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On the Streets Tonight lyrics

on the streets tonight, o yeah on the streets tonight
on the streets tonight, that's where i'll be found
'cause i don't wanna go home
i want to hang out with my friends, i want to hang with you

where the city is at peace at 5 AM
as over the rooftops rises the sun
yeah we've been here all night long, lost in endless talk & our love songs

there are nights when these sidewalks feel like home
and the bright street light is a crystal chandelier
sipping a cup of coffee until the bakery opens...its doors
then a fresh baked loaf of bread, and it's off to bed...yeah

where i dream that i am on the streets at night
and i've never felt more perfect or in tune
with the city, with my friends, with the cops on the corner...yeah
then a stray red dog sits down right next to me
and explains the finer points of fresco painting
he's been studying six years , he says, "that's 42 years experience for humans!"

wake up in the afternoon
pick up the phone, i'm dialing you
i'll catch you at six for some chinese and some 80's karaoke

and then we'll set up on sidewalks
where we'll sing our songs
all night long....

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