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A Taste of Paradise lyrics

The Outer realms
Kown to Mankind
Where everyone Lives
And everyone DIes

This strange place
An impossible Paradise
Wtaching us breathing
Waiting for us to Decide

Circling the Core
Longing to be there
We're the electron Cloud
We're the music Aloud

The Paradise Unfolds
Within this unreal Cloud
Spirits will Uphold
We shall Scream and Shout
It's just so simple
No need to Analyze
All I want is a taste
A taste of Paradise

Paradise is so close
Yet we scent to be blind
To the answer in front of us
Bliss we can't seem to find


This strange place
Where and unreal reality
Is drawn each and everyday
And fiction only a step away


A taste of Paradise
Magic for us to Cast
It's in our hands
To make it Last

The view is of Peace
Life is true now
We could live to feel Alive
Not live to Survive

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