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Good Times lyrics

You know me, yea u niggas know me
Been searching for good times man, can't seem to find none.
Must be lost,
We'll get em back though.

[Chorus x2]
I look around, like where the good times at?
I'm just tryin to bring the good times back.

[verse 1]
DO you remember? Them good ol' things, Tag, skully, them good ol'games.
Yea, those were the good ol' days, every hustler had good cocaine.
Remba new now? That good ol' grease, for them good ol' waves, remba that good ol' fade?
Remba that good ol' brush, that you kept in your back pocket, after that good ol' cut.
Remba them good ol' block parties and cookouts, everybody on the block partyin and cookout. Nobody get shot during the cookout. Mayb a fight niggas box
during the cookout. Niggas laugh, shout, during the cookout. Damn! How you get knocked out during the cookout? Remba ya good ol fam, that one dude you
could count on ya good ol man? (my nigga) Remba that good ol jam? That drove u crazy, make u jus wanna hold cha lady (come here baby) Remba goin to that
good ol flick, witcha good ol chick, and it didnt make u a trick? Remba waitin for them good ol holidays? Broke or not they was good ol holidays.
As long as u had ur good on aunti, ur good ol nanny, your good ol family. Yep!

Wont cha, wont cha come on back to me? [x3]

Do you remember, them good ol nites?
Smokin, drikin them good ol dice. To the deuce u rolled twice, Ace, damn gotta pay that good ol price.
Remba them ol "yo MtV raps" man, i hope they bring yo mtv back.
Remba Walkin through them good ol streets, new...MJ's on ya good ol feet?
Remba, that good ol chain u used to wear, u aint know if it was fake you didnt care.
Remba? taht good ol money you got that knot with the good ol 20 on top.
Do ya?
remba those good things, remba those hood thangs, remba feelin those hood pains?
Remba those good ol friends u used to have? Pitch for u, those good ol friend taht made you laugh?
Remba, the time you shared with the ones you loved? lost, the one above?
Remba all the thing u wanted to be? Doctor, Lawyer, knew at least one you could be.
Remba that good ol dream u used to have?
Similar to the one Dr. King used to have.
Remba everything about those good ol days, that make you say the good ol's changed.

[Chorus x2]
Wont cha, wont cha come on back to me? [x4]

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