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Kiss Me lyrics

She said you never tell me that you love me anymore
so i cant help but wonder if you do
she said if things dont change youll see me walk right out that door
cause ive done everything i know to do
I said i dont know just what it is you want from me
she said i only want us the back the way we used to be

then she said kiss me kiss me kiss me
hold me hold me like you want me
like youll never let me go
show me show me that you really love me
and then tell me cause i really need to know
she said kiss me kiss me kiss me

i got down on my knees right there and i promised her id change
cause deep inside i knew that she was right
i said i know we drifted
and theres only me to blame
but i dont want to waste another night
somewhere in the darkness there we found a brand new start
as i took every word she whispered straight to heart

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