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On My Knees lyrics

I'm twisting and turning wash off all my sins
Forgive me, though I bear the cross on my wings

I loved and lied to be forgiven
Threw away the chance of being released by you
A fatal step - the words of desperation
So please forgive me, I'm on my knees

So heal me father
Though I don't deserve your grace
"...all is forgiven"

"Forgiven is not forgotten, Ill return your sins as an evil deed..."

I breathe in the guilt, I myself is to blame
You're bound to forgive me again and again

My life reflects: It's misery
I'll have to end this failure of life I am
A giant step, though small for you
So please forgive me, I'm on my knees
I'm begging please

So heal me father...

Heal me father for I have sinned
Please forgive me - I'm on my knees
Heal me


So there I went into the hands of fate
I trusted in you to take away the pain

So heal me father...

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