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Song Steve Berman (Skit) (2009) video
Eminem - Steve Berman (Skit) (2009) video

Steve Berman (Skit) (2009) lyrics

Mr. Berman?

[Steve Berman]

We have Eminem here to see you

[Steve Berman & Eminem]
About f***in' time! Send him in
Steve! Good to see ya, man. Um, hey, I just w–
Well, look who decided to show his face!
I hope you've had fun in the last four years
Look man, I apologize again for–
For shooting me?! Do you know I lost the use of my right arm?
Again, it was a mistake, a terrible mist–
Are you wearing a bulletproof vest?
And then you go and do what? Hide out?
Stay in Detroit for almost five years
While the music industry melts the f*** down?
Do you know how many people lost their jobs
Because of your f***in' vacation?
Well, that's actually why I'm here
I was gonna put out some new music
And I wanted to play it for you and get your opinion
Do I really need to hear it?
Let me guess, another album about: "Poor me!
I'm so famous that it's ruined my rich little life
And I'm such a tortured artist, let me make music about it
And my tragic love life!" Am I on to something here?
Come on, man, it's not like that
You know what? Just hand the f***in' thing over!
I'm done talkin to you!
Think you can just come and go as you please
Big selfish superstar?
Steve, I had a drug problem!
"Oh, poor me! I had a drug problem!"
Who hasn't had a drug problem in this town?
You know what? (*gun cocks*)
Hey! hey!
Just lay the shit down on my desk and get the f*** out!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jesus Christ, man
Alright, alright, here, fine
What's this shit? Two CDs?
That's what I've been tryin' to tell you, man, there's two albums
Just get out!
Get the f*** out!
Alright, man, see you later
(*bottle smashes*)

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