When You Give Yourself Away lyrics - Gary Allan

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When You Give Yourself Away lyrics

When you give yourself away
Love becomes somethin' that you do
Not just somethin' that you say
Ain't it funny how a smile
Makes the world a better place
When you give yourself away

When you open up your heart
You never know how it's gonna end
And that's the scary part
Walls are gonna tumble on down
Dam's gonna break
When you give yourself away

And reaching out for someone
Well, is all that we can do
You reach out for me babe
I'll reach out for you

When you look up to the sky
Feel like ya just dont belong
And wishin' you could fly
You find out you're not alone
And really all the same
When you give yourself away
When you give yourself away

Give yourself away
Never know how it's gonna end
That's the scary part
You've go to give yourself away

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