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Heart lyrics

We giving up on all the emptiness

I fill it up with your sweet love beside me.
Ain't no fun to be a rolling stone inside

You buy the feeling and you pay with tears.
For what it matters you flow with the motion
Then out of nowhere there's a full moon rising

And it's mine.
And every
every moment is the history we make - and more
We got a legacy of understanding
I can love you better
But donY let your -
Heart stop beating in time

Don't take me below the danger level.
Caught up in the middle of a misery -
Don't let me die.
And I warn you if you let your
Heart stop beating in time
Don't make it a fatal combination

I won't ever find another your love no more.
Got to get closer
got to be in sight

You make it heaven to breathe with you woman.
Don't you get lonely in the midnight hour like me?
And there's an angel that I follow on the wind - and more
Within a universe of undiscovered eyes
We found each other
so don't let your -
Heart stop beating
in time

Don't take me below the danger level.
Caught up in the middle of a misery.
Oh baby
don't let it be.
Save my soul
I don't wanna be no chains that hold
Gotta be a wild new world out.
There is a plan
I don't wanna be no one night stand
Gonna be alive for you down.
Here is the love I can hold out in my hand

And you can feel it I'm nothing if you let your -
Heart stop beating in time
. . .
Don't let your heart stop beating in time
. .

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