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Beat The Drum lyrics

I still hear the snares in the square
Colours ablaze in the evening
The air was still down the stormy hills
It's good to be young and daring

She was the pride of the summer that year
She was my sweetheart, my lady
We walked to Black Rock and stopped by the Loch
It's good to be young and daring

Beat the drum, Beat the drum
Like a heartbeat, Lonely and Strong
Beat the Drum

Across the bay I can still hear the strains
The two step loud and blaring
We walked hand and hand to the beat of the band
It's good to be young and daring

I still hear the snares in the square
Colours ablaze in the evening
She was the pride of the summer that year
It's good to be young and daring

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Great Big Sea - Beat the drum lyrics
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