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The Kiss (Skit) lyrics

["Everybody's Looking At Me" plays in the background]

"I'm gonna kill this bitch. I'm gonna kill her. I'm going to f***ing jail 'cause I'm gonna kill this bitch!"
"Yo, man…"
"I don't know, I got a really, really bad feeling about this…"
"Man, would you shut the f*** up, Gary!? You always got a bad feeling, man! That's her car right there, just park."
"Alright, just let me park… I'm parking!"
"F***ing turn the car off, dawg."
"Alright, we wait."
"We wait for what?"
"We wait until she comes out, and then I'm gonna f***ing kill her."
"Man… you ain't gonna kill no one—what the f*** did you bring that for!?"
"Man, shut the f*** up, dawg. Just shut up. F***ing clip is empty, it's not—" [Eminem reveals the empty gun magazine]
"Man, don't point that shit at me!"
"It's not even loaded, bitch, look." [Eminem pulls trigger, unloaded gun clicks]
"Dude! God, I f***ing hate when you do that shit!"
"Yeah, but it's funny as f***!"
"Gonna f*** around and kill me one of these days, I swear…"
"Gets you every time."

["Soldier" theme begins to play]

"Is that her?"
"Right there, motherf***er."
"Oh, yeah…"
"Alright, get down, get down."
"F***, here we go again…"
"Get down!"
"…The f***? You want me to get under the car?"
"Yo, who's she walking with?"
"The f*** am I supposed to know? You told me to duck down!"
"It's the f***ing bouncer... Did she just kiss him..?"
"I don't think so."
"Dawg, sh—she just f***ing kissed him!"
"No, she didn't."
"Sh—she's kissing him, dawg."
"No, she's not!"
"She f***ing kissed—" [Eminem exits car]
"Aw, shit…"
"Come on." [Eminem runs off, yelling "Motherf***er!"]

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