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Riddle Box lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to your death
Now let's see where you're headed
Turn the crank
And experience was in store for you
Deep with the mighty Riddlebox [riddlebox echo 3x]

The joke's on you, hehe, riddlebox

Wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked clowns
Hey, I'm Violent J
And I'm here
Well, I'm here to kick your ass
We the wicked juggalos
We juggle those who live like hoes who chose
The express route, one way
Straight down the spiral twist
To the Riddlebox

The joke's on you, hehe, riddlebox

Hey, what's up, motherf***er
This is Shaggs 2 Dope
Congratulating you on opening the box
The Riddlebox
It looks like you received your prize
The cost, what it cost
Was your ass, bitchboy!

The joke's on you, hehe, riddlebox

Tell me, sir, what can you do?
It looks like the joke's on you

Come on down and turn the crank
Let's see where your soul
Will spend the rest of eternity
What's it gonna be, mister?
Heaven or hell, the bonus or the bone
Turn the crank and let's find out
Come on down, mister
You don't have anything to be scared of
Do you, sir?
So what's gonna pop up out
Of the mighty Riddlebox
Spin the crank and let's find out
What'd you say!? Step right up, who's first?
Who's brave enough to step into
Their new eternal destiny
Surely someone must be confident
That there life wasn't totally evil

Step right up and seal your fate...

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