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(roll Out The Barrel) . lyrics

Browse for (roll Out The Barrel) . song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed (roll Out The Barrel) . lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to (roll Out The Barrel) ..

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Gun Barrel - Roll of the dice lyrics

is beating fast time is standing still The dice's in my hand the ultimate thrill I can not resist, oh no Adrenaline is pumping through my veins Tonight I will be gambling the game of the games Roll of the dice Dancing with the devil Roll of the dice He looks at

Guster - Barrel of a gun lyrics

know a movie star, i've got her plastered to my wall just like we're dear old friends, like she already knows me she's perfect as she seems, lifts me right out the Mezanine i finally fell in love, i've been waiting forever 4 3 2 1 went out the barrel of t

Kid Ink - Roll out lyrics

Chorus:] I know they ain't know what I'm all Sorry, excuse me, I'm feeling right now Soon they gonna understand it Tried to do it like me You can tell 'em I'm a beast I'm a dog, then let me off the leash Now I'm coming for 'em all Man I need another drink It'

Miracle Of Sound - Roll out! - transformers song lyrics

the metal world of Cybertron There is a rockin' robot race Two warring tribes are laying waste To a once great shining place Molten metal fires Dot the alloy and the chrome Sparks and twisted wires Stain the surface of our home The Autobots are hunted By the

Labelle - Roll out lyrics

Ladies! there comes a time in your life When you gotta do somethings That you never thought you would have to do I ain't your superwoman, I ain't your wonder woman I ain't gonna wash your clothes, I ain't the floor you're walking on I'm gonna keep the car,

Lenka - Roll with the punches lyrics

roll with the punches Roll, roll with the punches That really hurt me Like a fist to the face I wasn't ready To be knocked out of place Suddenly everything I was sure of Sinking below the depths of the surface It's unexpected, it usually is When you're

Chapin Harry - Roll down the river lyrics

keep looking out my window At the driftwood floating by Like a flock of birds in falltime You're just itching to fly I know I cannot hold you Cause you live life to the hilt So go on get out of here girl I don't want your guilt. Go on and roll down

Gaelic Storm - Out the road lyrics

crowds and clouds are gathering near, Lady Luck is in my ear. I've had a couple of jars to ease my mind, The score is on and I'm on the line. Seven hundred down on ol' Malone, If I lose, I'm dead when I get home. He's pacing his steps, his ready for his run, I'll be

Rough Silk - The roll of the dice lyrics

once believed in magic - in the beauty of it all In honesty – in love and trust - but slowly came the fall. The winter killed the friendly colors and the air got cold As ice And red got blue – and rusty, too - that´s the roll of the Dice. Well, the first cut is the deepest -

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Roll away the stone lyrics

if you say you still care, I follow you most anywhere Roll away the stone, Roll away the stone And in the darkest night, I'll keep you safe and alright Roll away the stone, Roll away the stone Won't you roll away the stone, Why be cold and so alone Won't you roll awa

Marian Gold - Roll away the stone lyrics

if you say you still care, I follow you most anywhere Roll away the stone, Roll away the stone And in the darkest night, I'll keep you safe and alright Roll away the stone, Roll away the stone Won't you roll away the stone, Why be cold and so alone W

Mott The Hoople - Roll away the stone lyrics

if you just say you still care Follow you most anywhere Roll away the stone, roll away the stone. And, in the darkest night, I'll keep you safe and all right Roll away the stone, roll away the stone Won't you roll away the stone Why be cold and so al

Mott The Hoople - The golden age of rock ’n’ roll lyrics

and Gentlemen, The golden age of rock and roll... Everybody hazy, shell-shocked and crazy. Screaming for the face at the window. Jeans for the genies, dresses for the dreamies, Fighting for a place in the front row. Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh (It's good for your body, it's good for your so

Alexander Rybak - Roll with the wind lyrics

won't blame to hurting on you You left in a sweetest way I won't say that it's you Making me feel this way It's the heart and a soul And a body and a brain Driving me insane And a wind and a land And a fire and a rain Old stay a same Ai ai

Bag Of Toys - Roll with the punches lyrics

I'm a poor man/I feel no pain Struggled half of my life a going against the grain But I think I guess I only get a one shot at this I'm gonna diiig every single second I've got, I've got to live Another second/another went by I killed another second, minute, hour, wais

Reo Speedwagon - Roll with the changes lyrics

soon as you are able Woman i am willing To make the break that we Are on the brink of My cup is on the table Our love is spilling Waiting here for you to Take and drink of So if you're tired of the Same old story Turn some pages I'll be here when you

Colony House - Roll with the punches lyrics

walk through the fire, day after day Search for the answers, fight for a way But when it makes no sense inside our heads Our hearts start playing games So say what you need to, bear what you must Love's meant to mend these fragments of trust So with stea

Sza lyricsSza - The odyssey lyrics

anyone live with Eartha Kitt? That's not for me to decide. That's for someone who decides to live with me to decide. Not for me But are you willing to compromise within a relationship? To compromise? What is compromising? Compromising for what? Compromisi

Lowkey - The butterfly effect lyrics

x2] If you could go back, what would you change What would you do again and what would remain the same What would you give, and what would you keep What would you take, and what would you leave I see an old lady holding the door As I tumble out my wheel chair and

Bowling For Soup - Out the window lyrics

said to never ever come back I wasn't sure exactly what you meant by that I know that we have had some problems But I've got solutions in my head Chorus: So I jumped out the window And down the fire escape Broke the window, who needs car keys anyway? Climbed through the w

B2k - Out the hood lyrics

Listen baby [Verse 1:] See theres this girl that i know And shes more (more than average shes a perfect ten) Dont really know how to handle someone who (wants to put her on, make her number one) Shes so used to that mentallity, got to hustle hard, riding in the st

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Out the blue lyrics

the blue you came to me And blew away life's misery Out the blue life's energy Out the blue you came to me Everyday I thank the Lord and Lady For the way that you came to me Anyway it had to be two minds one destiny Out the blue you came to me

Konshens - Out the ghetto lyrics

Intro:] A di real Gachapan Konshens Yo This one goes out... to each and every product Of the ghetto (Garrison) You zeen Cah people a go talk Dem a go seh things Just rememba a you control you life You set the settings Yo [Verse 1:] I rememba turn cornmeal and ja

Ben Kweller - Out the door lyrics

never believe this.” It happened today baby, my final revelation I was sittin’ there, he said, “y’all don’t care, You’re the reason for this broken nation” Broken dreams don’t die Here I go out the door I don’t need no more Here I stand, I got your hand

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Out the game lyrics

Kanye West] There's only one girl on my agenda (You talking bout Brenda?) Naw I'm talking bout Linda, from last September Now Linda love lace like Linda love lace LaFace says she like +Mase+ but she love +Face+ And I know that Linda was a hip-hop-head And I kn

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Out the bowl lyrics

Key!] Hello! [DJ Hoodrich Keem] Just in case y'all niggas didn't know We the man round here nigga! One time, lil lavish nigga (Hoodrich Bitch!) [Verse 1:Key!] When she give me head she gon' use both hands Hey! Hey! And ya know, hey, hey Im the man, hey Oh im

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Out the door lyrics

gone i got a new head on today im feeling must stronger no ones getting in my way but i wont waist no time not being without you so i'll take all your time and i'll take all your love out the door the tears are all gone i'm feeling closer and closer to you no ne

Hades - Out the window lyrics

into transition Upheaval by the ton is going on Part of life's composition I'm scared, I'm psyched I'm bound for abandon Turn the corners of life Dive headfirst just to find Reasonable thought flies Out The Window Yeah, there's no easy answers To dealin

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Out the pound lyrics

Hook: Birdman] We got the diamond in the back (Yea) Tinted rolled up (Yea) Blowin' out the pound In a brand new truck Where ya at wit' it? Let's go and get it If you a real d-boy Money over bitches [Intro over the hook] Yea, this one here for uptown I know we lost a

Carpenters - It's christmas time lyrics

s Christmas time and time for a carol Time to sing about the little King To fill the bowl and roll out the barrel Have ourselves a fling We greet a friend or welcome a stranger Let him sing OR cheer him on his way And celebrate the child in the manger Born

Lloyd - The liverpool judies lyrics

Liverpool Judies From Liverpool to 'Frisco a-rovin' I went, For to stay in that country was my good intent. But drinkin' strong whiskey like other damn fools, Oh, I soon got transported back to Liverpool, singin' Roll, roll, roll bullies, roll!* Them Liverpool judies have got us in to

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Pledge allegiance to the swag(feat. rick ross.. lyrics

Intro] Ay count that money for me partner Ay Ross make sure that nigga got that shit right, ya hear me? Ay, let a motherf***er go ding, that’s a 150 thou Yeah, that shit should add up to about 5.4 I be right back, I’m finna go get dressed Tell tha nigga to ga

Hercules - Barrel of a gun lyrics

know a movie star, I've got her plastered to my wall Just like we're dear old friends, like she already knows me She's perfect as she seems, lifts me right out the Mezzanine I finally fell in love, I'd been waiting forever Four, three, two, one When at the barrel of a

The Dubliners - The sick note lyrics

Sir I write this note to you To tell you of my plight And at the time of writing I am not a pretty sight My body is all black and blue My face a deathly grey And I write this note to say Why Paddy's not at work today While working on the fourteenth floor Some b

Alestorm - Scraping the barrel lyrics

many a-year we have travelled the seas, singing songs about pirates and all their misdeeds. Stories of treasures and great undead foes, just a day in the life of a man that I know. Your legendary prowess in drinking much beer, recorded in song for all people to hear. But many ha

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Barrel of a gun united mix lyrics

you mean this horny creep Set upon weary feet Who looks in need of sleep That doesn't come This twisted, tortured mess This bed of sinfulness Who's longing for some rest And feeling numb What do you expect of me What is it you want Whatever you've planned for me I'm not the

Levellers - Barrel of the gun lyrics

1,2,3,4) In a strange land far from these shores lay two men and a woman killed by the law No matter what country Under the sun You can't mete justice From the barrel of a gun A car bomb they say The S.A.S. on offence Shot in the back Makes no difference Oh no, Oh no, So

Astronautalis - Barrel jumping lyrics

Well sometimes I think that you meet someone you give and you give and you give until there's nothing left no matter what it's never ever going to be good enough for them) Drove up to the river with the barrel in the back of the trunk, the g

Aesop Rock - The tugboat complex, part 3 lyrics

could make 'em all dance, or I could sleep I could walk with a limp and make your step feel incomplete People are made of match sticks, light this bread a flames Note at the craft work door the last smirk of the the Damien mainframe My box cost siphon third rail juice fr

Ruff Ryders - The hood lyrics

this shit right for the thugs in the street Do yall here me? Shit, and this shit right here...will get you mugged in the street [Beanie Seagal] Beanie Segal hit hard, and I'll wire ya jaw Trademark niggas eyes, give them perminant scars Twist backwards, neve

Make Them Suffer - Scraping the barrel lyrics

is not a means to an ending. Just a broken and twisted path, Foreboding the droning tasks That face the shell of a shattered man. The shell of a shattered man. Dripping. Incessant dripping won't stop. Not for the machines that bellow through the corridors. Nor for the joy a

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Barrel of a gun lyrics

you mean this horny creep Set upon weary feet Who looks in need of sleep That doesn't come This twisted, tortured mess This bed of sinfulness Who's longing for some rest And feeling numb What do you expect of me What is it you want What

M.i.a. - The turn lyrics


Hatebreed - Looking down the barrel of today lyrics

I set a shotgun to my head they said I wasn't worth the bullets Now the world is my trigger and I'm here to f***ing pull it [x2] Still here (still here!) I can't hesitate Eyes wide open pupils dilate Still here (right here!) set to detonate i see the swarm the scavengers

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Harold the barrel lyrics

A well-known Bognor restaurant-owner disappeared early this morning. Last seen in a mouse-brown overcoat, suitably camouflaged, they saw him catch a train. Man-in-the-street: "Father of three its disgusting" "Su

Dog Fashion Disco - The hitchhiker lyrics

stab into the night sky, hands gripping tight to the wheel knuckles white approaching a figure in the headlights where are you headed get in we'll be on our way i'll engage the conversation like i care to set your fragile mind at ease then tune you out like the rad

The Agonist - The hunt lyrics

the city that never rests From the fear of waking in the lion's den Let the joyous hunt begin Place your blindfold to the task Victim by day, culprit by night The enemy hide right beneath your mask Empty the barrel on the glass Cause the gun

Dezperadoz - Look into the barrel of my gun lyrics

down shoot em all down, look into the rarrel of a gun down down shoot em all down, do you think your time has come I tried to hold my, hold my head up high, you where the waight around my neck when i spread out, spread out my wings to fly, you tore them right of m

Lakeman Seth - The watcherman's rhyme lyrics

the midnight ring Loud echoes on the walls Two hundred years have been And still those seconds fall Good deeds and noble skills Repair the true design Chorus: Maker’s rhyme, running through time Maker’s rhyme, running through the hands of time He wound up every face

Memphis May Fire - The commanded lyrics

felt the ground start to shake. Oh God, oh God, Everything's up in flames. I prayed that it would have ended Just as fast, just as fast as it came. All I could hear was: "March on, march on. Quick on your feet, March on, march on. March on, march on. Whe

Nightcore - Let it roll (divide the day) (nightcore) lyrics

You Think You Can Shoot Your Mouth Off WELL You Better Watch Your Aim Cause I Know That You're In My House You Wanna Stay You're Gonna Have To Pay Try To Hide But There's No Way Out You're going Down, You're Going Down (Bang Bang) Someone Said You're

Kottonmouth Kings - Roll it up lyrics

it up then, confrontation Smoke it up then, heal the nation Roll it up then, burn the ganja I need to pass the roach because its burning my hand Let me take you on a trip, deep where I venture With the P-Town ballers in the city of Placentia What we gonna do?

The Hollies - Out on the road lyrics

wasn't there (I wasn't there) When I was needed (I wasn't there) I was out on the road Playing with my rock and roll band (I wasn't there) I should have been right by her side Like a good man ought to be But this rock'n'roll music sure gotta hold on me I wasn't there (I w

Natalie Merchant - The end lyrics

be the end of the road, when my battered, embittered body and soul will go home. That’ll be the end of the war, when we finally lay down the barrel and the blade and go home. By the sea, so wide and treacherous, by the land, so dark and dangerous, how can we have so far to go?

Newsboys - The way we roll lyrics

the clock, we were, ridin' a wave Of Oz rock, we were, b-barely of age To take charge, or pack our guitars for the long flight Should we write No cash or plan, we were, criss-crossing the states In some van, we were c-c-cooking our beans On the block while the motor was hot S

Pain - The third wave lyrics

tried to build a nation, greater than anyone But what they didn't know was that someone else would have control The mob starts infiltrating, at gunpoint they will roam They show no mercy and the government is on their payroll No compromising, a nat

Atari Teenage Riot - The western decay lyrics

you've realised that the time is running out! (x4) If you testify than throw your first up! (x3) Throw you fist up! Throw your fist up! (x3) The revolution and I... The revolution and I... The revolution and I There is no use in the western decay! For me and you! N

Hutchinson Eric - The basement lyrics

whooa, whooa I’m going down to the basement ya’ll Where people all have a good time The parties that I hear have nothing to do with My ears are going out of my mind, mind, mind Down here they play the real thing Songs that were really rock and roll It’s a clich

Roman Lob - Call out the sun lyrics

bird on the wire, take my soul Shed your tears on the fire Come make me whole White bird on the wind Where do you fly? Tell me where you've been Where do you lie? My, oh my... Sweet thing, don't you hide - not from me Sweet thing deep inside We all believe

Dio - The king of rock and roll lyrics

nights - summer in the city Just about to smoke and burn Look out - He's evil but he's pretty And oh he's gonna twist and turn He's got the midnight madness He's got control He's the King of Rock and Roll Bad blood - Everybody knows it But everybody d

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