death is the key lyrics

time has come it's time to leave the call has come ... it's time to depart die... when death is the key i ... spread my wings the voice within it's time to follow the

Damh The Bard - When i become the moon lyrics

remember yesterday, when I become the moon When all the ... out to play, we danced away the gloom Circled 'round the ring of stones before they ... fell in ruin I can hear our voices still,

Dismember - When hatred killed the light lyrics

Music: F. Estby, R. Cabeza. Lyrics ... M. K„rki.] A dark age has befallen ... man powernations gear up for war welcome ... to a time of death the eradication has begun eyes melt into their holes as they gaze

Novembers Doom - When desperation fills the void lyrics

parting is now upon our kind Dividing the weak from the ... strong Left alone in the moonlight dance Day to day ... we drift further and further away I refuse to die for

Brian Setzer - When hepcat gets the blues lyrics

it ain’t everyday that Hepcat gets the blues Every once in a while, ... just a week or two Well, I don’t got nothing to worry ... about The kids take off and momma screams

Butch Walker - When canyons ruled the city lyrics

was a girl i knew, Made of dirt and stone Pretty hip in ... younger times, Now she sits alone With a hundred ... thousand, Beat up architectural disasters She calls

Jimmy Buffett - When salome plays the drum lyrics

Chorus:] When Salome plays the drum The crowd goes deaf and ... dumb Swept up by dark sensations Partially the heat More ... so it's the beat She moves in syncopation Gazelle on the

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - When papa played the dobro lyrics

Intro: Ride this train to any country fair in this ... land now here's a hard working happy people Mrs Jones ... baked the finest pie for the contest this year And Mr

Cobra ( Peru ) - When i walk the streets lyrics

I walk the streets, the sound Sets the mood for the ... night's first round It might be end up in troubles But ... hell I'm gonna taste that filthy side of the night When

Morten Harket - When i reached the moon lyrics

I reached the moon, It turned to stone Since I won ... your heart I've been alone I was drawn to the light, Circling 'round I should have ... kept My feet on the ground I dreamt of you, my love The

Lecherous Nocturne - When single shines the tripled sun lyrics

the massive sky, catastrophic when it dies The stellar ... end to a star At the mercy of the Sun God, are we ... all An ancient, aging fallen idol The white dwarf looms to

36 Crazyfists - When distance is the closest reminder lyrics

pretend for a second that nothings wrong and we've grabbed ... horizons by the throat and moved along ... bypass everything that dragged us out into the lights, and while your around

Reba Mcentire - The christmas guest lyrics

near December's end, Two neighbors called on an old friend ... And they found his shop so meager and lean ... Made gay with thousand bows of green ... And Conrad was sitting with face a-shine When he

Omnia - The raven lyrics

upon a midnight dreary While I pondered, weak and weary, ... Over many a quaint and curious Volume of forgotten lore ... While I nodded, nearly napping Suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently

The Rembrandts - Waiting to be opened lyrics

lost Now you won't take another chance, at any cost You've ... run up, against a wall And you've been ... badly, just badly enough, to risk it all And in the dark,

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Window lyrics

funny thing about love Is that it doesn't really ... matter in the end The funny thing about life Is ... that it's really too short so we ... gotta live it up, tonight I got my lover close and I

Coolio - Thru the window lyrics

Coolio] I take a look thru the window and all I see is pain ... burnin on my brain like some weird type of acid rain or a virus, it's something ... that I can't explain I use to be different but now it seems that I'm the same as the rest of these hard heads in

Sinead O'connor - The voice of my doctor lyrics

I opened my eyes in your bedroom Saw a painting ... of a bald lady When I opened my eyes in your bedroom Saw ... a woman looked just like me Kissing gently as only she would

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