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See the full Anti Social Media - The Way You Are (Denmark) lyrics from Eurovision. Anti Social Media - The Way You Are (Denmark) lyrics belongs on the album Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Vienna. Learn every word of your favourite song and get the meaning or start your own concert tonight :-). Rate this song's lyrics. Uploaded by Horacio. Use it for personal and educational purposes only. Listen to these sick beats by Eurovision.

Song Anti Social Media - The Way You Are (Denmark) video
Eurovision - Anti Social Media - The Way You Are (Denmark) video

Anti Social Media - The Way You Are (Denmark) lyrics

Summer's here, winter's gone
Finally I can see the sun
Every time you walk into the room

And all my fears disappear
When I'm in your atmosphere
I don't know what it is you do

But you do
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
But you do
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
And I can't explain why

It's the way you are
It's just the way that you are
That can make my day
The bad times go away

It's the way you are
It's just the way that you are
That can make my day
The bad times go away

Like an old radio
A song I just can't let go
All I got on my mind is you
Movie stars and caviar
Couldn't get me where you are
There's nothing I could do about it

It's the way you are
It's just the way that you are
That can make my day
The bad times go away

And I'll be right there
When you need someone to guide you
(Guide you)
Whatever it takes, girl
I will be doing it for you
(For you)

'Cause I've been acting like a fool
I wanna take my time and spent it all on you
So girl just come and sweep my feet off the ground
Like you do

It's the way you are
It's just the way that you are
That can make my day
The bad times go away

Hey, it's the way you are
It's just the way that you are
That can make my day
The bad times go away

Because it's all about you
Because it's all about you, girl
And I'm hanging on to every single word you say

It's the way you are
It's just the way that you are
That can make my day
The bad times go away

It's the way you are

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