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(time We Shared Together So Much To Remember) lyrics

Browse for (time We Shared Together So Much To Remember) song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed (time We Shared Together So Much To Remember) lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to (time We Shared Together So Much To Remember).

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Dave Matthews Band - So much to say lyrics

say my hell is the closet I'm stuck inside can't see the light and my heaven is a nice house in the sky I got central heating and I'm alright yeah yeah yeah can't see the light keep it locked up inside don't talk about it t-t-talk about the weather yeah

Chicago - So much to say, so much to give lyrics

hard to be Free to Love only you People Starin' at me Try to Take you away There's no Time to delay We've got to live for today I've got So much to give There is So much to say Night after night Day after day In spite of our words They all turn

Willie Nelson - So much to do lyrics

oatmeal tastes just like confetti the coffee's too strong so forget it The toast is burning well let it there's just so much to do since you've gone Too much to do all alone My tie's lost I can't find the sweater there's the doorbell I hope that's your letter My head aches I

Get Scared - So much to lose lyrics

s call to cut me up now I'm at the bottom of a bottle Searching for a love I cannot take Tick tick, time to relieve And maybe I'd just slow down (slow down) I've had enough to turn my inside out I said I need to save myself... So tell me I'm o

Lisa Mitchell - So much to say lyrics

m sorry That I come and I go, That I believe, and I don't Fickle me I'm still here Still filling my space Still finding my place Still, I breathe I want to fall into the ocean I want to fall into the light, and my skin and my bones Are lost in the fray St

Art Garfunkel - So much in love lyrics

we stroll along together, Holding hands, walking all alone. So in love are we two, that we don't know what to do. So in love, (Two, so in love.) In a world of our own. (Two, so in love.) As we stroll by the sea together, Under stars twinkling high above. So i

Bob Marley - So much things to say lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Ooh yeah, yeah! They got so much things to say right now; They got so much things to say. They got so much things to say right now; They got so much things to say. Eh! But I'll never forget no way: they crucified Je-sus Christ; I'll

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Every time we're together lyrics

m back in my hometown And Main Street's dying now It's like there's nothing left of it No more high school grounds They tore that building down And everything with it I miss I call up my old friends So long since I've seen them It's like we're back there instantly to me

Hooverphonic - Every time we live together we die a bit more lyrics

wants one Everybody's got one Everybody Everybody wants to be loved Everybody wants one Everybody's got one Everybody Everybody wants to be loved Is it you who's going to guide me Through this labyrinth of poems Is it you that's going to make me Gonna make me feel home And

Tim Minchin - So long (as we are together) lyrics

saw your weeping eyes reflected in the window of a Boeing 727. You looked down at the city, saw it slowly growing tiny, As the sunset turned Hell's Kitchen into heaven. You turned your face to me, and I tucked your hair behind your ears, Said, nothing can go wrong, So long a

Dannii Minogue lyricsDannii Minogue - So hard to forget lyrics

So hard, so hard to forget, no one ever did it better I've been missing you, yes you are) So hard, so hard to forget Your love (so easy to love) I never said I had all the answers I'm not looking to place the blame Don't matter who's right or wrong It's just not the same since

A Day To Remember - We got this lyrics

anyone who's alone in a crowded room Put your hands up high, sing it out of tune It's these late night hours we spend that help me up from down We got this You're just like me when I was your age We all knew better, name it, we've been there When I had a p

Mdo - So hard to forget lyrics

was so obsessed with the look in her eyes It was so intense to see her body over mine She was just so perfect, I have to confess I thought maybe this time, my broken heart would mend Then I kissed her lips And I dreamed that they were yours Then I real

Myrath - Fade away lyrics

can see no future I just see the end The end of love and the beautiful world We built together in late September When we first met and fall in love Do you remember? All the stars above Do you remember? The burning love We shared together for nights to remember

Atlantic Starr - The first time we fell in love lyrics

know I won't forget the times we shared together Holding hands and walking in the park Sometimes we'll have to do it all again We were so happy then, I have no regrets Can't you tell from the look on my face That I love you more today The first time I looked into your e

Gloria Estefan - Remember me with love lyrics

one day you should go away I know you say you'll always stay Oh, but life takes funny turns at times And has a way of chaniging minds Though I could never be your friend To me the end would be the end But we've shared so much happiness, Just remember I know you tell me ev

Rains - So easily lyrics

I should die tomorrow Would you be there in agony or ecstasy Would you leave it up to me Remember all the dreams we shared together Are we throwing it all away Hoping for something better We used to try We tried so hard together to open up ourselves

Misha - So much trouble lyrics

cannot recall the last time The time we laughed I cannot recall when you last held my hand I do recall when we got into a fight And you got so mad I do remember when you said What you said Do you recall the good times We spent together Do you recall When I

Connie Francis - Together lyrics

strolled the lane together Laughed at the rain together, Sang love's refrain together And we'd both pretend it would never end But one day we cried together Cast love aside together You're gone from me, But in my memory We always will be together. Oh darlin' the memory Of

Kumbia Kings - Together lyrics

Power, Roger (together baby) Let me get some flavor Kumbia Kings... This is for the ladies Oh yo, baby girl I got to let you know my purpose in this world And them hater chicks They got nothing on you The love I feel inside Is like all for you Oh we coul

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Remember lyrics

me, Have you got the time To let me say hello. Couldn't help but see That you look like a lady I used to know A long time ago. Remember the time we spent together. Remember the days I dreamt forever. Remember the nights we stayed togeth

The Parselmouths - We belong together lyrics

you remember the day we met? Yes i remember of was a day in Spring. Do you remember what happened next? Yes i remember this gorgeous diamond ring. Now it´s clear, darling, that we belong together. I´ll tell the world, that my heart belongs to you. Al

Four Year Strong - So much for the afterglow lyrics

This is a song about Susan This is a song about the girl next door This is a song about the everyday occurrences That make me feel like letting go Yes I thin...

Samantha Jade - So right lyrics

how you do those things you do I'm really craving you I think about you all the time, can't get you off my mind I do get through the day I got so much to say I'm really falling sick awaiting Gotta make you mine Baby I really gotta tell you you, wussup? A

Big Bang - We belong together (ft. park bom) en lyrics

Baby Boo I'm always thinking about you Whatever you do, I'll always trust you You know... We belong together uh Boy I'm ready for your love (yea yea) You got me going steady for your love (oh oh) Nobody but you I'm thinking of (don't cry) So heavenly so obvious (th

George Strait - So much like my dad lyrics

know that I surprised you coming home, It's not my usual time of year; but I've got myself a problem, And I know that I might find the answer here. Remember when I was dad's pride and joy and your little man, Every time that I got hurt you

John Travolta lyricsJohn Travolta - We go together lyrics

go together, right rama, lama, lama, di dingy, di ding ki dong Remember forever, as shuap shuaruap dubi di dinki pum, chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop, that's the way it should be, wahoo, yeah We're one of a kind like yip, yip, yip, shoowa, sha wooly-woo

A Day To Remember - Monument lyrics

s Monday morning And I would kill for a chance to drive Get so far away from here with you my dear That I'll never leave your side Nobody knows the troubles I've seen In a van, on a soapbox for the world to see Miles away, and I wish this didn'

Middle Of The Road - To remind me lyrics

i look through my window i only see rain And my thoughts go back to those wonderful days We shared together and you left without any cares And i only have pain to remind me We started a love right Then something went wrong I tried to hold on to you But now now tha

Golden Earring - Together we live, together we love lyrics

send my bird to a golden cage Where it can sing it's song of love, love It takes along the golden key Then you unlock the door of love Then think of me, oh then think of me Cause I send you this golden key When you accept this little gift Remember please th

Darius Rucker - Together, anything's possible lyrics

up to a beautiful sun shining brightly in the East Want to have it shine on everyone the way it's shining on me We got such a long way to go and we got so much to do But I made a promise to myself I'd be right here for you I feel the cool of the wind Tou

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - We could be so good together lyrics

could be so good together Ya, so good together We could be so good together Ya, we could, I know we could Tell you lies I tell you wicked lies Tell you lies Tell you wicked lies Tell you 'bout the world that we'll invent Wanton world without lamen

Raghav - So much lyrics

like them reese's peanut buttercups, mm that I love so much I just can't get enough, my baby, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Mm and shes off to touch but sometimes she costs too much but then she burn it up and I be like mmmm, ahhhh [Hook] I remember everybody said it, is it love your

Sheena Easton - So much in love lyrics

must be happy, you look wonderful, never seen you look so fine I've heard all about her, you're mad about her You talk about her all the time You say you love her, shes given you everything you'll ever need Though I still adore you, I'm happy for you I know that its too la

Shatner William - Together lyrics

says Phoenix Pegasus Grecian urn Midwest turn So much to learn Together She says our souls Are warm Lives Reborn From hearts That were torn Before before perform performs Together Together they say A breath renewed Everyday With you Our

Carpenters - We've only just begun lyrics

ve only just begun to live White lace and promises A kiss for luck and we're on our way We've only begun Before the risin' sun, we fly So many roads to choose We'll start out walkin' and learn to run And yes, we've just begun Ref: Sharing hori

Everclear - So much for the afterglow lyrics

This is a song about Susan This is a song about the girl next door This is a song about the everyday occurances that make you feel like letting go Yes I...

Kaiser Chiefs - We stay together lyrics

break it down, into its parts. We toured around, and break our hearts. We laughed along with all of the jokes. (haha) We raced along and stayed so close. But through it all, yeah. We stay together. We stay together. I know that My love got no other lov

Perpetual Fire - Time machine lyrics

heart is bleeding love I can't forget your beautiful eyes And your mighty passion Now your heart is like a stone And it seems you won't remember me I can't live without you Maybe I can rewind The time we spent together I want to go back i

Randy Newman - We belong together lyrics

t you turn your back on me, Don't you walk away. Don't you tell me that I don't care, Cause' I do. Don't you tell me, I'm not the one, Don't you tell me, I ain't no fun, Just tell me you love me, like I love you. You know you do. When we'

Grease - We go together lyrics

go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong remembered for ever like shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom Chang chang chang-it-ty chang shoo-bop That's the way it should be Wha oooh yeah! We're one of a kind Like di

Diana Ross - We stand together lyrics

up, stand tall, and be counted Divided we fall, together we stand, together Our love has all never doubt it Alone we fall, together we stand, together When we're playin' the game of life What we pay is a heavy price If you choose the wrong path You will lose, that's so right

Less Than Jake - We go together lyrics

go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong Remembered forever as shoo-bop sha whada whadda yippidy boom da boom Chang chang changity chang shoo bop that's the way it should be Waooo Yeah We're one of a kind like dip da dip da dip do whap de dob

Hairspray - Come so far (got so far to go) lyrics

LATIFAH Hey old friend, let’s look back On the crazy clothes we wore Ain’t it fun to look back And to see it’s all been done before ZAC EFRON All those nights together Are a special memory NIKKI BLONSKY And I can’t wait for tomorrow Just as long as you

Sue Mclaren - We come together (feat. paul van dyk) lyrics

begins a single road Up ahead are many turns Every curve it brings me hope Every mile you live and learn Many paths are crossing over Passengers along the way Where the sparks can tell the forces Come together makes a friend Side by side Strong as stone We

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - We go together (with john travolta) lyrics

go together Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong Remembered forever As shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop That's the way it should be Wah-oooh, yeah! We're one of a kind Like dip da-dip da-dip doo-wop da doo-bee doo Our nam

Boyce Avenue - So much time lyrics

can't get out of bed this morning You can tell that he's been crying From the stains on his pillow case last night He wonders why he got no warning He wonders all the time Well maybe in his dreams he'll make it right He finally pulls himself togeth

Gyptian - So much in love lyrics

ohh yeah, ohhh. Girl it feels like heaven when I make love to you, There's no special... no one to get to you, [Chorus:] 'Cause I'm so much in love, so much in love, I'm finally in love with you, Because I'm so much in love (so much), So much in love with you (so m

Paul Van Dyk lyricsPaul Van Dyk - We come together lyrics

begins a single road Up ahead are many turns Every corner brings me hope Every mile you live and learn Many paths are crossing over Passengers along the way When a spark meets other forces Come together makes a flame Side by side Strong as stone We all

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - We belong together (remix) (feat. jadakiss an.. lyrics

you left I lost a part of me It's still so hard to believe Come back baby, please 'Cause we belong together Show your respect Whenever you hear me or see me This is the emancipation of Mimi Hot like a real fever, the real diva So successful

Queensrÿche - Remember me lyrics

just one minute, step into my life. Read the page and run away with me. The day I made that vow. I didn't know then what I know today. There's so much to say. I don't know what the future holds and I'm sorry if I seemed too cold. A man conflicted in

Chris Rea - So much love lyrics

I've got something I tell you say now (Play it real cool) but I'm not fooled (Nobody loved you like) the tip of the iceberg I know the game and there ain't no rules I got so much love for you baby Bet you any time we can make it Don't keep telling yourself That i

Just For Being - So much emptier lyrics

used to be so much emptier, but times have changed, we wanna carry on. Always remember those sleepless nights, I watched the ceiling of my room. Earlier that day you told me, I wasn´t good enough for you. I try to do my best, but if I make mistak

Maze - We are one lyrics

t understand Why we treat eachother in this way Taking up time With the silly silly games we play We've got our love And no matter how it's said or done We are one no matter what we do We are one love will see us through We are one and that's the way it is

Kate Alexa - We are together lyrics

never thought I'd see the day That we would ever be this way I never thought that it would change. But now I finaly realise That what we had was no disguise When I look into your eyes. But things can only get better We'll try to stick together We're all together

Kate Alexa - We're together lyrics

never thought I´d see the day That we would ever be this way I never thought that it would change. But now I finaly realise That what we had was no disguise When I look into your eyes. But things can only get better We´ll try to stick together We´re all together And I

Earth, Wind & Fire - We're living in our own time lyrics

feel it in the night I hear a whisper, a ray of light A flash across the sky Through the window in my eyes A bolt of thunder Exploding in my mind Is it real, what I feel It's just like floating away While the moon floods the room I can hear music start to play

Goldfish - We come together lyrics

on we brave the waves don’t fall When the sheriff’s got your back against the wall You’ll become a slave if you fear to brawl That’s why we crave to conquer all You can catch us switching lanes at the break of dawn When the rebel spirit answers to my cal

Hot Chip - So glad to see you lyrics

glad to see that you came Like all birds together we will squawk and we squeak The joy comes from all our beaks And ringing bells is our fun Now our ass is moving as one If we are forgetting all the rules that we learnt As all the rule books are burnt And just as A follows B O

Gladys Knight - The way we were / try to remember lyrics

you know, everybody's talkin' about the good old days, right Everybody, the good old days, the good old days Well, let's talk about the good old days Come to think of it as, as bad as we think they are these will become the good old days for our ch

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