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Gravity (feat. J.R) lyrics

[Intro (Lecrae):]
It’s Gravity
Keeps pullin’ me down

[Verse 1 (Lecrae):]
I pen songs for the perishin’ and parishioners
Them hearers and them listeners, the home and the visitors
This is not a game, you can't tame or make it purty
They say the earth cursed, so our mouths stay dirty
There’s mud on the track, a slug in ya’ back
Police done pulled you over wit’ a gun in ya’ lap
And you ain't got the power to make it through this parade
The workers can't keep the profit - everything here is vain
My job is oppressive, I strive for my blessings
The pastor so corrupt it's hard to ride with his message
Riches destroy the owners, the government think they own us
My onus is to keep the police from ridin’ all up on us
Leavin’ money to kids who spend it on getting’ blitz
Say, what's the point of livin’ to give it up in the end
Then again, all my sin has been pinned to the cross
I know I'm free forever from this land of the lost

[Hook (J.R.):]
Yeah, every time I think I’m flying
I’m just falling
So close to touching the sky
But gravity keeps pulling me back down
But I can’t stay here forever
I want to go, ooh one day!
I want to go
Somewhere where there’s no gravity

[Verse 2 (Lecrae):]
Somebody told me there was no such thing as truth
I said, “If that's the case then why should I believe you?”
Murder, money, and mayhem, every place that I lay in
My problems follow suit, I'm tailor-made for this, ain't I?
It’s deep. You wanna go deep? I’ll take you deep
Reality is really just cheap
Yo’ eyes wide open apparently, but you sleep
And everything you have in your hands you’ll never keep
So why hold on, I flow on to go on, before long I float on
Eternal life is what I'm thinkin’ I'mma bank my hope on
Believe me, easy is irrelevant
The devil want us burning for the hell of it
Elephants in the room say we can't talk about impending doom
Or we gospel rappin’ or preaching people out of their shoes
It’s cool, I'll be that dude. We glued to our depravity,
Until somebody free us from this gravity. Fly!


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