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Tobacco Road lyrics

I was born in a bunk
In the middle of Tobacco Road
Mother died and my daddy got drunk
Left me here to die or grow
Grew up in a dusty shack

And all I had was a'hangin' on my back
Only you know how I loathe
But it's home
This place called Tobacco Road
The only life I've ever known
Only you know how I loathe

Tobacco Road
I'm gonna leave and get a job

Save some money, get rich I know
With the help and the grace from above

Bring Dynamite and a crane
Bring it back to Tobacco Road
Blow you up, start all over again
Build a town be proud to show

The only life I've ever known
Give the name Tobacco Road
Cause it's home
Oh I despise and disapprove you
But I love ya, 'cause it's home

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