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You and Me, Bess lyrics

We picked our way
Down to the beach
Watching the waves dragging out of our reach
Tangling tails like a sodden sheet
Dangling entrails from a gut of the sea

Hoarding our meals
Alfalfa and rolls
Trying not to catch the cold eye of the gulls
I hope mother nature has not overheard
Though she doles out hurt like a puking bird

You stayed for the winter
No one told us about the laws of the land
I hold my own but you with your hunger
You and the other hand
Make yourself known
And when we were found
I know we both grieved
My heart made the sound of snow falling from eaves

You and me, Bess
We was as thick as thieves
So I swore nonetheless
Up and down, it was only me

So they took me away
And after some time
Studying my case must have made up their minds
By the time you realized I was dying
Must have been too late
I believe you were not lying a little

It is the day I
Wait with my ears cocked up like a gun
Like every day of course
Yanked by my wrists to the
Sugar front court yard
Now tell me what have I done?
Seems I have stolen a horse and I
Step to the gallows
Who do you think that you are?
Arching your hooves like a crane in the shallow
Gutters that line the boulevards
Powdered with folks who just stare as I hang
It's all the same
Kindness comes over me
What was your name?
It makes no difference I'm glad that you came
Forever I'll listen to your glad neighing

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