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Auburn - So over you lyrics

I've been oh so blind With you I never really spoke my mind ... You put me down, didn't support ... made it to cloud 9 Now that you're gone I'm doing just fine

Charli Xcx - So over you lyrics

m so over you Tell me baby are you over me ... I'm so over you Tell me baby will you ever ... My roses don't bloom Since you left me blue You've go to ... s true I'm through baby with you I'm so over you Tell me

Ledisi - So into you lyrics

am addicted to how you make love So unexplainable ... when we touch You ain't never gotta worry about ... me What you give me is never too much ... a ride I don't I be with you I don't know why This love

Semisonic - Never you mind lyrics

a-Sketch erasing Sunshine, you were bad, I'm Still mad but ... t remember why I believe you know me well I react like you're ringing a bell Are you ... sorry that you treat me unkind Never you

Lil Rob - So what you wanna do lyrics

Royal T And my homeboy Yogi You know what I mean San Diego's ... finest, you know what I'm saying What's your name [Lil' Rob] Como te ... that I could eat ya, keep you to myself, to myself, to the

Neurosonic - So now you know lyrics

cause Or see things through your eyes Happiness can't come ... I'm always right So now you know. I add up all this ... wasted time Wondering where you've been In the end, the

Beanie Sigel - So what you saying lyrics

niggas on mute man I'ma make you blind motherf***ers feel some ... layin' flat In six in green (you know wut i mean?) Man I need ... bullshit vest on, I'm killin' your boys I don't play when it

Koda Kumi - So into you lyrics

Me no mae ni hirogatta Kono sekai konna ni mo sou Utsukushiku-tte kiboutachi ga Michiafureteru Ai wo shiru tame dake ni umareta no? Itsu kara na no darou Ts...

Peter Bradley Adams - So are you to me lyrics

firelight in the night So are you to me As the ruby in the ... blows over the plains So are you to me As the wind blows over ... the plains So are you to me So are you to

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - So glad you're mine lyrics

time she loves me Lordy, you can hear me squall She ... I cried, "I'm so glad you're mine" My baby ... I cried, "I'm so glad you're mine" When my baby

Shakin' Stevens - So glad you're mine lyrics

she loves me. Lordly you can hear me squall. She ... living. I cried: I'm so glad you're mine. My baby knows ... living. I cried: I'm so glad you're mine. My baby's lips

Afi - So beneath you lyrics

blood. I don’t believe that you are with me. It’s so beneath ... kneel. I won’t bow. If you’re there now Strike me down, ... me down, strike me down Oh, you’ve got nothing. There is

Ashanti - So over you lyrics

early on So not my self, boy you had me completely gone I ... cool when I found out 'bout you And how cowardly you move, I ... now I'm through I'm so over you [Chorus] I am finished

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - You feel so lonely you could die lyrics

one ever saw you moving through the dark ... in the park Hidden from your friends, stealing all they ... rooms, then vile rewards for you And I'm gonna tell, yes, I

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - So over you (bonus track) lyrics

at all, I'm high and I hope you can catch the fall Welcome ... to my lecture hall, you can't shake my infection off ... Take me to your leader and, I promise I will

A Burning Water - So much you hide lyrics

A Burning Water - So Much You Hide" Fire burns me ... i forgive words that you say your lies are wearing ... thin i forgive words that you say lets move on and leave

Call The Cops - So over you lyrics

so, so, so, so over you It's a bad dream, that I ... that there's a secret that you're trying to keep And all ... the late night crying keeps you fighting for sleep You

Dead Swans - So far you've only made things worse lyrics

last time I saw you, you could barely speak, pale ... over on Brighton beach. You said: "its been so long ... re not coming back to pull you out. You're rotting away,

J. Moss - So into you lyrics

m so into You, I'm so into You God of grace, God of hope I ... m so into You [repeat] I'm in love with You, I'm in love with You God of ... God of hope I'm in love with You I'm in awe of you, I'm in

A Day Away - So like you lyrics

when they say his name Did you really think it'd last for ... good? Just jump ship like you would Did you really think ... realize He's nothing without you And though your picture

Ganglion - Never ever again lyrics

Follow me... "I'll show you my paradigm" NEVER ... but can't go back To tell you the truth, I feel sad and

Chris Norman - Never make my angel cry lyrics

I say, better keep them in your head Listen to me I won't ... I say, better keep them in your head Listen to me I won't ... truth was hard to find So if you want to take her in, it's

Sammy Hagar - Never say die lyrics

Compared to their problems, you know, mine looked good They ... in a modern time So all you children of the sixties It's ... die (die, die, die) Don't you ever say die (die, die, die)

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Never in your sun lyrics

me And she said Never in your sun, she said Never in your ... said I will only come In your pouring rain to relieve the ... pain So if you are at lover's park And

Abandoned Pools - Never lyrics

day And it's all because you had to have it your way So ... lucky you I wonderin' when I'll be OK ... never than it's never Well your mind is there but your heart

Itchy Poopzkid - Never say die lyrics

all come to nothing - don't you understand we kept burning ... sang Was just written for you and the rest of your gang So ... when you feel lonely, when you feel down Only remember how

The Moody Blues - Never blame the rainbows for the rain lyrics

Painful memories That cause you pain The last whispered wish ... the memories That cause you pain Painful memories The ... whirlpool of doubt Can spin you around The wave of emotion

The Replacements - Never mind lyrics

I'll ever be And I suppose your guess is more or less as bad ... waste of time And I suppose your guess is more or less as bad ... as mine You oughta tell me, you oughta

Chamillionaire - Never (feat. killer mike) lyrics

never crack A judge'll give you time, you'll never see the ... again And even though you said you'll never snitch on ... any friend You ain't never seen the walls of

King Dylan - Never walked on the moon (remix) lyrics

special but when I'm with you girl I can do anything. ... new name I'm too plain for you babe, but I'm through prayin' ... you're Lois Lane so for you I'll be Superman CHORUS

Nocturnal Rites - Never again lyrics

got the shortest straw here You’re really nowhere near To ... own, I’m better off alone You’ll never, you’ll never learn ... Just burn your bridges I’ll never, I’ll

George Watsky - Never let it die lyrics

It's the pit of passion you feel, in the moment you ... crashed and you fell Then get up and you're ... it was a pistachio shell And you gotta be gnashing your teeth,

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Never never lyrics

came. You changed the way I feel. You ... disappeared. Since I know you’re around. So never never ... me for granted. I give to you the best of me. Reach out

Charice - Never always lyrics

never listens, to me or to you So what is forever for ... that can’t be found Once you lift off the ground It is a ... forever’s not allowed You say you’ll always be around

Cults - Never heal myself lyrics

me all the things that you thought weren't right about ... cloud and stand near To your light I never wanted ... ways to make myself right In your eyes But I can never

K-ci & Jojo - Never say never again lyrics

Lemme take my time and tell you baby I feel good about ... As fast as it would come to you Baby, you're the reason why ... t never say never Cuz lovin you baby has taught me a lesson

Melanie C lyricsMelanie C - Never sey never lyrics

say never baby Does it make you feel like everything's ... alright? I say why all of your fantasizing Who am I to ... burst your bubble If it's all ya got ... to get you through another night It's

N-harmony - Never forget me lyrics

m gonna make sure you never forget me Konvict ... to make it All I want is for you to remember my name So that you'll never forget me So that you'll never forget me So that you'll never forget me So that you'll never forget me When I

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Never ever lyrics

on my own I don't need you I'm good, I'm good with ... or without you You won't see tears won't need a ... own, okay on my own Well you can try, to say that I am co

Bananarama - You'll never know what it means lyrics

yourself free Set yourself free, free Set yourself free Set yourself free ... To love somebody When you can't face another day Don ... t you ever stop and wonder Why it

Coldrain - Never look away lyrics

your eyes, maybe then You’ll start to see what you ... really need The choice is yours to believe Stop with all ... of your excuses Why is it you waste your time while wasting

Bobby Darin - You never called lyrics

the phone just awaiting for your call Sat all alone, there ... at all Waiting to hear just your footsteps in the hall But you never called, oh oh, oh no

The Game - Never be friends lyrics

chrome on the rover readin your obituary, wishin we never ... bottle of hennessy wishin you never left wishin I chased your Monte Carlo down and gave you my vest or better yet, I

Hank Williams - Never again (will i knock on your door) lyrics

never again will I knock on your door Oh you know that I ... love you no other will do Please tell ... me darlin' why can't you be true But now you are gone

Kj-52 - You'll never take me down. lyrics

never gonna take me down (so you see I ain't gonna break) Your never gonna take me down (you can't stop what you can't ... time in my life when I hear you call You say hold tight you

R5 - Never lyrics

it’s pourin' rain as I watch you walk by outside my window ... And see your smile glow I run downstairs ... can I walk outside and take your hand and we danced Well we

Aaron Neville - You think you're so smart lyrics

think you're so smart Yes, you think you know it all But ... the game you're trying to play Can be ... played another way And you see that, you never never had

The Almost - Never say i told you so lyrics

me to, I'll never listen to you I'll never go, I don't ... don't need to know Why won't you stay, you're so far away I ... .. This is the part where you take, You take your place

Amanda Perez - Never lyrics

Took away my pain and gave me your smile And at the time, ... And then one day I realized you were the one for me I was so ... I see And I'll never let you go, no, no, no I love you so

Aviators - Never back down lyrics

now Push through Daring do You're gonna make it out Alive ... This time You won't let the danger ... overcome you You know that everypony in this ... world still needs you Daring Do don't back down or

Axxis - Never again lyrics

And I say - no - I love you I need you - no longer now ... one else I'll go by myself You can't treat me so badly again ... t look back and cry I gave you everything All that you need

Sara Bareilles - Never ever getting rid of me lyrics

will never let you let me leave I promise I'm ... Such a stubborn man you'll likely never meet another ... we have our family dinner you can ask my mother She's the

Cake - Never there lyrics

need your arms around me, I need to ... feel your touch, I need your understanding, I need your ... love, So much, You tell me that you love me so, ... You tell me that you care, But when I need you,

Carolina Liar - Never let you down lyrics

again So self-exposed wanted you to see I heard your voice I ... made you cry I hurt you one too many times But I'll ... never... I'll never let you down When worlds collide

Corey Hart - Never surrender lyrics

little uncertainty can bring you down And nobody wants to know ... now And nobody wants to show you how So if you're lost and on ... your own You can never surrender And if your path won't lead you home You

Gemini Syndrome - Never lyrics

are beautiful like Mona Lisa You wanna save the world You ... to be like Saint Theresa But you don't have a reason I ... may never understand Why you are (You are perfect)

Grim Reaper - You'll wish that you were never born lyrics

you, Yeah you. Come here, You gotta prblem? Have now, ha ... If you're coming to get me, make ... sure that it's your day, 'Cause if you're not ... lucky, then pain's the price you'll pay, If you ever deceive

Ja Rule - So much pain lyrics

to die Even as a lil' nigga, you could picture me hot gun in ... I'm labeled as a thug nigga - you know the game Smokin weed, ... is my truth, so I'm a drug to your youth And you don't want

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Never gonna be another lyrics

Roll up those shutters to your shop Cos now this circus ... dog-eared magazines When you were in the scene But now ... that you’re gone… There’s never

Manfred Mann - You don't know me lyrics

give your hand to me And then you say ... so And anyone can tell You think you know me well But you don't know me But you don't ... know, you don't know No, you don't know the one Who

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