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High Come Down lyrics

[Shima singing]

[Hook: Shima]
High come down
Why do you make my high, come down

[Lil' Keke]
Put the Crys on ice, let the lights dim bright
Put your best dress on, cause we f***ing tonight
Lay your hair down, cause you a beautiful star
Got the laced thong on, with the matching bra
Had a sip of hypnotic, now you feeling erotic
Wanna get up under me, and start touching your body
I make your high come down, up and down
Give me some leeway, head on the freeway
Slide the roof back, put the square in the air
Damn you looking good, with everything you wear
You my sugar brown round mound, you take it downtown
Everywhere we go, for real it's going down
I'm the young Don, you got it tatted on your back
Love the way I hit it, from the back in the Lac
Like that, round and round to H-Town
I know what to do, to make your high come down, come on

[Hook: Shima]
High come down
Why do you make my high, come down
High come down
Tell me why do you make my high, come down

[Lil' Keke]
I can't wait to hit the interstate, doing 150
Throw the weed out, 'fore the law come get me
I'm on my way, to the place you stay
And don't worry bout the Benz, cause it's a-ok
I'm in a drop top 5, put it in six
Buckle up your belt, we gon scratch to the mix
You're my boo it's true, you make my high come through
Gon jump in the hot tub, do what you do
Cause tonight's your night, and tomorrow's your day
I'ma hit the hot spot, with no time to play
In the Lex-O, and your homegirl's hating
Stop at the light, 22's rotating
Call up the cellular, business on the regular
First class strips, if I wanna get next to you
Oakland, on back to H-Town
And I got what it takes, to make you come down, come on

[Hook: Shima]

[Lil' Keke]
Ok let's do it again, before the sun rise
Come over and let me touch up, on your thick thighs
Let me squeeze your chest, let me caress your breast
We can see the whole world baby, east to west
Well yeah don't forget, I'm a thug nigga
Undercover low key, I'm a mob figga
But let me take you to the zone, going one on one
We getting mesmerized, we going half on the sun
Catch you on the weekend, and we freaking
But I see you next week, and we probably not speaking
Playas, you know we play that way
But I'ma ride off baby, it's a beautiful day
On the low-low, we smoking do-do
We at the bachelor pad, we doing the freak show
Say I see you next time, when I'm back in town
Best believe, I'ma make your high come down, what

[Hook x2: Shima]

[Shima singing]

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