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Petra - If i had to die for someone lyrics

I run for cover from the storm I wear a band aid on my ... flee Any danger I can see And if I try each day to save my life in every way I can How could ... for me 'Cause I don't know if I could even if I think I

Keaton Henson - If i'm to die lyrics

Im to die before I reach you ... Please know Im meant to love you till I did If Im to slip beneath a train meant to ... goodbye Tell my almost ex-wife That I loved her and left

Amy Grant - If i have to die lyrics

heavy heart? 'Cause you try to play the part Of a life that ... s a part of me I never want to lose. But if I have to die ... church again. And the habit to pretend Is stronger than you

Skillet - Live free or let me die lyrics

veins There's nothing left to fight (Live free or let me ... denied There's nothing left to fight (Live free or let me ... veins There's nothing left to fight (Live free or let me

Five Finger Death Punch - Here to die lyrics

quot;Here To Die" This wasn't ... supposed to be a love song, Matter of ... it A little much or a little too late. I turned away just ... one too many times I'm tired of the

Entombed - To ride, shoot straight and speak the truth lyrics

you'll go when you die" Told him how I felt for his god ... More than a little misunderstood Love the fall No ... They say "it takes one to know one" Well I know

Play - To live and to die for lyrics

I knew just what to say I would make it go away ... don't wanna fight I refuse to say goodbye It's because I'm ... much too proud To apologize When I know you're

Starset - Die for you lyrics

will run alone tonight Without you by my side ... guess you had a place you had to get to I know your eyes I ... re lost when you run away Into the same black holes and

Blood On The Dance Floor - Live to die lyrics

Would I bleed any slower, If I were cut less deep? Would ... all your pain It all turns to rust It all turns to rain ... Lift me up High above the stars

Palaye Royale - Live like we want to lyrics

I told you Take what you’re given ... Life is for living but darling ... you Told me Well, I don’t give a ... just take me as I am Oh we live like we want to Where nobody

Blood On The Risers - What a hell of a way to die lyrics

his pack was tight; He had to sit and listen to those awful ... gory, what a hell of a way to die, Gory, gory, what a ... hell of a way to die, Gory, gory, what a

Tina Arena - Live lyrics

million stars light This beautiful night This is not a night to die Let me sing and dance ... the sky I have such love to give To give I want a chance to live Live For the one I love

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Live lyrics

stars light This beautiful night This is not a night ... the sky I have such love to give...to give I want a ... chance to live Live For the one I love Love

Juliet Simms - To love is to die lyrics

rain begins to fall Standing on the edge ... is dead One more breath of life In a house of dust I cry ... One last fall to grace You're my legend, you ... ll cross my heart I'll hope to die Dancing on my grave tonight My eternal vow This

Juvaliant - Live to die lyrics

we the ones to give, pay for the life we live Are we the answer to their ... the abyss Who are we just to carry on and never ask Is ... Born without perspective Live to die, never win, never fly

Since October - Live to die lyrics

live to i live to wasting the day away ... you this I would sacrifice all my dreams and my loves ... for eternal life God I swear that's enough ... i live to i live to die i know that's all i

Holy Mother - Live to die lyrics

don't you want to be free The road that you ... And just left my mind lay to waste Now it's alright ... It's alright The way you live to die It's all my reasons To leave you tonight At night

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Live to die lyrics

gas station Sammy, rich nigga live in Miami They killed him and ... with cash They did the best to him, whooped his ass Bloody ... Quit playin', listenin' to Sid and them Because he sat

Destruction - Survive to die lyrics

on this planet you know life is valid for a limited time ... You live with the idea to die there's no FUCKIN' ... chance for mercy Survive to die Survive to die

The Birthday Massacre - To die for lyrics

your tie, Boy, Your something to die for, But don't hold your ... You're just killing time, Tonight you can dream, Boy, ... Imagine a whisper, If you can keep secrects, Then

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - To live is to die lyrics

eternal, almost longer than torture (agony) Lost in ... what delights us Had to stand 1.000 tortures when ... hate ate my heart. To live Is to die The last hope

Evans Blue - Live to die lyrics

s gone away Truth is left to blame for all The damage I ... the past escape The want to know the way to you Left me ... here to fade I lost the fight ... There's nothing left to bleed No one left to free

Social Repose - If you're thinking of leaving, you should lyrics

darling You'll blink your life away And he'll be waiting ... wishing you had stayed But if you stay here fearing the ... darling You'll blink your life away And he'll be waiting

Glass Cloud - If he dies, he dies lyrics

drop everything But a lie to the face Is the ultimate way ... Out of this If you turn your head away It ... might be easy to sleep (but, it don't matter)

Kataklysm - If i was god... i'd burn it all lyrics

contemplation, this is your life but this is my world Hence ... the law Political ambush to serve the elite, no one is ... free to believe Enslaved to profit a world in ruins,

Metallica lyricsMetallica - To live is to die lyrics

which Men miscall their lives All this i cannot bear To witness any longer Cannot

Atomic Kitten - If you come to me lyrics

me feel so strong Maybe if you turn around And prove to ... for you, die for you Just to let you know, oh baby And if ... you come to me You know I´ll make it

Hypocrisy - To escape is to die lyrics

and bruised for eternal life, by the cross he will die. ... In the name of evil, Lucifer rules the world. You ... Your fate is fulfilled, you live your life once more. Why

Jackson 5 - If i have to move a mountain lyrics

You made the odds a million to me (No one else can love you ... heart you won't believe So if I have to move a mountain ... Simply to prove that you're my love (my

Automatic Loveletter - To die for lyrics

up it's a minute to midnight And we've got, the ... And our hands seducing them to coincide And there's ... in battle Sinking straight to the blood (So put your hands

Travis Barker - If you want to ft pharrell and lupe fiasco lyrics

fresh like Tupper One of the tougher gingerbread men out the ... of the gutter Never kowtow, I won't bow down to the ... sounds f***ed up like a reptoid But it's no Ruth's Chris

Aloe Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - If i lyrics

would you sing with me? Said if I sang a song, song, would ... you sing with me? If I danced a step would you ... dance with me? Dance with me If I shed a tear, would you cry

Nuclear Assault - Too young to die lyrics

I look at your wasted life, I disapprove You can help ... that needle out of your arm If you want to die then that's a ... good head start Too young to die Too young to die

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - If you have to ask lyrics

proof Pudding's sweet But too aloof Orange eye girl With ... Yo homie Who you talkin' to?" A backed up ... a cat's ass One upper cut To the cold upper middle class

John Mayer - If i ever get around to living lyrics

I ever get around to living, I'm gonna put my ... There I'll stay Stay If I ever get around to living, ... And set it free Free If I ever get around to living,

Mase - If you want to party lyrics

Uh Uh Yo who got the right to flip, twice the whips Time to get paid, get twice the chips ... two dice hit Hate me even if I didn't ice my shit F*** ... four million and somebody got to love it They want Mase for

Chapin Harry - If you want to feel lyrics

babe You're so afraid to be nice There's no way you ... re ready To let your defenses down ... a lesson that I've found If you try to look But you don ... t touch Then you won't touch But you'll never feel

Amy Grant - If you have to go away lyrics

I was a younger I used to dream a lot Staring into my ... And write me poetry And want to be with me, yeah Well, momma ... done told me You might wander far,

Heather Dale - The road to santiago lyrics

townsman's life is even, like the dust upon ... and bending hide and thread to task, I saw the first man ... and scallop they would go to see the grave Of the Saint

Funeral For A Friend - To die like mouchette lyrics

I don't think it's any use If you think it feels close to ... angel, there's nothing left to loose Please, believe in ... what I have to say The symptoms that you have are so lost

Ablaze In Hatred - To breathe and to suffocate lyrics

fear in my plain emotions To find myself... To feel these ... the dead skin of mine To breathe and to suffocate To live alone And to die alone ... Calling of a great unknown To find away... To hide these

The Last Goodnight - If i talk to god lyrics

It tears me all up inside If I talk to God I don't know if He's listening When I speak ... out loud I don't know if He's home I'm talking to ... And will it all go wrong? If I talk to God I hate the

Lord Of The Lost - To die for lyrics

when you fall I'll follow To be there in case You're ... you might forsake Up to the point of your escape and ... I'll follow you, cause you're to die for You turned me

A Pale Horse Named Death - To die in your arms lyrics

s nothing more I'd like than to have you hold me As I spill ... what could be better, but to lay here with you and die in ... your arms To die in your arms is my

Alien Vampires - To die with lyrics

down Remind, we get higher tonight This is forever The ... time has come to try Like every night we said ... Remind, we fall tonight We die together When

George Jones - If you want to wear a crown lyrics

ve got to run to win the race Go along the ... is fallin' down That you got to bear a cross if you want to ... burdens fall around You got to bear a cross if you want to

Darkflight - To die in your arms lyrics

And you can heal the light into this

Hell Is For Heroes - To die for lyrics

I stared until you were no longer in view Just dust in my eyes A dot on the horizon Blends with the sky Fades out of sight...

Preisner ‎ Zbigniew - To die lyrics

sand, my roots spread out to the waters, with the dew all ... secundum dies, quibus Deus custodiebat me? Quando splendebat

Sinch - To die in fall lyrics

life is meaningless, complacent ... I forget just why I lay here, to rise and bleed and die in ... why I lay here emotionless To rise and bleed and die in ... fall And I need to push you so far away Cause I

Beneath The Sky - To die for lyrics

I have witnessed tragedy. To lose it all, to lose it all. ... it that he saw? Brought him to sacrifice. I forfeit all ... apprehension for you. To escape affliction from your

Kenny Rogers - If you want to find love lyrics

was sitting on a bar stool A picture from a cheating ... something you should know: If you wanna find gold Go ... looking in the mountains If you wanna find silver Go

A Life Divided - If you want to lyrics

your dreams the same? If you want to fly If you want to fly I can see the beauty ... inside your mind If you want to fly If you want to fly I ... how many miles does it need to get away? If you want to

Dwele - If you want to lyrics

you want to I can't fall in love .. ... .. it's been so long since I told you we was thru.... you ... kept in touch and I touched as well..... Thought we ... d up... found you some one to replace me thass wassup....

Jason Gray - If you want to love someone lyrics

you want to love someone Search their ... and pour your heart in If you want to love someone ... against the pain it's known If there's a key, the key is ... a trusted hand can hold If you want to love someone

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - If i have to wait lyrics

the kind of pain I know too well. It's been pulling ... right here. [Chorus:] If I have to wait for you, I'll ... hang on the line. If I had to just make due, I'll do it

Alan Jackson - If you want to make me happy lyrics

You Want To Make Me Happy What'll ... he asked, What do you need tonight Something cold to ... the fire, Something hot to stir one up I'll make it

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