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Kell Kelli Berglund - Something real lyrics

Kelli:] I thought I knew what I wanted 'Til I got it Turned around Now the pressure's on in the moment I was chasing a fairy tale Until I caught it Took a leap of faith Now I'm back where I started I This perfect life Somehow doesn

Kelli Berglund - Something real lyrics

Kelli:] I thought I knew what I wanted 'Til I got it Turned around Now the pressure's on in the moment I was chasing a fairy tale Until I caught it Took a leap of faith Now I'm back where I started I This perfect life Somehow doesn't really feel right I learned tonight That

Mr. Mister - Something real (inside me / inside you) lyrics

s looking for something real Everyone's taking all they can steal Brother to sister, look at eachother face to face There's something missing here in this human race - hey Inside me (all we want is something real) Is a part of you (we can make this last forever) And I know inside y

Anacrusis - Something real lyrics

those things that I tried to be, While wandering further from me I 'd choked myself in my apathy, Until I no longer could breathe My heart, and my hand, always reaching… Without you within, I was searching… For something real The fear followed me and tigh

Inspiral Carpets - Real thing lyrics

day soon you'll find me gone I've no idea of where I am Search and search with no success Nightmares return each day You are the real thing You keep me waiting You are the real thing You keep me asking for more Then you’ll find me laughing At what you said behin

Blackbear - Something real lyrics

s alright now, I don't wanna wait It's alright now, I don't wanna wait You think you clever now, I'll just turn and wave Wanna get it better now, but you ain't the same You don't wanna see me, girl, that's your own escape Cause I could do better now, you're the only one to blame

Nick Black - Something real lyrics

must be some kind of monster baby I want it all and it's now or never I'm holding out for the real thing baby Or did you mean it when you said forever It's just a little bit I'm getting sick of it You never let me feel It's just a little bit I'm getting sick of it

American Hifi - Something real lyrics

down the boulevard Crescent heights the city lights the way To another wasted day Shiny cars and shooting stars California dreaming in my ear I just wish that you were here I'm dealing with scars Just trying to see who we are Nobody said it would be easy Fighting your way throu

Eric Benet - Something real lyrics

Hook:] I just wanna do something real to you Like a real brother is suppose to do Tell me how you feel baby I'll give you something real baby I just wanna do something real to you Like a real brother is suppose to do Tell me how you feel baby I'll give you something real baby Let's not

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Search for truth lyrics

denied the truth that was written in my heart I demanded proof before my faith could really start Religion has its weaknesses when it's runned by man And man isn't perfect that took a while to understand People places and things are easily accused For weak decisions conscio

M People - Search for the hero lyrics

the river flows but nothing breathes. A train arrives but never leaves. It's a shame. Oh life - like love that walks out of the door Of being rich or being poor. Such a shame. But it's thenthen that faith arrives To make you feel at least alive. And that's why you should keep o

Ram-zet - For the sake of mankind lyrics

In a shape of you is despair I will follow everywhere you go And break the spell And just for the sake of any kind of mankind You will have to bleed And bring yourself to rest In search for something different Magnificent Almost like a lie

Indigo Girls - Something real lyrics

ve seen the sun on a funeral, the full moon in a midday sky Tactician politician hold his head and wonder why I'm always struck that much harder by the power of suggestion By now I know the answer's always in the question Now that we're

Paradox - Search for perfection lyrics

We can't eat no flesh no fowl Sleeping around is out Women are against the rules Fornication frowned upon We live by the law Wrapped in the world Nobody wavers Nobody strays Lonely nights and lonely days Are looked upon as right But lon

Outloud - Search for truth lyrics

something I've been searching all of my life It seems that it was right before my eyes I've found the dream that I was dreaming all this time Guess I was tearing out a lie You've gotta see it coming Or else you will be crying out loud This is the way, This is th

Shawn Mcdonald - Something real lyrics

just want something real So tired of hiding how I feel I can't take another step Cause I'm already out of breath And the weight of it all is pulling me under And the weight of it all is making me wonder [Chorus] How can we know so much Yet still be so out of tou

Pillar - Something real lyrics

ain't talkin' about cartoons Saturday morning TV Remote control, it's time to set your mind free Kick up your feet, flippin' the channels Brotherly love, I'm leadin' by example You're up all night watchin' late night cinema Trying' to get your life straight like that Y2

Red Circuit - Search for your soul lyrics

you tell me stories I guess it´s all a lie Did you think I wouldn't see it So you got a secret And you got a darker side But you are not superior A little cute two-faced With your deceiving smile The night accused - no compromise The time has come Pay for your sin

Paradise Lost - Something real lyrics


Nocturnus - Search for the trident lyrics

ago. Sands of Ancient time Intrigue our minds. on this endless quest Superior life forms from above Carved the site beyond the outer islands To know the truth. The origin of this wonder Look through this window. See into the past And you will fi

Bound By Entrails - Search for sunken r'lyeh lyrics

begins my search for sunken R'lyeh Irem, seven portals Intrest in only one I claim myself immortal My quest for God has just only begun Nitemare city, lost in the sea- Safe from the harm of man, Waits for the stars' command Built in terror, found not ever- Until I wa

Brennan Heart - Search for more (demo master 2008) & frontlin.. lyrics

the record goes round and the party sounds, I go down Lost in our search for more I go down [2x

Pagan's Mind - Search for life lyrics

From embrace of sorrow Heal the spirit deep inside Call the new era tomorrow We will unite as one And signs will unfold Always searching for the Key they lost Finding true life`s essence Uniqueness of our Kind And we travelled Drawn bac

Panda Bear - Search for delicious lyrics

think it's good to be a little It must be good to be a little scared I wonder what it must be like To be on fire and so hot On fire I think it's good to be a little It must be good to be a little scared I wonder what it must be like To be on fire and so hot On

Gothic Storm - Search for power lyrics

unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown

Luna Sea - Search for reason lyrics

me up with the shivers and quivers Their symmetry symmetry gets right inside me Ana no aita sora ga omou mitomerareta tsumi wo Sono kabe ga kuchizusamu omokage ni nita Yume no nakamade kari no kokoro? oimotomete mayoikomu Yume no nakamade tojita hitomi? kono kanashimiwa? I

Avett Brothers - February seven lyrics

went on the search for something true I was almost there when I found you Sooner than my fate was wrote A perfect blade, it slit my throat And beads of lust released into the air When I awoke you were standing there I was on the mend when I fell through The sky around w

Cauterize - Something beautiful lyrics

away like the color in a blue sky at the end of the day. Night falls and the search begins for something better than this. A scream or a cry, the truth or a lie, I'm not sure they will save us this time. I don't wanna be around when it all comes down to wat

Little Brother - For you lyrics

Intro: Phonte] Yea one two ya'll we about to set this like this on em Little Brother, Justus league, Phonte, Big Pooh and it Hey yo yo [Verse 1: Phonte] Once again what you're hearing now is Phonte's Power steering style, I'm killing niggas at wi

David Hasselhoff - Give me something real lyrics

you’re looking at me in the mirror Tell me what you see Am I just a face in the magazines baby Is that how you want it to be Flesh and blood That’s what I am lady I need loving too And it ain’t enough to treat me like some kind of freaky Playboy pl

Cypecore - Something inside lyrics

have to free your mind 'Cause your spirit is blind Release everything that you're conquering Search for your own gift which is your own shift Understand your advice, i won't tell you lies Confirm this, possibilities are for everyone Confirm this, that you'll eve

Hasselhoff David - Give me something real lyrics

you're lookin at me thru the mirror Tell me what you see Am I just a face in the magazines baby Is that how you want it to be Flesh and blood That's what I am lady I need lovin too And it ain't enough to treat me Like some kind of freaky Playboy

Avalon - The glory lyrics

the solitary moment of His birth On this barren dusty land All of heaven kissed the face of the earth With a miracle of love God became a man But He was sent away to draw His final breath When He was only thirty-three And in the shame of dying a criminal`s death He cl

Plumb - Real lyrics

at me I'm twenty three Beautiful a sight to see Tonight A little dress to draw the press And I'll be leaving All the rest behind Well be pleased girl If this is what you wanted The whole world is watching you take the stage What will you

Sense Field - Waiting for something.... lyrics

feeling begins, I never ever want it to end, so I try getting high, how I kept trying to fly, trying to make it again, recreate it with friends, so I search for this thing, this world could never bring, it's the pain and the sting, takes it's toll on my soul stea

Trip Lee - Real life music lyrics

look Eh, they say hind sight is 20/20, well they right it's behind me Back for the third time, you know where to find me Hanging on the coat tail of Christ who designed me Keep me off your brain, in other words don't mind me The Lord keeps me low no matter where them

Era - Looking for something lyrics

for something Something new Something good Something fast Something exciting Looking for something Something won Something real something strong Something exciting Looking for something Something won Something good Somet

Harry Nilsson - Something true lyrics

true to show you what I am to you Something real to cause your heart to rush with love And cause your mouth to rush to mine and make your eyes Ignore what isn't real But all my life I've failed to take advantage of my time And time is moving faster than the eye can see If we

Sacrilege ( Uk ) - Search eternal lyrics

than the golden, warmer than the sun Lost in depths black murkey, as the warriors spirit gone The eagle flies with sight so keen, the jewel it hopes to see That is lost and can't be found, search for eternity Old and wise the guru's pace long held solemni

Camila Cabello lyricsCamila Cabello - Real friends lyrics

I think I'll stay in tonight Skip the conversations and the "oh, I'm fine"s No, I'm no stranger to surprise This paper town has let me down too many times Why do I even try? Give me a reason why I thought that I could trust you, never mind Why all the switching sid

A Small Victory - Something isn't right lyrics

these embers move so close to me, closer to my skin and setting me in flames. as these embers plague my lungs, stealing breathes from me and turning my lungs black and blue. now the echo it cuts through me like the stare upon your face the day you found out. now t

Matisyahu - For you lyrics

the clasps, cast the shackles to the sea They flee from themselves and they can't understand They burn humanity in their search to be free But freedom's not for sale When you run for the moonlight To dance on a ray and become What you knew to be true

Shawn Desman - Something stupid lyrics

once have you made me feel what we had was something real I just came to realize ohh Never once have you said goodbye with a heart that starts to cry That's not how its suppose to be So where do we go from here Where do we go from here 'cause all that you said was enough To hol

Darren Hayes - Something in the sky lyrics

alone again, never give up Never believe in any kind of bad dream Never been in danger, never been a hot shot Never seen failure, never had a bad day Baby, don't you know a wave is coming through, yeah Don't you feel it coming after you, ooh Something in the

Down By Law - Looking for something lyrics

m looking for the truth can't find one anywhere just looking for the truth I know there's one out there looking for something . . . looking for something that I can believe in looking for something . . . looking for something that I can believe

Sick Puppies - Something different lyrics

ago this is how I feel Got my head in my hands And got my contraband, waiting for machine And I've got my head in my hands waiting for the sign to come Well I've got my head in my hands I'm a human contraband Waiting for a sign to come

In Flames - In search for i lyrics

hurts to think Can't get the sums together Would you draw my bitterness Make the pictures fade Could it be that I see What's beneath when we fall The truth in ever I'm scared that I'll be The sentence is light But my eyes see a different world And all I

Poison The Well - For a bandaged iris lyrics

know we've never met and you'll probably never read this. There are certain things your voice does to me, it makes me feel the ground and sky again. How sad it is when you spill your guts on the paper. It only neglects you and never relieves. In every

The Kills - The search for cherry red lyrics

every car that passes me on the street I search for the particular face The lipstick trembles under boomlights The lipstick my own brothers only trace Was the birthday birthday ashtray Carried all along this way now (and) It was a gift from my little sister On the

Reilly - Dying for life lyrics

starting over, completely over I’ve had enough of this dissonance and pain I’ve walked away with my head held straight Numb to the hum and the whispers of your graces Can you fill me up Can you fill me up Can you fill me up I’m dying inside for som

Barclay James Harvest - In search for england lyrics

BOY: I was cast adrift, without a hope My only friend is my old boat With an empty sea and an open sky A void no man can justify. THE OLD MAN: Your sacrifices will ensure A port of refuge ever more. Lost and drowned We'll wait 'till England's found Again. THE BOY:

Mr. Bungle - Desert search for techno allah lyrics

but the truth - forget And from this union cup We will drink wine tonight Qiyamat qiyamat a tawil' Qiyamat qiyamat insan al kamel Haqiqat itself is drunk So drinks the Hidden Imam Pride of the peacock angel Under the feather veils Dark tresses under the black

Mike Jay - Real strippers lyrics

ain't had no clothes on For every song just came on Started bendin' over Baby, where you from? Tex ain't Miami Lips look like candy You'll come in handy Girl, you savin' up for school Don't need no baller The way you work it baby You de

Lupe Fiasco - Real(feat sarah green) lyrics

Lupe Fiasco] Uhh, Food & Liquor Yeah, my man said he wanted somethin real.. real.. real.. real.. real Somethin he could recognize, somethin he could feel.. feel.. feel.. feel.. feel Baby girl said she was in the mood for somethin real.. real.. real..

Mary J Blige - Real love lyrics

feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Puffy) [Puffy] Yes indeed once again For those who don't know What the sounds of the youngest DJ in charge Ron G I wanna say whassup to Mary And this that uptown classic Give it to 'em Take 'em uptown to the Polo Ground Take 'em uptown to the Polo

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Real nigga roll call lyrics

Lil' Jon talking:] Yeah! Right about now (whats up) It's time for the real nigga roll call Now when you hear your city or state being called You put your motherf***in' middle finger up in this bitch ATL, St. Louis, Alabama, Chicago, The Carolina's, N

George Jones - Real deal lyrics

up to the nines, you got the eyes locked on tall and dark Well, he's mighty pretty but I'll bet he ain't worried a bit about your heart He's a real Casanova but I think I know you just a little bit better than that You need a real love that you can't get enough of

Toby Lightman - Real love lyrics

Vs. 1] We are lovers true and through and though We made it through the storm I really want you to realize I really want to put you on I've been searching for someone to Satisfy my every need Won't you be my inspiration, Be the real love that I need [Chorus] Real l

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Real love lyrics

in to the century of supersonic cross Blessed she in aching silence- eternal loss Calling out "I won't surrender" A locket of her hair Sympathize her pious pleasures Go down the stairs into the dark again To feel alive again, and wait for Real love Or is it me

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