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Slow Ride lyrics

(Kenny Wayne Shepherd/Danny Tate/Mark Selby)
It's warm inside
Let's take a midnight drive
I wanna know ya... really know ya
It's an open road
Let's see how far it goes
I wanna show ya... baby let me show ya
High flyin' low
Don't you wanna go
On a slow ride
It's cold outside
But there's fire in your eyes
I wanna hold you... let me hold you
Won't lose my nerve
On those dangerous curves
When we get rollin'... really rollin'
High flyin' low
Don't you wanna go
On that slow ride
Slow ride
Slide on in, don't keep me in suspense
Let's get movin'... slow movin'
We can make it at last, ain't no need to go too fast
When we're groovin', soul groovin'
High flyin' low
Don't you wanna go
On that slow ride
Slow ride
Slow ride
Ooh yeah

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Slow ride lyrics
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