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On my own lyrics

On my own pretending he's beside me
All alone I walk with him till morning
Without him I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way I close my eyes
And he has found me

In the rain , the pavement shines like silver
All the lights are mist in the river
In the dark days the trees are full of star light
And all I see is him and me forever and forever

And I know it's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself
And not to him
And although I know that he's blind
Still I say , there's a way for us

I love him , but when the night is over
He's gone , the river's just a river
Without him the world around me changes
The trees are bearing everywhere
The streets are full of strangers

I love him, but everyday I'm running
All my life I've only been pretending
Without me his world would go on turning
A world that's full of happiness that I have never loved

I love him , I love him
I love him , but only on my own

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