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Judas Priest - You say yes lyrics

You were sayin' you want to rip it Paint the town red Wanna do the hot spots, get it in the head You drivin' me crazy, I know your game You done it all before, you...

Dragonette - I get around lyrics

post So I tip toe out of this mess As I slip back into ... elevator back down out of this place I get around Here I

Eminem lyricsEminem - Intro (slim shady) lyrics

"Eminem" "No" "Eminem" "Nooo" "Wake the f*** up motherf***er" "What do you want from me??" "Rememb...

Shura - The space tapes lyrics

And oh... (Would it have made a difference?) Nobody ever

Boards Of Canada - Diving station lyrics

"Commander!" "Well what do you know?" "It's - it's... a statue!" "Andre!" "What's up?" "You jus...

Atrocity - Fatal step lyrics

Beautiful things - in her mind Thousands of colors - ... Give me some more! This is your first step to your

Pub Animals - Oldschool feat. u cee lyrics

is gonna take us I like this fuss Pub animals never break ... who can always cheer my mind (Yeah) So after we go ... out tonight Give me a bite This place will never be same

Adam Sandler - Buddy lyrics

quot; "Hey get in on this drink Buddy!" &quot ... Buddy, don't mind if I do" "It's a ... quot; "Dudes, you know this dude?" "What's up

Pj Harvey - No girl so sweet lyrics

you Said "I don't mind if you take me down" ... And "I don't mind if you break it all" ... make the night And looked at his angel where she lay Resting

Neil Diamond - I am... i said (reprise) lyrics

Did you ever read about a frog Who dreamed of bein' a king And then became one Well, except for the names And a few other changes If you talk about me, The story's the ...

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Caroline says, pt. 2 lyrics

ask her "What is in her mind ?" "What is in her ... is meant to be more than this" "And this is a ... ask her "What is in her mind ?" "What is in her

Dj Miko - What's up 2000 lyrics

I should That the world was made up of this brotherhood of ... try? I try all the time, in this institution And I pray... oh

Eminem lyricsEminem - Steve berman (skit) lyrics

quot;This motherf***er, man..." ... quot;And..." "And this, is by far, the most..."

Crash Test Dummies - I don't care that you don't mind lyrics

I'm not the sort that minds." "That's good ... I don't care that you don't mind." I said, "I'm ... I'm not the sort that minds." "That's good

Adam Sandler - The beating of a high school science teacher lyrics

closed. So, if you wouldn't mind,.. Sir, what are you doing?

Ne-yo - Story time lyrics

'round. Story time. Check this out I said, "I wish ... know. Got to open up your mind. You only live once, know ... "you done lost your damn mind" She said, "Oh,

Forbidden - Minds i lyrics

is my friend...no more Mind's "I" I can't ... Awaken me "I" of mind's eye "I" of the ... Forever "I" of mind's eye "I" of the

Underworld lyricsUnderworld - Little speaker lyrics

"Que?" did you get the "instrumento"? "Que?" very racy, he he he he the face is thinking hmm, shmm, hmm &am...

Sarah Brightman - Little red riding hood rap lyrics

straight away To leave this, this thought behind. Gotta ... you do 'cause It's all in my mind It's all in my mind It's ... all in my mind It's just in my mind &quot

Underworld lyricsUnderworld - Scribble lyrics

everything I need "Whispers" "Elevators ... picture on [unverified] Whispers, bad boy Elevator,

A Lot Like Birds - Sesame street is no place for vengence lyrics

children that will be born this year will come of age in the

Case Studies - In a suit made of ash lyrics

came to you in a suit made of ash but you were already ... with the beast at your back. His fingers were playing our song ... I came to you in a suit made of a son that I said I could

Asaf Avidan - Maybe you are lyrics

he was in a hospital, he whispered "I ain't got no ... you smile again" and made an airplane out of some ... self" and laid down on his road. She said "how

Jack Savoretti - Once upon a street lyrics

a lover the day he found his heart In the words of a ... to come too" So they made love by a streetlight While

Forever The Sickest Kids - What do you want from me lyrics

Hey! Oh! Hey! Oh! (Do It!) I don't wanna waste my time again By getting wasted with so-called friends Cause They don't know me But they pretend to be part o...

Benediction - Down on whores leave them all for dead lyrics

but it`s only May playing his dirty game." "... ... night... ... burnt into my mind. ... recall ... to stop my ... tell them... ... peace of mind." "Left her for

The Audition - Dont be so hard lyrics

I never thought I'd say this: The way that we play has ... You never thought I'd get this far, Get this far without

Clan Of Xymox - This world lyrics

will find No way to cross this line It's where our worlds ... collide This world is not made for you and I It's build on ... till they're old and grey This world is not made for you and

Bones lyricsBones - Artvandelay lyrics

quot;What is his name, who is he ?" ... Art Van Delay ?" "this is my boyfriend ?"

Running Wild - The contract / the crypts of hades lyrics

world's past, How he was made and to supress the truth for

La Dispute - Then again, maybe you were right lyrics

too soon, it seems, for you made a home in my dreams. While I ... voice call out my name but this time it faded out - away. ... and then dissolve, "This time I choose to let her go.

Rhett And Link - The break up song lyrics

quot;OK" "I wrote this for you." "What? ... heard. Should sound like this." It's not me, it's ... next 18 months I ate sausage made from rice and walnuts.

King Diamond - The accusation chair lyrics

in her eyes Clearing My mind was important She ... for Your deeds Your sick mind has come to an end now&amp

Nebelhexë - Beyond the ninth wave lyrics

miss you so? How about they made you go? How about the ... medicines that numb your mind right now? Do you feel the

Simon & Garfunkel lyricsSimon & Garfunkel - Sparrow lyrics

Who will take pity in his heart, And who will feed a ... unto me, From dust were ye made and dust ye shall be.&amp

Newsboys - Cup o tea lyrics

quot;KICK START" - his overdue life as a star ... your cup o'tea But I don't mind Yeah, I said I don't mind ... about me Yeah, I don't mind Yeah, I said I don't mind

Hutchinson Eric - Oh! lyrics

for but it's always on my mind someone comes along always ... for but it's always on my mind someone comes along always ... get lost in the back of our minds got nothing to burn but

Phoenix - Don't lyrics

quot; Whatever promise you made I have no problem to say ... quot; Whatever promise you made From dusk to dawn Don't ... it is your fault You're sophisticated I saw the chandelier

Front Line Assembly - Prayer lyrics

"What do you believe?" "....some kind of sacrifice" "You haven't got a prayer!" "(singing)" "Please, right now si...

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Trapped in the closet (chapter 17) lyrics

gonna let them get away with this shit?!" "What? ... I'mma come back here and set this motherf***er off! Yeah,

Dark Tranquillity - Single part of two lyrics

he said and erased it from his mind "be with me now, ... day" A broken promise made, to always come around

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - The ghost song no such thing lyrics

s so such thing!" It made me crazy to be told where to ... some of you may even think this story is true. But, there's ... there's no such thing. I made the whole thing up, so I

Meg&dia - Here, here and here lyrics

to eat Been very far, made lots of friends And I love ... here and here He pointed to his heart and mind and ears He ... here" He pointed to his heart and mind and ears

I The Breather - The "beginning" lyrics

hold a "dinner," This house used to home a &quot ... , I was sheltered from this world, I lost all hope, there ... "thank you," You made me who I am today. I've

D.i.d. - The point of no return lyrics

hiraku hitomi ni utsuru kono iro I will sing until the Day I Die kawaranu kotoba utai sakebi tsudzuketa saki ni takami ga aru kara "just so far awa...

Lukas Graham - Hayo lyrics

seem hard when I put it like this But maybe you should treat

Hoobastank - Hello again lyrics

ll be able to Look back on this together and say It was for ... the best and that it made us Stronger today, stronger ... And I don't know where this will lead But in my life you

Saga - The learning tree lyrics

you preach All I know is this don't feel right to me And I ... quot; You gave me sight, you made me close my eyes You gave me ... me how to lie You gave me this air that I can't breathe You

Kate Bush - All the love lyrics

The first time I died Was in the arms of good friends of mine. They kiss me with tears. They hadn't been near me for years. Say, why do it now When I won't b...

Pj Harvey - Highway 61 revisited lyrics

said "Where do you want this killing done?" God said ... Howard just pointed with his gun He said "that way ... "I've never engaged in this kind of thing before But yep

Liam Lynch - United states of whatever lyrics

quot;whatever!" Then this chick comes up to me and she ... I'm at the pool hall And this girl comes up And she's, ... whatever!" Cause this is my United States of

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - What a day lyrics

A piece of mail A letter head A piece of hair From a human head You're sayin' to me "I should've killed it" "I should've killed it...

Kiss - Thou shalt not lyrics

the promised land One day this man in black said, &quot ... chosen to kiss the ring on his hand He said "Kindly ... gonna go down I said, "this ain't the inquisition, you

Hall & Oates - Family man lyrics

She had sultry eyes She made it perfectly plain that she ... was his for a price But he said, ... her price and pride She made it totally clear that she was ... t decide if he should hold his ground But he said, &quot

Hatebreed - Defeatist lyrics

into a cycle of loss Beaten mind with a bruise reflection It ... Your hatred is aimless. This is my hatred, this is my vow ... you "hate" this world, And you &quot

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Ben (immortal version) lyrics

Ben, the two of us need look no more We both found what we were looking for With a friend to call my own I'll never be alone And you, my friend, will see You've got a ...

Carpenters - Goofus lyrics

but I play anything by ear I made up tunes on the sounds that I ... harmony And I must admit we made a hit "Goofus" has ... harmony And I must admit we made a hit "Goofus" has

Adagio - Safri duo - rise (leave me alone) lyrics

[ Intro ] - "Heeeeheeeeeyeah..." "Did you hear it? Love Mee.." "Did you hear it? Love Mee.." "I wonder...

Neil Diamond - Take care of me lyrics

The first time Caught you stayin' out late With some bad boys The first time And you got mad When I asked you to explain it. Say it isn't so, I need you to say it isn't ...

Easton Corbin - Don't ask me about a woman lyrics

was sittin' with him on his front porch swing Soakin' up ... s sweet tea Listenin' to his stories, man, he'd done it ... all His tour in the Army and his ... Raisin' my daddy and bailing his hay He cut off a twist of

Coroner - Serpent moves lyrics

quot;, I'm changing "my mind"] x 2 [ I'm moving ... quot;, I'm changing "my mind"] x 2 [ I'm moving

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Daddy, you been on my mind lyrics

But Daddy, you been on my mind I don't mean trouble, ... yet, Daddy, you been on my mind Even though my mind is ... Daddy, you're just on my mind I am not asking you to say

Connie Talbot lyricsConnie Talbot - Ben lyrics

Ben, the two of us need look no more We both found what we were looking for With a friend to call my own I´ll never be alone And you, my friend, will se...

Nina Hagen - Let's call the whole thing off lyrics

You say "either" and I say "either" You say "neither" I say "neither" "Either" "either", "ne...

Ahab - Old thunder lyrics

[Music by Ahab, Lyrics by Christian Hector] [Ahab:] "Look sharp, marines!" "Dead whale or sunk boat!" "Hunt him 'til he spouts bla...

Enslaved - Api-vat lyrics

there sleeping Growing in my mind A voice from eternity

George Strait - Give it away lyrics

"Where so much love was made: "Just give it away. ... "There ain't nothin' in this house worth fightin' over. ... each woman I held, Just reminded me of that day. Hmmm.

King Diamond - Tea lyrics

Your mother is present We made her sleep in My rocking chair ... laugh "A bit of this in a cup of tea, is what it ... stories from far beyond this earth" What I saw

Jim Reeves - C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s lyrics

the Christ Child born upon this day; "H" for

Amy Diamond - Deserve better lyrics

just don't understand How we made nothing Out of something If ... Not meant to feel like this I won't take it anymore (I ... deserve better) Tired of this mess I was better off before

Jet - Rollover dj lyrics

Say whatever you say, I don't mind Hey, roll over DJ, if you ... don't mind Well I know that you think ... you say, cause I don't mind Hey roll over DJ if you don

Jeff Buckley - Mama youve been on my mind lyrics

But mama, you been on my mind. I don't mean trouble, ... yet, Mama, you been on my mind. Even though my mind is ... down in sorrow. I don't even mind who you'll be waking with

Anthony Edwin Phillips - God if i saw her now lyrics

your tired limbs; Leave your mind at peace, at peace, at peace,

Hellogoodbye - Figures a and b lyrics

(You and me)We could be made for this (Wait and see)We ... might be made for this (You and me)We could be made for this Wait and see (oh) ... (You and me) We could be made for this (Wait and see) We

D - Night ship d lyrics

kimi to tomoni "Stout mind!" "Honest mind! ... " "Fair mind!" Nothing is impossible ... kara nukedashite yo ga akeru made hoshiboshi wo watatte yukou

Bat For Lashes - I do lyrics

Tomorrow, you will ask me if I do Know that the sorrow will drop away Like June, from a flower in bloom When you say "I do" When you say "I do" To...

Blakopz - #culturedelete lyrics

quot;We made you! Dont you understand? ... You can't do this! We made you!" "We made ... want Self-predictation Of this front This is The way

Pianos Become The Teeth - The queen lyrics

don't remember, but I made it a point to anyway," ... golden string, a promise we made for every day, and we're ... names, not taking traits, mind you, you are the bulbs

Dusty Springfield - What good is i love you? lyrics

ha, ha But circumstance has made you stay by her side You'll ... baby, yeah No-one has ever made me so very happy When we're

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Mannish boy lyrics

Just me and my mate I made the move Come up two hours

Clannad - I see red lyrics

riding Trojan horses Never made sense to me I didn't want to ... they said to me "Take this advice, you're out of your ... "Stop, hold the phone This has to be cut to the bone

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - As i went out one morning lyrics

"Depart from me this moment" I told her with ... the field Shouting at this lovely girl And commanding

Angela Aki - Come home to me lyrics

show them the way Was it his time to fly home? Do you

Aaron Lewis - Mama lyrics

world to see Mistakes I've made, consumed by some Till there ... all the bad ones that you've made" And I said &quot ... world to see Mistakes I've made, consumed by some Till there

Count Raven - Within the garden of mirrors lyrics

rendez-vous within your mind Tomorrow is denied and left ... before..." Rivers made of honey floating by

Far - Listening game lyrics

warily, "Well, this is a blindfold, Bert, and I'm ... man, awaiting whatever fate his little friend has in store ... for him. "Well this is a listening game...now

Faderhead - Fistful of f*** you lyrics

Listen while you read! This is a celebration of ourselves ... This is our own creation, belongs ... to no one else This is not for the others cause ... pretend Discover what you're made of Annihilate With a

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - So glad you're mine lyrics

wee I believe I'll change my mind She said, "I'm so glad ... wee I believe I'll change my mind She said, "I'm so glad ... wee I believe I'll change my mind She said, "I'm so glad

Johnny Horton - Cherokee boogie lyrics

he sings a little loud with his tom-tom beatin' so big and

Cubanate - 9:59 lyrics

monochrome She said, "This is the end of the line"

Dazzle Vision - Zange lyrics

He said to me "don't worry" so I believe to yourself He had been already dead when the time I had arrived the hut I got so scared that I could no...

The Classic Crime - The way that you are lyrics

gets his information from overhearing ... many lessons And he keeps his mouth shut until he boils ... up And then he can't form his words right, and they don't

Suede lyricsSuede - She's not dead lyrics

he couldn't afford they found his made up name on her ankle

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Hello little girl lyrics

see that I'm about to lose my mind mind mind So I hope there

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Stephanie´s room lyrics

a pirate By the devil in his eye And the only thing you ... Was laughter and some love I made To fill you White snow in

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Clothes line saga lyrics

Then my neighbor he blew his nose Just as papa yelled

Skinny Puppy - 200 years lyrics

s wrong with everybody in this crazy place?" &quot ... ' 'Yes. Maybe we're being made to see and hear what we ... 'No. No, that's all wrong. This is more than 200 years ahead

Dropkick Murphys - Get up lyrics

Up Now Since '77 they've made music for me and you ... strife But I'll tell you this didn't waste their life

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Abc's lyrics

Haha [x3] Ya'll Gon Like This Right (here) There Are So ... Alphabetbet I Would Say It This Way "A" ... Do Is Sing With Me Since I Made It Clear You Understand I

Itchy Poopzkid - Another song the dj's hate lyrics

song the DJ's hate Although this time I did quite a bit I put ... So I write and guarantee This song is just for me Here's ... song the DJ's hate Although this time I did quite a bit I put

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