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Song Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil In Headphones) video
Jones Bentley - Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil In Headphones) video

Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil In Headphones) lyrics

It all comes down to this again
One more defining moment
On the edge of your seats again
Hoping that we can show that
We will survive
How to keep the passion alive

We savour every wound we lick
We cover up our bruises
The sky turns dark the air is thick
We smile they all know soon that
We will survive
Each and every pulse turns the tide

Bass drop, beat stop, build to the top

We gonna rock
Not gonna stop)

**Music it moves me with passion to make change inside
Devil in headphones

Damn right, that’s me, I’m the devil baby
There ain’t another who can muster a cover quite like me
With the odds stood against us one by one
We hit ‘em hard til they all come undone
Together we stand, united they fall
The mighty will laugh and the haters will bawl

Now come on, follow my pulse and go with the flow you know

I’m a 1, 2, 3, quadruple threat baby
Beats, lines, vox, rhymes in one breath, that’s me
I got some stars and they’re watching my back
Now hear me switch, I’m going on sound as a pound now

Knowing that we’re gonna survive
Marching on with you by my side

Bass drop, beat stop, build to the top


They don’t want me to be
They like the controversy

Music it moves me with passion to make change inside



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