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And the Vulture Beholds lyrics

Cast out, ignored
Disdained and scorned
Humiliated by those I’ll rise above
Like a vulture
I want for the lion to die
Natural right set by purity of blood
Ever longing the role I’m entitled to
I will never renounce to that crown
For no reason at all

Time has come for me to reign
My throne I claim now
Oh father
Let your heart hear
Your firstborn words
I feel it’s time for me
To rule this world

Tired, fed up,
Sick of it all
I’m surrounded by crooks and prostitutes
In this court
Leeches suck royal blood without a brake
Weaving in shadow to pursue their goals
Imperceptible revolt against the lord
Neverending conspiracy
Shame on this pharisaic court

I, amongst the lies
Screaming but silent
Thrown away while I conspire
For I will live no more in the shadows
And I’ll never surrender myself to this fate
In my disgrace bred by deceivers
I lift my head
With the heart in flames
Without fear I will satisfy my desire
Castigating the traitors as I overcome

Irate, furious,
Out of control
I will kill all these tamperers one by one
Destroying obstacles
Standing between me and my rise
Annihilating the aims of betrayers
I’ll extort what is mine with my own hands
Desecrating my ancestry line
To prevail on this land

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