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In The Night lyrics

In the night I'm calling you!
Be my guide help me through!
In the night I call your name
You're the light in times of shame!
The songs I sing
All my love I bring to you!

I always try to make things better
Everything that has gone wrong
Mighty plans in the wright direction
But very little has been done
Everyday when I try to get forward
I find myself another mile back
Help me fighting!
Help me breading!
Why am I falling down instead?

Ev'ry useful minute seems to be the thought of you
Ev'ry hour seems like wasted, filled with things that I might do
Without love in my reactions seems the sadest thing, but's true!

In the night...
Sometimes I cried after all I lied to you

Free from ourselves and free from this world we may find
The freedom we search
'Cause all we need is inside!
The hours we waste we may not get back for a while
And when it gets dark
No chance will be there for a try

When I wake up early in the morning
I catch a book and jump inside
I fill my head with a million wonders
And try to fill the night with light
The moment when I get this clearer
I see another mountain to climb
And always when I think I'm neerer
I realise there is no time

In the night...
This song I sing, all my love I bring to you!

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