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Song Where I'm At ft. Lloyd Banks video
Eminem - Where I'm At ft. Lloyd Banks video

Where I'm At ft. Lloyd Banks lyrics

I’ve had it for the last time
you’re actions got me hot as my last rhyme
you’re options will either get put out greenwich or as fine
fine just aint gon cut it
drama is what you’re in love with
you’re one of them b-tches you run with
lately I’m feeling smothered
(?) conceited with cover girl motives
I gotta rise above it
you think them models loving me
I’m thinking bout dozen, doesn’t really matter what you say
sickness in my stomach,
told you I was gon be splitting, you don’t think I mean it
meant it, everything I got, f-ck you
ain’t no secret no apologies you keep it
now that I’m doing my thing and you peep it
the badder times all outweigh the recent
your energy who needs it
every rumour you hear you go believe it
point out the times you’ve seen it
you stabbed me should linked it
revenge is mine, i need it, need a way out
it’s my f-cking life, let her find a way to stay out
bet you thought (?) aint that easy
bet you thought I need you a million times before you need me
leave me everything that I gave to you
aint no freebies get your coat and go
the female pinnochio, money hungry, hopeless hoe
you f-cking with my focus so
go back to that trunk that played the role before
love is like a cancer when you don’t let go
I’mma blow fo ‘sho
unnecessary weight makes the boat go slow
I don’t need you sinking us
I hope you float, lying through my teeth I hope you don’t
(drown, drown)
now the sound of every (?)
bottles pop out while he smoke
hit me pride that we broke
let them girls crowding me go
if they got something to show
let em show me how I love, I’m never lonely
never even left a scar
you fell hard, I’m laughing
ha ha ha ha ha
tyre smoke fancy car
nothing is what we are
no beginning no tomorrow
cause I’m moving on, don’t worry about me
cause I’m gon be aight without you, you’ll see
there aint no-one on this Earth I’d much rather be cause God-dammit
I’m glad that I’m me

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