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Keep Away lyrics

You keep your jealousy and your snide remarks to yourself
you know that I'm not seeing anyone else
You just keep your ear down to the ground
yell your head off if you hear a sound
Here's a whistle, a badge and a phone
you can arrest me if I'm not at home
And if I don't keep my word I swear
I'll keep away

Here's some books and a puzzle by Escher
here's Shakespeare's Measure For Measure
Here's a balloon, a rubber band and a bag
why don't you blow them up if you think you've been had
Here's a castle, a paper dragon and a moat
an earring, a toothbrush and a cloak
And if I don't keep my word I swear
I'll keep away

I swear I'll keep away, from all we've ever done
I'll keep away the good times, I'll keep away the fun
I swear I'll join the army, or maybe the marines
I'll start to wear designer suits and put away my jeans

I swear that I'll keep away, from all my old-time friends
I'll throw away my records, I'll try to make amends
I swear I'll give up gambling, and playing with the rent
I'll give up food and drinking, I'll give up a life ill-spent

Here's a yardstick you can measure me by
here's a coupon, maybe there's something you want to buy
Here's a bandied in case you cut your feet
here's a rubber mallet you can use on your front teeth
Here's a gun no one uses anymore
and a bracelet made of some expensive ore
And if I don't keep my word
you won't see me anymore

I swear I'll keep away, from dignity and pride
I'll keep away from abstracts, I'll keep it all inside
Well, I'll just wrap me up in butter, and melt me on a shelf
I'll fry in my own juices, I'll become somebody else

Well, I'll just swear to keep away, from everything that's good
I'll lie down in the gutter, where I really should
I swear I'll light a candle, to every modern foe
I swear I'll close the book on this, and not see you anymore
'cause I just got to get away

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Lou Reed - Keep away lyrics
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