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Lay Of The Autumn lyrics

(I...) I sing with a shattered voice
(I...) I sing with a heavy heart

There is the deepest well of dreams
Echoed a distant song
I hearkened to the hallowed voice
Stirred from ageless sleep

Through this barren soil you came
Sweet scent of spring
Came and cast the earth in bloom
Lent your light to me

But now the summer's dreams are bent
Like grain against the scythe
And memories of blissful days
They fall like leaves

For autumn's songs are made of loss
Of yearning and regret
In bitter tone they are recited
Uttered with a heavy heart

"I sing with shattered voice
A tale of marred souls
I cry for consumed hearts
And springs forever gone"

The lights of sun and stars will fade
And moon covers its face
All the tunes will quiet down
And the songs shall die

As this wretched heart unfolds
Like mouth of furnace grins
Inside there's but a blackened cell
Full of filth and flames

There once was time when I resounded by your side
There once was time when I trembled under your eyes

What do I hear when you're gone?
The wind's harrowing cry
What do I hear when you're gone?
The sighing of the languid grief
Cold creeps in, silver crowns the land
Long are the evening now, grave the guilt's weight
Stars shriek their emptiness in the darkling sky
All the world is but a barrow shrouded in white

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