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Look At Me Now lyrics

Yellow model chick
Yellow bottle sipping
Yellow Lamborghini
Yellow top missing
Yup yup
That stuff looks like a toupee
I get what you get in 10 years, in two days

Ladies love me I'm on my cool J

If you get what I get what would you say
He wax it on and off, Mr Miyagi
And them suicide doors, Hari Kari

Look At Me Now, Look At Me Now
Oh, I'm getting paper
Look At Me Now
Oh, Look At Me Now
Yeah, fresh than a mu-what?

Lil jigga bigger than gorilla
Cause I'm killing every jigga that
Try to be on my stuff
Better cuff your man if you with him
I can get him
Cuz he accidentally slip fall on my crack
Oops, I said on my crack
I aint really mean to say on my crack
But since we talking about my crack
All of you haters say hi to that
I'm Done... No really though i'm not done

Lets goooo

cause I feel like I'm running
and I'm feeling like I gotta get away, get away, get away
better know that I don't and I won't ever stop cause
you know I gotta win everyday day
see they don't really really wanna pop me
just know that you will never stop me
and I know that I can be a little cocky, ohhhh
you aint never gonna flop me

everytime I come a jigga gotta set it then I got it going
then I gotta get it, than I gotta blow, and than I gotta shudder any little thing
the jigga think that he be doing cause it doesnt matter cause I'm gonna dadadadada

then I'm gonna murder every thing and anything a badaboom a badabing
I gotta do a lot of things, and make it clearer to a couple jiggas
that I'm always winning and I gotta get it again and again and again
and I be doing it to death and now I move a little foul
a jigga better call a ref, and everybody know my style
and jiggas know that I'm the best

when I come to doing this and I be banging on my chest
and I bang in the east and I'm bangin' in the west
and I come to give you more and I will never give you less
you will hear it in the street or you can read it in the press
do you really wanna know whats next

see the way we on, when we all up in the race and you know
we gotta go, don't try to keep up with the pace
we struggling and hustling and sending in and getting in
and always gotta do it take it to another place
gotta taste it and I gotta grab it
and I gotta cut through all this traffic
just to be at the top of the throne
better know I gotta have it

Look At Me Now, Look At Me Now
Oh, I'm getting paper
Look At Me Now
Oh, Look At Me Now
Yeah, fresh than a mu-what?

Man forget these haters how yall doin?
I'm Lil Tunechi, I'm a nuisance, I go stupid, I go dumb like the 3 stooges
I dont eat sushi, I'm the stuff, no pollution, no substitution
Now i'm chilling play in movies in my jacuzzi, fruit is juicy
I never give a damn about a hater got money on my radar
Dress like a skater, got a big house, came with an elevator
You jiggas aint eatin, go tell a waiter

Marley said shoot em, and I said ok,
You on that bullsh- I'm like ole'
Dont care what you say, so don't even speak
Your boyfriend a freak like Cirque Du Soleil
That's word to my flag, and my flag red
I'm out of my head, yo I'm outta my mind from the bottom I climb
You aint hotter than mine, nope, not on my time and I'm not even trying
Whats poppin Slime? nothin five, and if they trippin forget em five
I aint got no time to shuck and jive, these jiggas as sweet as pumpkin pie

Ciroc and sprite on a private flight
Yo I been tight since guiding light, and my pockets white my diamonds white and my mommas nice and my daddy's gone
You please be scared cause I'm too wild, been here for a while
I was like no trial I puts it down
I'm so young money you got eyes look at me now oh

Look At Me Now, Look At Me Now
Oh, I'm getting paper
Look At Me Now
Oh, Look At Me Now
Yeah, fresh than a mu-what?

Ok! ok! Is that right? I'm fresh than a mu-what?

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