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On My Knees lyrics

Late at night I’m surfing ‘round the world
Restless I can get no sleep
Looking for the one to catch my fall
Blade of love is cutting deep

Feel the touch that started on the screen
All the world was taking part
All my love to one I’ve never seen
Started to unchain my heart

I got weak when she was talking hot
Jealous I could watch her play
Cyber fantasy was all I got
She treated in a different way

Living in my private paradise
I was captured in a dream
Should have listened to my ma’s advice
“things are not quite the way they seem!”

On my knees you’re looking down on me
On my knees I’m facing the truth
On my knees you put the blame on me
On my knees – Guess who is who?

Time passed by I couldn’t wait no more
Asked if we could have a date
She said yes and so I slammed the door
Right on time I won’t be late

Saw her standing at the gallery
And my eyes were turning black
With a deep dark voice she said to me
“Hello champ, my name is Jack!”

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