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In Between lyrics

I am love, I am hate
I'm an atheist with faith
Went my anger with a smile
I'm polite or obscene
Either whisper or I scream
I'm not quite what I seem
I'm somewhere in between

I am young in my old age
I am calm or in a rage
I'm your friend or enemy
A pacifist or at war
I am rich but I am poor
I'm all extremes
I'm nowhere in between

Wide awake
Or in a dream
Nowhere in between
Like the pulse of a machine
I'm driven to extremes

I feel the turmoil boil in me
I'm neither healthy nor diseased

I am all extremes
But I'm still in between

Say right or say wrong
Outcast yet I belong
I'm high or I'm dry
Say I am weak yet I am strong

In Between
In Between

I am my alter ego
I am subconsciously
In depth but also shallow
Or somewhere in between

Oh I know I am
Always first in line or last
I swim with sharks or drown with rats
I'll defend as I attack
My world and yours are not the same
I am in a different lane
I am not where I seem
But I'm somewhere in between

I seek revenge
As I forgive
I die to live
Not afraid but scared to death
I don't fit in

In Between - all extremes

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